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The front page from the April 19, 1842 edition of The Galveston County Daily News. This was the eighth issue of the newspaper.

Texas’ oldest newspaper today is unveiling a redesigned print product just days before it marks its 175-year anniversary.

The new design, which features a return to the original nameplate, reflects The Galveston County Daily News’ long tradition of community news and its commitment to print.

“Today, while you see a new font adorning our title across the top of the front page, we want you to know this is actually a reawakening of the original and traditional style used on The Daily News throughout history,” President and Publisher Leonard Woolsey said. “We hope you’ll welcome this historic presentation back to this equally historic community. This is a nod both to the past and our commitment to the future.”

Along with changes to some fonts and the nameplate, the new design will mark changes in sections and where and when articles appear.

For example, business coverage has moved to Sunday from Thursday and into a much expanded section beginning on page C1, still anchored by Laura Elder’s popular Biz Buzz column.

The lifestyle features have moved from Sunday to an expanded section called Weekend that will be published Friday’s along with the entertainment news usually appearing Fridays and religion news that had been appearing on Saturdays.

“Our goal is to create section that tells everything you need to know to plan your weekends,” Editor Michael A. Smith said.

The biggest change is a rethinking of the B sections with the creation of Sports Plus. That section will cover school and team sports, but also expand coverage of recreational and individual sports in the county.

The new format also will feature a daily Community page allowing The Daily News to publish Applause items and the like more regularly.

The restructuring allows The Daily News better use of limited page space and removes the need to bounce features between sections, Smith said.

On April 11, 1842, George H. French began publication of The Daily News, as a single broadsheet paper. At the time, Texas was an independent Republic, with Sam Houston serving as president, and Galveston was its largest port and primary city.

“The Daily News is turning 175 years young this month,” Woolsey said. “And along that journey as the oldest newspaper in the state of Texas, we’ve learned a few things. One of those important items is to always remember to put the community first. Besides the consistent practicing of the critical, nonnegotiable elements of community journalism — truth, perspective and the sharing of difference of opinions — we also know a formal rethink of our presentation is important.”

“They say an important measure of good work is for the work to seamlessly complement and enhance the user’s or reader’s experience,” Woolsey said. “We hope you’ll find these newest changes along with our continued commitment to you and the important role we can play in your lives welcoming and useful as we move into our next 175 years.”

A corporation owned by Lissa W. Walls of Houston owns The Daily News.

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Bill Cochrane

Not that anyone asked, but . . . I like the new design. Well, most of it.
The nameplate, or masthead as old timers call it has returned to the typeface that was used when I started working at The News in ’64. It is a cleaner, easier to read old English font than shown on 5-A. Good job. But . . . I’m not crazy about the shadow style. It looks out of register. I noticed the period on the masthead right away. That was explained on page 8-A. On page 2-A, IN TODAY’S EDITION, I find it very busy and hard to read. Why not condense to one sentence. A short teaser, w/page #. I’d like to see the beach water temp on the 2-A weather. Market is great. Listing the Obits on 2-A is nice because I don’t have to read the whole paper to find out if I’m listed in the obituaries.

Bill Cochrane

I hope the TV listings is a simple mistake? 12:00 am to 5:30 am?
How about listing channel call letters for DirecTV? C= Comcast. What if you have DirecTV?

Carlos Ponce

The front page logo looks great! Please don't cover it up in the future with advertising stickers.

Steve Lamb

I hope the new sports section includes coverage of O'Connell College Prep. Their football team went to the state semi-finals, the boys basketball went to the state quarterfinals, and their wasn't a peep written about it in the News. So far this base ball and softball season, their hasn't been a word. On top of that, emails to the sports editor go completely unacknowledged. The advertising department is always happy to take O'Connell's money though.

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