A woman convicted of criminally negligent homicide in a 2014 wreck on Seawall Boulevard that killed a former Houston police officer is back in jail and facing possible prison time for that crime.

Callie Inman, 23, of Dayton, was arrested at the Galveston County Jail on Thursday, according to police records. She was being held on $100,000 bond Friday afternoon, according to jail records.

Inman has been accused of violating the terms of a probation agreement she received in 2015, 18 months after the fatal wreck in Galveston.

In February 2014, Inman was charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault in a crash near 69th Street. Inman was accused of pulling out of a convenience store parking lot in front of oncoming traffic, police said at the time.

As she pulled out, a motorcycle carrying Dana and Linda Tweedie struck Inman's car, police said.

Dana Tweedie, a retired Houston Police Department officer, died in a University of Texas Medical Branch hospital. Linda Tweedie, who was also a police officer, was seriously injured in the crash.

Inman was accused of being under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of the crash.

In July 2015, Inman agreed to plead guilty to criminally negligent homicide, a lesser charge than manslaughter, and was sentenced to five years probation, according to court records.

Under the agreement, Inman was prohibited from committing any other crimes and from using any illegal drugs, according to court papers.

In an April 2019 court filing, Galveston County prosecutors asserted Inman had been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of a controlled substance in Liberty County in February 2019.

The filing also accuses Inman of failing a drug test in January.

Inman appeared before a magistrate judge on Friday, according to court records. Her next hearing is set for May 28, according to court records.

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Randy Chapman

Send her to prison. She's had her chances.

Rusty Schroeder

Agreed, no more slaps on the wrist for her.

Wayne Holt

She's 23 and already killed someone and obviously didn't seem to be troubled by that enough to change her lifestyle. Now she has blown her chance at a reformed life. Well played...not.

Christopher Fleury

I totally agree with you, although where you going to put her? The prison systems are busing at the seems to where we are releasing danferious crimunal back out on the street.

Doug Sivyer

What a shame. She had the opportunity to change her life for the better but chose not to take the necessary action. If taking someone's life through her own negligence didn't motivate her to change her behavior, doubtful anything will. Free, she remains a menace to society. Perhaps some time in prison will provide her the time needed to sober up and get a life.

Raylene Morgan

[ninja] wow! She shouldn't have gotten a slap on the wrist in the first place! She was high and or drunk and pulled out into traffic from a private parking lot which ended up killing one of the motorcyclist and seriously injuring the other! And all she got was PROBATION! Really! And they try to say that there is no such thing as "privilege". I was born at night, not last night. W/o looking at her pic, reading the article she's clearly a junkie. Had that been someone of color in the same state of mind they wouldn't have made bond. 5 years probation for being under the influence of alcohol and drugs, REALLY.

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