A Santa Fe man guilty of production of child pornography has been sentenced to 85 years in prison, officials with the U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed Wednesday.

Keith Prescott Gace, 40, was found guilty in 2019 at the end of a two-day trial, officials said. He also pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography and attempted destruction of evidence.

A U.S. District Judge on Wednesday sentenced Gace to 360, 240, 240, 120 and 60 months in prison for production, distribution, receipt, possession and attempted destruction of evidence, respectively, said Angela Dodge, spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The sentences will run consecutively for 1,020 total months in prison.

Gace has no chance for parole in the federal system, Dodge said.

Investigators in October 2016 raided Gace’s home, responding to a tip about an IP address linked to him sharing videos of child pornography, Dodge said.

They found Gace dousing his cellphone under water, Dodge said. Police stopped him, dried out the phone and analyzed it, finding hundreds of inappropriate pictures and videos.

Hundreds of pictures and videos, including many Gace produced with a girl younger than 10, were found in a file-sharing account, Dodge said.

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Bailey Jones

#saveourchildren - The threat to our children isn't a mysterious cabal of east and west coast elites - it's teachers, and preachers, and scout masters and coaches, and in this case, some bumpkin from Santa Fe.

When this story broke yesterday, I went to check out his Facebook page - and he's exactly the guy you'd expect him to be. I looked at his friends list, and I saw a lot of profile pics with children in them. Clicking through them I saw young families with a lot of public photos of their kids all over their timelines. And I have to wonder if he just harvested unsuspecting Facebook friends from local "talk of the town" type Facebook groups.

Parents - don't put your kids in your social media profile pictures. And don't make your kids' photos public. And don't accept friend requests from people you don't know well. Protect your children. Pedophiles are rarely mysterious strangers - they are usually a family member or friend, or someone in a position of trust.

Wayne D Holt

[thumbup] 100% correct. A shame that folks can't be proud of their kids and show them off but it makes it too easy for the predators.


Im confused as to why his picture isn't in the paper. Such a harsh crime and so much time. Maybe its because he is from Santa Fe. I saw a guy from Galveston get 45 years for robbery and his face was on the front page. Hmmmm,,, why is that?

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