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Bailey Jones

Rent assistance, in the form of two weeks pay for those who test positive and must quarantine for 14 days - but don't have sick pay from their employers - would be a good idea.

Ray Taft

According to the article, Democrat Mayor Jim Yarbrough said: “Many people who work in grocery stores and restaurants fall into the low-income category..” Yarbrough added: “We felt like it would be good for those people to get tested ...”

And the reason why: “It would give patrons of those establishments maybe a little more sense of comfort.”

Apparently, Yarbrough is not concerned about how the low-income workers feel. His stated concern is for the implied upper crust patrons. So to the Mayor and the biased City Council, you need to be tested if you are in the lower-income class, so you don’t make their snooty class feel uncomfortable.

I think that the patrons who are going into those places should be tested before they are allowed in. They should be tested and must wear a tag proving they are free from the Chinese Hunan Virus before being allowed in.

Testing of patrons would need to be done daily, so that any worker, regardless of class, would feel comfortable dealing with patrons.

Bailey Jones

I actually agree with you Ray. Maybe it's the end times after all. (But I think the pejorative you're looking for is "Wuhan", not "Hunan".)

Ray Taft

A priest, a rabbit and a minister walk into a bar.

The bartender asks the rabbit, “What will you have?”

The rabbit replies, “I dunno, I’m only here because of Autocorrect!”

Ray Taft

I’m actually a cashier at an essential store. I had a patron, not covering his mouth, coughing and sneezing all over everything.

After he left, I sanitized my station on his side of the shield before taking anymore patrons. The very next patron thanked me because she was undergoing cancer treatment that lowers her immunity.

Why should anyone be forced to stay home because of inconsiderate snooty-class patrons. So, Mayor let’s test patrons before we test workers, or tell your upper-class buddies to stay home if they’re sick.

Ted Gillis

Upper Class buddies? Really Ray?

This happened to me too, as I was in line at Arlan’s. One of Jim’s upper class buddies, coughed all over the place before going out to his Trump bumper stickered truck, lit up a cigarette and then drove off.

Okay I made up the last part, just like you made up the upper class buddies part in your comment.

Ray Taft

I don’t have to make up a story that Democrat Mayor Jim is a Democrat, because he really is one.

And yes really, his explanation shows what he and his upper-class buddies think of the common folks. Democrats are not for the common people, they are for the elites.

Bailey Jones


Bill Broussard

Ray: I'm curious. Do you work at Tiffany's?

Bill Broussard

Ray: I think what the Mayor said is disparaging and thoughtless. I'm with you and Bailey on this one.

Kenneth Cambiano

What a waste of money. We have been operating since the beginning without tests. Should be against the law to make anyone get tested that doesn’t want a test. Spend all the money on rent or house payments for anyone having trouble paying. Get your heads out of your rear end and make good decisions with the money that is available.

Carlos Ponce

"Galveston preparing to test grocery, restaurant workers"

If the tests are negative that means they don't have to wear masks, riiiiiight?

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