Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke made a stop on the island Tuesday evening and spoke to a packed house at Galveston Railroad Museum.


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Carlos Ponce

"Galveston teachers are underpaid by $9,500 compared with the national average and deserve a raise, he said." Really? Does RFO even realize the COST OF LIVING in Galveston County is lower than the national average? And the COST OF LIVING in Galveston is lower than Houston?

Take a look at this chart:

"US States Ranked by Cost of Living [Report of 2022]"

Texas has a COL of 91.5

New York State 139.1

California 151.7

What a Texan can buy for $91.50 would cost $139.10 in New York and $151.70 in California. Teachers make more because they need to in order to live.RFO should realize this since most of his campaign funds come from out-of-state. Nothing wrong with that. Spending that California money in Texas is good for the Texas economy. But does he realize why those out-of-state donors have more? Economics seems beyond his mental capacity.

Class warfare is a tenet of the Communists. Seems like RFO is adopting that philosophy.

As a retired public school teacher I believe Galveston teachers all deserve a pay raise but be REAL. One size does not fit all. Texas has a base salary schedule for paying teachers. Local districts add to that depending upon many factors without being a burden on taxpayers. Ultimately, tax payers pay that salary.

Jim Forsythe

If Texas wants to attract people to teach, we need to increase the salaries. If we do not, we will continue to have a huge shortage of teachers in Texas.

What is causing the shortage?

One-third of those who left teaching reported working 56 hours or more per week, and one-third held second jobs while teaching. A full 64% of respondents said their pay wasn’t sufficient to merit the risk or stress.

It is projected that nationwide the teacher shortage now has reached about 118,000 unfilled positions, and by 2025, the shortfall of teachers will reach 200,000.

There are also fewer teachers going into the profession at large. In 1975, nearly 22% of college students majored in education. By 2015, 7% opted to study education in college.

Why are people not going into teaching as a Career? Why are teachers quitting teaching? Pay has a lot to dure with it.

Seth Goshorn worked in education for five and a half years. Seth said that he makes $13,000 more at Walmart than when he was a teacher, and that is before bonuses, working at a Walmart in Massillon, Ohio, as a stocking 2 coach, which includes ensuring delivery trucks are unloaded.

Seth Goshorn also said, "Think about how good our teachers can be if they could focus on just teaching, and not have to work a second job on the weekends," he continued. "They didn't choose to have to work a second job that comes along with it, and that's the thing that I would have loved to see go away.

What are some school districts doing because a shortage of teachers?

In addition to hiring individuals who are not prepared to teach, districts and schools facing shortages have a small number of undesirable options: They can increase class sizes, cancel classes, use short-term substitutes, or assign teachers from other fields to fill vacancies. All of these stopgap solutions undermine the quality of education, especially for the students who most need effective schools.

How bad is the shortage?

Research from the Economic Policy Institute estimates that nationwide the teacher shortage now has reached about 118,000 unfilled positions. The institute projects that by 2025, the shortfall of teachers will reach 200,000.

The problem we have with the shortage of teachers boils down to, are we willing to provide the wages to attract and retain teachers?

Ed Buckner

Caution, O'Rourke supporters and Democrats in general: if you want to 1. do anything to help poor people or 2. if you favor free and fair elections (with results tested and then certified in the courts) or 3. if you think and dare to say that women should have power over their own health, then you risk being accused of following Communist tenets. Yes, it's absurd, but Trumpettes and local Joe McCarthy wannabes will do everything they can to smear you--so beware.

Susan Duif

Abortion is a states issue. RBG elaborated on it many times in speeches. Each state will get to vote on it like Kansas just did LAST NIGHT...omg not banned. Perhaps it's not the right anymore who are the pearl clutching authoritarians lol. It's you.

Jim Forsythe

Susan, when are we in Texas going to vote on the issue of abortion? Kansas is a deep red state, and they voted over 60% to keep the abortions legal in Kansas.

Ana Ortiz-Monasterio Draa

Not accurate about Justice Ginsberg. Her position was it was a constitutional right deserving of equal protection, not based in the right to privacy.

Carlos Ponce

"There’s no question Ginsburg disagreed with how Roe was decided. "

The article states "She had preferred that right to be phased in more gradually and that it rely more on a different part of the Constitution — the right to equal protection..." But the equal protection clause is preceded by "NOR SHALL ANY STATE DEPRIVE ANY PERSON OF LIFE, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

That's why Justice Harry Andrew Blackmun didn't go there since each state determines what a "person" is and when there is "life"". In statutes, Texas defines life of a person beginning at conception.

Under Texas statute 245.002 , a “Person” means an individual.

In Texas Penal Code 107 “Individual” means a human being who is alive, including an unborn child at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth.

George Croix

That's a pretty good smear right there, Ed.


Ed Buckner

Agreed (and sarcasm noted), Mr. Croix. Now if various and sundry will show how I'M the unreasonable one while they ... .

George Croix


I do admit to being noted for my's a chronic malady brought on in my case by decades of rotating shift work...


To your point: It's a matter of perspective, Ed.

Reasonable vs unreasonable is a personal opinion.

Grandkids on way over to swim, so I must be brief....

"....if you want to 1. do anything to help poor people or 2. if you favor free and fair elections (with results tested and then certified in the courts) or 3. if you think and dare to say that women should have power over their own health,..."

Fair enough.

My perspective which I consider reasonable, imo, as always, is that:

1) It helps poor people more to no longer be poor. Nobody escapes poverty on government assistance. Those able to do work need a job. Need responsibility. Need skin in the game. These are things we all need as members of society. Those physically unable to work need the

benefits of assistance that is in place to help them, not be doled out to people simply taking them because they can.

I know personally and with great experience what poor is...I didn't like it, and never considered it my lot, just my temporary condition...

2) A free and fair election has rules. It is for people to LEGALLY cast votes, otherwise an illegal vote takes Ed' s or George's vote away. All the talk of suppression flies in the face of reality when voter turnout has set records all over the place, especially among minorities. We need more of that type suppression - suppressing the notion that we are victims, and can't control our own fate, or even vote without special help....

3) I certainly favor that, so assume, always dangerous, that it's the abortion issue again. 'Health' ? I certainly oppose any actual health danger to the mother, can certainly see times when the baby is not viable, and never ever support forced carry to term for rape or incest issues. But, to me, abortion just for convenience, begs the question who's 'health'...that' mass of cells' with a heartbeat is a living human being, as WE, you and I are all defined, even if we are on a ventilator, being tube fed, and a mental vegetable, we're ALIVE and HUMAN if we have that heartbeat - we will not be pronounced dead as long as it's there. We are ALL a 'mass of cells our entire lives. And, I'd say some of us all

around push the notion of sentient even as adults....

To me, if it's only about me, then I'd better be the one in the dumpster at the end of the day...

Later. Got pool toys to inflate.....

Ed Buckner


You've likely moved on--and if I had wee ones to entertain, I doubt if I'd spend much time on cantankerous forums (fora??). I don't agree with lots of what you wrote, but all it seemed reasonable indeed.

One part of my schtick that you *may* have misunderstood: about free and fair elections, etc. I was referring, a bit sarcastically, to the whole stolen elections brouhaha. We might disagree about whether Biden or Trump should have won in 2020, but would you agree with me that Biden clearly did win it?

George Croix

Pool time over.

Joe Biden’s vote count was higher than Donald Trumps vote count when the counting ended. I, personally, think the vote margin was too large to have been overcome at any point down the road pre-inauguration. And according to our Constitution when the Electors met they finalized the Biden win. And when Biden took the Oath and was sworn in, that codified his Presidency. Joe Biden is the duly elected and installed President of the USA.


I do think, and always will, that Joe should thank Bernie and COVID and Donald Trump for his win, not himself, as he’s the first person in my lifetime to campaign about 95% remotely…and his skill set was mostly who he was not, not who he was…imo…

Bernie because we’re not yet ready to give a nomination to a Communist by any other name.

COVID because it made a great excuse to alter legal, legislated voting rules here there and everywhere to allow more people to send in ballots in more ways and with fewer challenges to legitimacy and often even without any way to verify the person getting a ballot was even legally eligible to vote or even alive anymore. That was very wrong to do….so, watch for it again this November….chuckle

Joe should thank Donald Trump that he was such a constant drama magnet and stuff tosser that even though his policies gave us the best economy and minorities opportunities from 50 years to from ever before he flat wore people out, and they wanted less of it. It didn’t matter that the fights were…were…legitimate, and that HIS Presidency was treated as illegitimate by the same lying bass holes whining about that word still. If Trump had just been Presidential and stayed on the high road, he’d have gotten more votes…imo…NONE of which changes his loss as it is what it is…

So, we got what most voters asked for…..

Always dangerous…..

I don’t know if that puts me in agreement with you fully on the subject, Ed, but grown men can agree that what is in front of them is real, and that there’s no sense trying to replay yesterdays game…

ps: NO. I do not want Trump to run again. I want his policies to run again, but in a body with a mindset that when someone tries to start a bass hole contest, let THEM win…

Right now, the only thing I can even imagine worse than the actual President we have…or Joe Biden who has the title…is the moron word salad spitting VP, or any member of the Cabinet, or, Bernie, or Liz, or…..

Heck…environment is target rich…


Chris DeVries

I haven't followed O'Rourke's career much. Can anyone tell me if he's finally ever held an actual job?

Emilio Nicolas

Yes, he started a web site design and marketing business and maintained it successfully for 15 years. That is more a qualification than most politicians.

Carlos Ponce

Question: Did anyone offer RFO any Galveston sand to eat or does he only prefer out-of-state dirt?

Ted Gillis

Would it make difference Carlos? If he gotten dirt money from Tim Dunn or Farris Wilks, would that make a difference?

Kenneth Diestler

Someone please tell me of anything Beto has done that even marginally qualifies him for any responsible job, much less the Governor of a large state?

Bailey Jones

That's true - he's never even owned a baseball team.

Carlos Ponce

Ted asks, "Would it make difference Carlos?" Answer: YES!

Martin Connor

I may not be a fan of Beto, but i will say his exchange with "Gun Toting" Preacher Man was very professional and respectful.

Virginia Stone

I pray Beto beats Abbott and as the Governor of Texas. Go Beto. Texas needs you.

George Croix

Waiting, impatiently, for candidates who push for criminal control, and leave law abiding citizens there is some option for folks like me besides status quo...

Virginia Stone

I ask all law-abiding citizens to tell me why they need AR-15-type rifles.

Carlos Ponce

What type of rifle do you prefer, Virginia?

George Croix

I am a law abiding citizen and own several AR-15s.

I no more need to explain to anyone why I ‘need’ them than they do me why they ‘need’ a Cadillac Escalade when a Kia will get them down the road.

In both cases, it’s pride of ownership, or fun to operate and use, and rewarding experiences of ownership.

Beyond that, there’s simply no way to explain to anyone who might think or is considering that bans of anything will stop a criminal from getting and using it.

Maybe if we made crime something more than an exercise in social Justice tinkering, and actually meted out harsh penalties…to the criminal, not to collateral citizens…we’d see fewer criminals killing their fellow man.

In this country, we already HAD a so called assault weapons ban for ten years and the result was no statistical difference than before it, so it’s unsettled. So said the ATF followup report, not the NRA. Doing the same thing over again, makes no sense.

How about this. I keep my legally owned ARs and enjoy teaching my grandkids to shoot them and be good and safe gun owners, and we send to prison for life no parole anyone convicted of using one to kill somebody, or better yet give them the needle.

I think everybody just wants the killings to stop.

Well, good luck with that….you can’t raise people to be victims and think they are oppressed so somebody needs to pay for that and refuse to institutionalize the mentally ill and such and expect the problem to go away.

Some suggest confiscation. Not in America.

Interestingly, the highest profile among them have personal security details…armed with handguns and….yep…..

My family is a lot more important to me than any of them are…...

George Croix

not unsettled…….


The spell check is worse than me…no small trick…

George Croix


Virginia, thank you for asking.

A polite explanation whether agreed with or not is always called for in such a discussion. There’s no benefit either way for tossing insults, andI appreciate your time on this subject.

Not all gun owners are smart A jerks who just make matters worse with childish picking at sores…

Ted Gillis

George, the thing about the Cadillac Escalade, is that you can park it in your driveway or in your garage. Once you step up to a larger vehicle, like an RV or an 18 wheeler, there are restrictions. You can’t park an RV or an 18 wheeler in your driveway because most city ordinances prohibit it. And you can’t even drive an 18 wheeler without having a certain license. No one says that you can’t buy an RV or an 18 wheeler George. You can actually buy several if you choose to do so, but there are restrictions for owning them. Your Escalade is just a fancy rifle with infilled and fancy polished parts. The Kia is just a common blue steel gun with plastic parts. Buy as many of those as you want to. Once you purchase an AR style rifle however, you’ve bought an 18 Wheeler.

George Croix

Ted, I’m still licensed for everything you mentioned, big rigs included, and I can park my RV in my driveway with no restrictions.

So…..that’s why I speak for me…

There’s no magic in an AR style rifle. No special powers in a rifle colored black. None of that in one with a pistol grip, or a rail forend , or a flash suppressor. None in one with detachable magazines, or chambered for the rather anemic in power but lighter weight to carry .223/5.56mm round. The bullets from the cartridges in an AR style rifle are only ‘more devastating’ than any other type in one’s imagination, or msm talking points. Anyone with the slightest motor coordination skills and eyesight can fire

an AR style rifle easily, and in fact it’s often easier to learn with due to excellent ergonomics. The operating system, semi-automatic, is the exact same operating principal as on about 80% or more of all firearms sold for years now…there’s zero functional difference, one trigger pull equals one round fired, between the AR style rifle and my little Ruger 10/22 .22LR, and any semi-auto shotgun and many CO2 pellet pistols…or an air operated framing nailer or crown molding stapler . The method of operation of the bolt, gas piston vs inertia vs blowback vs delayed unlocking, oe even that air for the nailers, varies, but the one pull/one fire is the same.

The difference in the safe vs criminal use of an AR style rifle is the intent and associated actions of the person pulling the trigger on one, bearing in mind that this is also THE most popular weapon in the country, and that is in great part because it’s a lot of fun and very efficient and easy for non-experts to use, not because we are all mass murderers at heart.

It’s utter BS that an AR style rifle bestows special powers, aside from that of depleting one’s wallet to the tune of 2 to 5 grand or so, each, depending on accoutrements….

In full disclosure, I will be going back to a simple Class A TDL…older and lazier and no more need now…..

Only interest I have in big rigs is that they keep the Diet Coke, etc., coming…

George Croix


It’s just my opinion, but I say that rather than demonize honest firearms owners of what the focus groups have turned into yet another example of over hyping their own ideology, and attention, let’s do something that really certainly would make these murders less likely when done for the ‘blaze of glory’ some sickos seek. Let’s, upon conviction, hang them publicly..national prime time TV…give ‘em the drop, and let all after the first one know what everyone will see in their ‘glorious’ passing…not much glory in poo and pee on yourself before an audience.

Cruel and unusual? Mainstream it, and toss the SJW crap in favor of actual justice…

Virginia Stone

Oh, ok, owners want them because they are easy and fun.

George Croix

That's two of some reasons for me. I only speak for myself, Virginia.

There's also the fact that ours is too many times a society where criminals are often treated as the victims, and thus feel little if any reason to not be criminals. In many places are back on the street before the arrest report, if any, is filed.

An effective self defense weapon that one is able to use well is a comforting presence when one's family is not lucky enough to have a personal security detail or live in a guarded, gated community.

Consider that not a single time that I can recall ever reading about or hearing of, some homeowner woke up one morning and said "Today is the day someone will kick my front door in and and assault me and my family. I better get the Police on notice."

BUT, it's not my way to denigrate anybody who does not want to own any firearm or any type of one. I support that fully.

Carlos Ponce

When you 'Drive for Texas' Watch the speed limit.

Orourke, Robert Francis (W/M/49) Cited on Charge of Speeding >10% Above posted Limit, at 4320 Highway 6, Hitchcock on 8/3/2022 10:37:23 AM.

It happens.....

Jim Forsythe

O'Rourke was issued a warning .

Carlos Ponce

"he was clocked going 61 mph in a 45 mph zone"

Jim Forsythe

O'Rourke was issued a warning

Ted Gillis

I do my best to avoid driving through Hitchcock for just that reason. I got pulled over in Hitchcock back in the 80’s, and then proceeded to pull all of my meager funds out of the Bank and put them in a bank in Santa Fe as “punishment”. I still kept the safety deposit box in Hitchcock for some lazy reason, but to this day if I can avoid it, I drive around using FM1764 on my treks to Galveston.

Ed Buckner

Interesting take on Texas politics--

George Croix

That is interesting, Ed.

It's not quite on the scale of national politics, of spending 4 solid years and millions of bucks and totally disrupting an entire Administration by looking for Russia Collusion that was claimed to have influenced an election and therefore we got an illegitimate President...when the primary claimant losing candidate was the REAL one doing that. But, still interesting.....

But, maybe when all is said and done this effort, like that previous one, will show these fraud hunters to have actually committed the fraud. The Hillary Initiative. Redux....

This is the land of opportunity...

Big problem is, nobody will do squat if they found out Vladimir himself (that Vladimir with the flexible friend in high places...) personally hand filled out 20 million blue ballots, or red, as the Dept. that's supposed to investigate such things, demurs.....again...and again...

Anyway, here's another interesting link to an article on this same site. I don't subscribe obviously but was quick enough to copy this tantalizing, or something, link to an article by the same name that caught my eye....:

No, I did not make that up....

Ted Gillis

Both of you have gone to the Carlos Ponce school of link posting. Just post the facts please.

Carlos Ponce

Note: Ted Gillis doesn't like links.[rolleyes]

George Croix

Will do, Ted.

Just as soon as you buy the GDN….

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