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Bailey Jones

I hope the city doesn't close the beaches, but it's up to beach goers to police themselves and avoid creating crowded areas - and the necessity of closing them. Instead, consider taking a walk around your neighborhood. Pick up some trash, work in your yard. Offer to mow your neighbor's yard. Paint your porch. Fire up the BBQ to cook some of that meat you're hoarding. And clean out the drains on your street - it's almost hurricane season again.

Gary Miller

Bailey> Any activity keeping individuals alone and in the sun should be good ways to avoid the virus.

Bailey Jones

I agree, Gary.

David Shea

Can the beaches be restricted to residents only?

Randy Chapman

Very doubtful the State would allow that. And they shouldn't.

Paul Harrington

Closing the beach would be the definition of government oversight and control. It’s an open space and an easy way to still enjoy life after they shut everything else down. The Government doesn’t think we are capable of maintaining a safe distance and taking care of ourselves. How incompetent do they think we are?

Bailey Jones

Maybe they've been to the grocery store lately.

Wayne D Holt


Walter Dannenmaier

Strictly speaking, if the intention is to protect the residents of Galveston, perhaps we should limit access to the island at present. Our city leaders did this after Hurricane Ike, on the logic that services were not available to help those who might need them. The present virus creates the threat that treatment facilities will be overwhelmed, and therefore not available to people who might need them. If we aren't going to let tourists visit our attractions or eat in our restaurants, why should we let them bring the virus to the beachfront?

Randy Chapman

Think about this; it's a two-way street. How about we shut down the ferry and I45 to outbound folks from Galvatraz? We mainlanders surely don't want to be infected with BOI fever or not as deadly Coronavirus. Your solution is just fine as long as you aren't allowed to leave and UTMB accepts all infected patients.

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