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Bailey Jones

This illustrates the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a lot of confusion over how to classify deaths with comorbidity - caused by COVID, partially caused by COVID, not caused by COVID but COVID was there, etc. It makes one wonder what the numbers actually mean.

But there is a measure that is both accurate and useful - and that's the total number of deaths. (There's no confusion about whether a person is dead or not.) The number of monthly deaths in the US from year to year is remarkably consistent. Medical examiners know this, insurance actuaries know this, funeral directors know this. When we see a marked increase in those numbers during a pandemic, it's not unreasonable to attribute that increase to the disease, especially when that rise in death rates tracks the rise in cases.


Theresa Elliott

But we can’t ignore the facts that people are unable to afford meds due to being unemployed or are just not seeking treatment because of fear of infection. Not to mention suicide and abuse rates skyrocketing.

Carlos Ponce

"unable to afford meds"

April 3, 2020

"President Donald Trump on Friday announced that the federal government will cover the costs of COVID-19 tests and treatment for people who have no health insurance.

The new program, which administration officials said Friday they were still finalizing, reportedly won’t cover non-coronavirus expenses. It also won’t help people who have insurance but face out-of-pocket costs for their coronavirus care."


Aubrey Garcia

Why does the medical examiner have poor ventilation in her office causing for less examination of people? That seems like a fixable problem that should be addressed immediately.

David DeTinne

I drove by the office as I live down the street. Bodies were out the door.

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