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Bailey Jones

P's be with you.

Jim Forsythe

I hope they are ready for curbside voting. Signage needs to be in place so everyone knows that it is available for anyone that needs it. If you have problems or questions contact the Disability Rights Texas Voter Hotline at 1-888-796-VOTE .

Curbside Voting

If you cannot enter a polling place, or cannot stand for long periods of time, an election officer can bring a ballot to your car at the curbside or to you at the entrance of the polling place. After you mark the ballot, give it to the election officer who will put it in the ballot box. Or, at your request, a companion may hand you a ballot and deposit it for you. This service is available at EVERY polling site during early voting and on Election Day.

Per the Americans with Disabilities Act, a curbside voting system must include:

Signage informing voters of the possibility of voting curbside, the location of the curbside voting, and how a voter is supposed to notify the official that they are waiting curbside

1 A location that allows the curbside voter to obtain information from candidates and others campaigning outside the polling place

2 A method for the voter with a disability to announce arrival at the curbside (a temporary doorbell or buzzer system would be sufficient, but not a telephone system requiring the use of a cell phone or a call ahead notification)

3 A prompt response from election officials to acknowledge their awareness of the voter

4 Timely delivery of the same information that is provided to voters inside the polling place

5 A portable voting system that is accessible and allows the voter to cast their ballot privately and independently.

Carlos Ponce

A "voter with a disability" can vote by mail. Why drag them outside, place them in a car, call for curbside voting when they can just mail it in. Someone is not thinking. THIS is one reason why there is mail-in voting.

Jim Forsythe

Curbside Voting will be available for all that need it. These are the rules that must be followed.

If you have questions about why someone should be able to use this method, contact the Disability Rights Texas Voter Hotline at 1-888-796-VOTE.

I hope all the polling places have all the equipment that is required in place.

Trying to tell someone not to use a legal method of voting is not good. Just as I am eligible to vote by mail, I'm not required to.

I have someone in my family that may be using this method.

Anyone that is going to use curbside voting, make sure to have the Disability Rights Texas Voter Hotline number with you in case you need to use it.


Carlos Ponce

For people with disabilities it is better to use the mail-in ballot they are entitled to. Taking the disabled to a polling place is not clear thinking when there is an alternative.

Jim Forsythe

It's nice that you know what is better for someone else. People with disabilities are entitled to curbside voting.

Contact Galveston County Clerk Dwight Sullivan if you think this should not be offered.

Carlos, if you are working the polls this time, make sure you go outside when the bell or buzzer alerts you that they are waiting to vote. If you do not, you may have to answer to Galveston County Clerk Dwight Sullivan and others.

If you do not like this, requiring all to vote by mail would be the best option. Until then, curbside service will be required for all that need it.

Carlos Ponce

"It's nice that you know what is better for someone else. " Thank you. It comes from my upbringing not to inconvenience others especially the vulnerable.

Jim Forsythe

An inconvenience to others, especially the vulnerable, would be not meeting their needs to be able to vote in any way they choose, which is legal.

Carlos Ponce

They would prefer to vote by walking in and voting in person if they can. Second choice is vote by mail. Curbside sounds strange to them.

Jim Forsythe

I hope when you are working the polls, you do not tell someone that their choice of curbside voting is strang.

You have no way of knowing how someone would prefer to vote. I'm glad it's not your call as to how someone votes.

Call 1-888-796-VOTE about your idea of not wanting curbside voting, and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

Be sure to tell them you work the polls and they will be impressed.

If you decide not to follow the guidelines for curbside voting when working the polls, you may want to look up the penalty for not following them so you are not be caught off guard.

Carlos Ponce

I don't work the polls, I work at the polling place.

I ask people on non-voting days how they prefer to vote. The man I work with is in his 80s. He and others his age tell me they like actually voting in person. Those in their 90s would like to but vote by mail. Wheelchair bound also would like to vote in person but since it is inconvenient they vote by mail. But we do have some come inside on wheelchairs or using walkers and canes. You can learn a lot if you simply ASK, Jim.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos, did you ask them if they would like to vote curbside? It comes down to if a person needs to vote curbside, it must be available them.

It is not up to you or anyone working the polls. It's the law.

Carlos Ponce

It's not a multiple choice question, it's short answer. I go with their impromptu response.

Diane Turski

Thank you, Jim, for reminding everyone that Curbside Voting must be made available!!

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