U.S. Mail thefts in Galveston

A person drops their mail in the U.S. Postal Service box at Bob Lyons Post Office in Galveston on Wednesday. More than $950,000 has been stolen from the U.S. Mail in Galveston since January 2020.


Over the past two years, scores of personal and business checks entrusted to the U.S. Post Office in Galveston have vanished. At least 140 of those were stolen, altered and cashed for amounts ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars and totaling more than $950,000, according to police records obtained by The Daily News.

Trace Harris: 409-683-5247; The Daily News galvnews.com or on twitter at TraceH_news

José Mendiola: 409-683-5230 or jose.mendiola@galvnews.com or on twitter at mendiola_news



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Charlotte O'rourke

It’s really unbelievable.

Paula Flinn

I quit using checks for most payments.

I pay online or have Autopay for utilities.

I quit using the drive up box outside the Post Office when I saw someone open it on a windy day and envelopes were blowing all over the grass and driveway. This was several years ago. I had no idea the mail wasn’t safe inside the post office. It is unbelievable.

Ron Shelby

All banks should have to go to some sort of mandatory "hold" period on checks presented, especially by non-account holders.

Dwight Burns

Most banks already have auto hold on checks presented by not only by non-account holders but on long time members.

Bailey Jones

Sounds like its way past time to clean house at the USPS.

Diane Turski

I agree with Bailey! Removing de Joy, the saboteur at the top, would be a good start!

Ted Gillis

Start at the top with Lois DeJoy.

John Merritt

So, did you interview the postmaster. It is obviously internal, and going on for years. Any video cameras in the processing areas?

Lee Selman

I live in Hitchcock and we have had theft of mail out of our mailboxes--- The thieves actually have taken incoming mail with bank statements---retirement statements etc. I got a call from Galveston police telling me they had stopped someone in Pearland that had a car full of other peoples mail and had my bank statement. Had to close and open a new account and sent a letter to the postmaster but never heard anything back. Several months later there was mail from other places thrown all over our road---I picked it up and it again was bank statements and other things that evidently the thief had driven around and picked up--- could not doing anything farudulent with them and thrown them out---One piece was a statement belongingto a man in Dickinson for his 450,000.00 retirement account--imagine if they had been able to empty his life savings. I called the bank on the statement and they were going to handle it. I would tell everyone get your mail out of the mailbox everyday as soon as you can. It is not safe left in there for anytime. I would say get a PO Box but I think there are bad thngs going on within some of the post offices as well. There are definitely thieves driving up and down all of our streets --so be careful.

Mercedes Pang

This makes sense considering I’ve had a check sent to me by my employer and a debit card in the mail not come to my house despite there being pictures taken of it through the USPS service to see your mail early

Justice Ayein


I've had packages and my voters registration that went thru process, so I got the picture of voter registration and a tracking number that never made it to my box even though it say "delivered" on such and such day, at this time. I sent an email, finally got a response on both, about 5 or 6 months later, telling me they e been unable to locate these things.. and a simple "were sorry". It's definitely almost got to be an inside group of the sorry p.o.s's that would do this ungodly act of idiocy, amongest the ones in the right places to help them thru it all.. It's sad, especially when these low life losers take from the elderly that is living on his hard earned money he saved for so many years.. these ppl need to be sent to an island like Alcatraz and left to fend for themselves until their dying day and thrown out to whatever's in that water.. #Idespisecrooks..

Mary Branum

There have been numerous checks and mail deposited in the Post Office Box our neighborhood association rents - non belonged to the association and the box numbers weren't even close. .I have no faith in USPS.

Jim fagan

It happened to my wife’s father. I found the person the check was made out to but nothing was done. A student at TSU. 7000$

Gary Miller

Being stolen from the United States Postal Service, Or stolen "BY" the United States Postal Service. After she retired my sister said she was aware "lost in the mail" was a common way to cover stolen mail. One way was to stage a wreck that burned up a truck load of mail. All first class mail removed before the wreck. Or carriers who enjoy popular publications without being a subscriber.

Terry Moore

I mailed several cards at once and only one had a cash gift. The cash gift card was delivered in 2 days. The others 3 weeks later so made me to believe some mail was pulled to look through, then mailed off later. This was the outside mailbox at Bob Lyons. Now I send gift cards via Amazon and never mail them. I know Amazon cards are mailed as well but I can track and you can control the refund better if ever lost. They have Visa and Mastercard gift cards other than just Amazon. Been doing this 2 years no issues. So now my family knows they get just a birthday or Christmas card in mail with gift card to follow via Amazon. I wish we could trust our Post Office or just the USPS nationwide. I have no issues sending packages to my child's military base or other places so they do a great job with that. We just have some bad apples in the crate.

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