Several television stations and newspapers will attempt to convince a judge to ease restrictions on their coverage during the trial of the man accused of killing 10 people and wounding more than a dozen others at Santa Fe High School in May, court officials said.

The trial of Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 18, who has been charged with capital murder of multiple persons and aggravated assault against a public servant, might pack the courtroom because he’s accused in the deadliest school shooting in Texas history.

Court officials in the days after the shooting released a plan seeking to stem some of the crowds through a list of stipulations and rules.

Judge John Ellisor will discuss some of the objections to that plan at a 3 p.m. Nov. 16 meeting with an attorney representing several news organization, including Southern Newspapers Inc., which owns The Daily News.

The court’s plan prohibits video and audio recordings in the courtroom and limits photography to one photographer for five minutes before trial each day, among other rules.

Austin-based attorney Laura Lee Prather, on behalf of eight media companies, including Southern Newspapers Inc., sent a letter to the court, objecting to several of the stipulations, she said.

The news coalition wants clarification on some of the rules as they apply to proceedings outside of a jury trial, Prather said.

Prather also objected to stipulations that journalists not park in general parking, rules about where they can record and film and rules about how many passes each organization can apply for, among others.

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Ron Shelby

I think media should be placed in a separate room with a video feed. They shouldn't even be in the actual courtroom because of the commotion they can cause.

George Croix

WILL cause.....

"....might pack the courtroom because he’s accused in the deadliest school shooting in Texas history."
Nothing like laying down a marker for the next nutcase to try to beat.....
The unintended consequences thingy....

Carlos Ponce

Ron's idea of a video feed sounds like a good idea, perhaps off-site at the Convention Center.
I am surprised defense attorneys have not requested a change of venue. With the wide coverage of the killings everyone in Texas knows what happened but Galveston County residents know students, parents, teachers and staff members that were directly affected by the shootings.

Rusty Schroeder

It's going to be a Circus, but bring on the Clowns so we can get some resolution in this tragic event.

Dalton Logan

Personally I don't like the idea of putting the perpetrator of this heinous crime out before the public everyday for weeks on end, maybe months, and giving him all this news coverage and attention so some other emotionally disturbed individual might decide he would also like a lot of attention. As Rusty says, it will be a Circus benefitting only the news media and maybe encouraging the next person who feels like they have been ignored or wronged. The only thing that should be written about or shown on the nightly news is his punishment when it is over. To some, reading and seeing this everyday in the media will glorify him in the minds of those who are like wise disturbed.

Rusty Schroeder

Agreed, to some it will also be very painful to listen to the details and the defense's claims against. I never thought the school would be the subject of so much controversy in this town, but with social media and Facebook groups it has divided my hometown. I am thankful we have a mayor that is active in all aspects of the community, he doesn't hide and answers questions. He got thrown into pure hell days before he was to take office, he took the lead and has not once looked back. His name is Jason Tabor, Mayor of Santa Fe, and my nomination for Man of the Year in Galveston County. I will write a letter recommending him when the time comes, he is the definition of a Natural Leader. rs

Gary Scoggin

Rusty, I couldn’t agree more. Although I’m not a Santa Fe resident I do know Jason and his wife, Kyra, and I admire the job he’s done so far (with her support!).

Denise Dobson

I would like to attend. I have never been to a trial, do we have to get passes or just show up? I would like to know the details and timeline. I still have so many questions on how things played out that day.

George Croix

If as usual, just show up, and first come, first served each day until the room is full.

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