Galveston County Judge Mark Henry joined a group of Republicans from around the state in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Texas Supreme Court seeking to block the even earlier start to early voting that Gov. Greg Abbott ordered this year in response to COVID-19 concerns.

The lawsuit asks the court to not allow early voting to start Oct. 13, the date Abbott designated because of the coronavirus pandemic. The group is asking that early voting begin Oct. 19 — the day it would be allowed in a normal year.

Henry joined the lawsuit to defend the security of the election and uphold the rule of law, he said in a statement to The Daily News.

“The Texas Constitution is unequivocally clear — only the Texas Legislature has the authority to suspend state laws,” Henry said. “We cannot allow this pandemic to undermine the lawful and well-established election processes created by our elected representatives and senators in Austin. If changes to early voting were needed, then a special session of the Texas Legislature should have been called.”

Among the other people joining in the lawsuit were conservative activist Steven Hotze, Republican Party of Texas chairman Allen West, Texas Agricultural Commissioner Sid Miller, three state senators, five state representatives and Dr. Robin Armstrong, the Republican National Committeeman from Texas, who is a Galveston County resident.

The lawsuit was filed against Texas Secretary of State Ruth Hughs and seeks to block an order from Abbott that allows Texas polls to open on Oct. 13.

Abbott in July moved up the start of early voting to give voters more time and to prevent crowding at polling places during the COVID-19 pandemic, he said.

The order drew few, if any, objections at the time. On Aug. 27, Henry voted to approve a list of polling locations to be opened beginning on Oct. 13.

But Tuesday’s lawsuit asserts Abbott doesn’t have the power to move up the election date and that his orders forced Henry to act unlawfully. The lawsuit asserts Abbott should have called a special session of the Texas Legislature to address the issues.

“In a republic form of government with checks and balances built into our state Constitution, one person should not have the sole authority of managing a disaster with no end in sight,” the lawsuit said. “Taxpayers have a constitutional right to be represented.”

The Texas Democratic Party immediately criticized the lawsuit.

“We should be expanding early voting and vote-by-mail options, not cutting them,” said Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman. “We support voters having every opportunity to vote and have been fighting for those options the entirety of this pandemic — and the decades before that.”

The lawsuit was filed by Houston attorney Jared Woodfill, who has been involved in a number of failed lawsuits challenging emergency actions taken during the pandemic. Woodfill represented a Galveston restaurant that sought to block the city of Galveston from enforcing Abbott’s bar closures earlier this spring.

None of the lawsuits filed to block Abbott’s emergency actions have so far succeeded


In 2020, there will be races and down-ballot races.

There also will be deep, deep down-ballot races that only the most committed voters will stay in the ballot booth to see this year.

Between national, statewide and local races, which are being held in November after being postponed from May because of COVID-19, there are 113 items on the county’s ballot this year.

Not every voter will vote on every race, of course. How long a person’s ballot is depends on where they live and are registered.

The longest ballots likely will be in Dickinson, where voters might end up clicking through nearly 50 pages to complete an entire ballot.

In addition to races for U.S. President, Congress and state representatives, Dickinson voters will choose new council members and school board members, voting on 21 city charter propositions, a school district bond and a community college bond.

There’s no requirement to vote on every item, and the county’s recently purchased voting machines allow people to skip to the end and submit incomplete ballots if that’s what they choose.

This election also will be the first in Texas to be run after the legislature’s elimination of straight-ticket voting. Straight-ticket voting allowed people to vote for every member of one party that was on a ballot. The option was eliminated by a law passed during the 2017 Texas Legislative session.

At the time, Republican legislators argued that eliminating straight-ticket voting would lead to people making themselves more informed voters. Last year, however, a leaked Republican Party of Texas internal memo revealed that officials were worried that more people would split their votes or fail to get to the bottom of their ballots.

That was before the ballots were made even longer by the delays cause by COVID-19 and city council candidates had to worry about competing for attention from up-ballot races.

A copy of every race in Galveston County can be found attached to this column online at


The Nov. 3 election is in 40 days.

John Wayne Ferguson: 409-683-5226; or on Twitter @johnwferguson.


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(68) comments

Gary Miller

If Texas law requires the legislature to set election dates Abbott doesn't have the right to change them.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

What would an earlier start date hurt? 2020 Voter Suppression Redefined.

Carlos Ponce

"What would an earlier start date hurt?" The county pocketbook. You have the initial early birds who go vote but after that most poll workers just sit at county expense waiting for people that don't show up. Many voters wait until election day to vote then complain about the long lines. Earlier start dates equate with more money allocated from county coffers for each poll worker. That's a lot of money.

Craig Mason

Just more proof Henry is an idiot, for joining a lawsuit with the likes of Sid Miller. Texas is a republican state and now republicans are suing republicans?? The longer the polls are open the more opportunity for republicans to vote and vote safely. Longer early voting will mean less crowded locations. This would encourage more people to vote and with more republicans than democrats, it seems it would be good for republicans. During an emergency declaration the governor has broad powers to make changes. If you don't want the governor to have these powers then pass a law to change that, in the next session of the legislature.

Jim Forsythe

Of the 125,336 votes in 2016, 93,646 were cast by early voters. The increase in voters this year, could have GC reaching numbers of 100,000 early voters.

Combine this with the elimination of straight-ticket voting, which will require more time per voter, the extra week is needed. Also more people will be using curb side voting, which requires more time.

If we had mail in voting for all, the extra week would not be needed.

Ted Gillis

Jim is correct, just open up mail in voting to all, then the extra week of poll workers playing cards and puzzles, waiting on voters to arrive, would not be needed.

Carlos Ponce

Jim and Ted are old enough to vote by mail. I am too but I'm voting in person. Plenty of reasons not to let everybody vote by mail. They can handle what is statutory now. Those electronic devices Jim writes about that check signatures are not foolproof. A slight adjustment (and they are adjustable) could reject all signatures or accept all signatures. Note the number of rejected ballots by mail in other states that allow everyone to vote by mail.

Jim Forsythe

After Calibration, Verification, and Validation of the check signatures machine, who do you think is going to tamper with the machines? It will be stored with the other election equipment in a secure place. Before being put back in service for the next election, they will be revalidated. If we are allowing unauthorized personal excess to voting equipment, we have a problem.

Do you have the same questions about the computers that you vote on? They can be programed to tally any outcome a person wants. That is the reason we have IT personal, to make sure that no one tampers with equipment.

If it was up to me, we would be voting on computers from home. It can be done, using secure bar codes or other security measures.

Carlos Ponce

Who ever sets the calibration determines the election outcome, Jim.

There is NO calibration of voting machines, just programming which is the same for ALL voting machines.

If you allow voting to be done on home computers, Russians, Chinese will increase the number of voters. I hear Chinese want Biden. Russia just wants to throw turmoil into our electoral process. Remember in 2016 their social posts favored both candidates.And with the help of Democrats, Russia was successful in creating turmoil.

Jim Forsythe

Yes voting machines need calibration, just as most machines do. One example is touchscreens, depending how they are stored . You have to remember they may get locks in closets or sit in non-temperature controlled ware houses between elections, then they are jostled in trucks, cleaned with cleaners, and sometime run off various power sources. Empirically they do go out of calibration.

Galveston County bought new voting machines in 2019 . The voting machines have electronic touch screens. Touchscreens—particularly resistive touchscreens—often need recalibration. On a poorly calibrated screen, tapping on one button could select the one adjacent. Not good in a voting machine with a column full of candidates in densely packed rows.

The following comes from poll worker and the need for calibration --- "I'm speaking from a perspective of someone that regularly works as a poll worker during elections in the state of California. One of the first things I do once our touch screen system is set up is confirm the calibration of the LCD panel. It's typical for the registration to be off by a few pixels, as our fingers are not perfect pixel-sized points. However, I have yet to experience an issue where the calibration is so bad that the wrong selection is made on behalf of the voter. Remember there are a whole host of perfectly valid reasons why this may be more of a problem for some voters than others, certainly including finger size and physical impairment affecting fine-motor skills. If a voter did report a problem of this nature, recalibrating the touch screen would be one of the first things I would try."

Another persons account. "Needs to be calibrated sometimes. I work elections for Clark County, Nevada. I've worked every election the last 10 years. And yes, the touchscreens can fall out of calibration and make it difficult to select the correct candidates."

Carlos Ponce

I've seen voting machines delivered in rolling cages. They unpack them, turn them on and use them. Any not passing a test are put aside. No calibration.

Jim Forsythe

Proper calibrating of voting machines, even if the voting machines are new is very important. We are blessed with new machines, but not all are.

If they do not fix and calibrate the ones not passing the test, we will run out of machines.

Unlike voting machines used in past eras, today’s systems were not designed to last for decades.”

Tests to ensure the voting equipment is calibrated and provides accurate counts are required prior to every election.

How accurate are voting machines? The machines rely on outdated technology — some of it is from the 1990s — to calibrate the touch screens. And the hardware is starting to wear out. "Over time, as people vote, that calibration becomes less and less accurate,". So by the end of a long day of voting, the machines aren't as accurate as they were in the morning.

As the Brennan Center for Justice cautioned back in 2008, typically machines flip votes because they aren’t properly calibrated.

In South Carolina, machines were changing votes—a “calibration issue,” an election official told The State.

Ted Gillis

I just signed my name on one of those credit card devices at the hardware store. Really, tell me we have machines that can validate that squiggling Katherine Hepburn looking signature attempt against the one they have a file.


Carlos Ponce

The same hardware can validate that YOU are Katherine Hepburn, Ted.

Jim Forsythe

Trump and family vote by mail, but Carlos thinks that there is "Plenty of reasons not to let everybody vote by mail."

Voting should be encouraged. Voting by mail with plenty of drop boxes, would increase voting and relive the huge crowds(4 to 6 hour waits) that are at some polling places in the state. Drop boxes would help the people, that for some reason do not trust the US mail.

Carlos talks about very few are early voting, but the place I vote, always has a line.

To recap, Carlos does not like mail in voting except for a select few, he sees no reason for curbed side voting and thinks we have too many voting days.

Carlos Ponce

Absentee voting is permitted, Jim. I voted absentee in the 1974 midterms and the 1976 General elections.

There is more than one earl polling place in Galveston County, Jim. If you pick one with a line....[rolleyes]

"Carlos does not like mail in voting except for a select few" - those selected by STATUTE.

Democrat complaining on election day: "I tried using the drop box but it would not hold the 1000 ballots I had!"

Jim Forsythe

As Galveston county has only one drop box, and it is monitored, how was this person able to drop off 1000 ballots.

Carlos Ponce

Other states have multiple "drop boxes" which you seem to want for us.

Jim Forsythe

September 23, 2020 :Texas voter registration surges to 16.4M despite pandemic This surge is because of the new Texas Voter Registration Record: which has seen 1.5 Million signed Up Since 2016.

With the increase in voters, more days were needed.

Carlos Ponce

Mickey Mose registers again in Tarrant County!

Jim Forsythe

I have no idea who Mickey Mose is, but it sounds like they stopped them from voting. If they were lying on the registration form, this is what can happen to them.

.Sec. 276.013. ELECTION FRAUD. (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly or intentionally makes any effort to:(1) influence the independent exercise of the vote of another in the presence of the ballot or during the voting process;(2) cause a voter to become registered, a ballot to be obtained, or a vote to be cast under false pretenses; or(3) cause any intentionally misleading statement, representation, or information to be provided:(A) to an election official; or(B) on an application for ballot by mail, carrier envelope, or any other official election-related form or document. (b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

If convicted Mickey Mose could get: A conviction for a Class A misdemeanor carries up to a year in jail. It also carries the potential for a fine of up to $4,000.

Carlos Ponce

"Mickey Mose" is a pseudo-name from someone trying to spell Mickey Mouse in Tarrant County. There are people sent out to register names, not necessarily voters so they approach the unintereted and the already registered telling them to write down any name so they can fulfill a quota. Hence the high number of newly registered who don't exist.

Can "Mickey Mose" be arrested if he does not exist? Remember your "September 23" reference was about the newly registered, not the number of actual voters. So Sec. 276.013 does not apply - unless someone tries to pass him or herself as "Mickey Mose".

Jim Forsythe

If they filled out the registration form, and returned it they committed a ELECTION FRAUD.

They could not be counted as registered voters if they are not registered.

When someone registers as Mickey Mose and they are not , that is voters fraud.

"(3) cause any intentionally misleading statement, representation, or information to be provided "

Carlos Ponce

And so what? The person registering just wanted names. If Mickey Mose committed fraud who you going to arrest:

ARREST WARRANT: Name: Mickey Mose

ADDRESS: Address given does not exist.

SEX: Unknown

RACE: Unknown

AGE: Unknown

But the person registering got his quota......

Carlos Ponce

AUSTIN – Attorney General Ken Paxton today [September 23, 2020] announced that authorities arrested Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown, Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, and DeWayne Ward on charges in connection with an organized vote harvesting scheme during the 2018 Democratic primary election. In total, the state filed 134 felony charges against the four defendants, including engaging in organized election fraud, illegal voting, fraudulent use of an application for a mail-in ballot, unlawful possession of a mail-in ballot, tampering with a governmental record, and election fraud. Penalties for these offenses range from six months in state jail to 99 years in prison.

Carlos Ponce

"Seven military ballots cast for Trump found discarded in Pennsylvania" September 20, 2020

"Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis asked the DOJ and FBI to open an investigation into the discarded ballots on Monday following reports of "potential issues with a small number of mail-in ballots at the Luzerne County Board of Elections," the Department of Justice (DOJ) said in a release."

'At this point we can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded,' the DOJ said. 'Some of those ballots can be attributed to specific voters and some cannot.'

The DOJ initially said the discarded ballots consisted of nine for Trump. A revised release said seven of the nine were for Trump and that the contents of the other two unknown.

Jim Forsythe

A USPS spokesperson confirmed in a statement that the found mail did include(Nine military mail-in ballots)

absentee ballots, but offered few other details. “The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete,” spokesman Bob Sheehan wrote

Until the investigation is finished, speculation is premature.

Carlos Ponce

"seven of the nine were for Trump" That means the sealed envelopes were OPENED. Military enlisted and non-coms favor Trump.....

Carlos Ponce

"Absentee Ballots Found Among Discarded Mail in Ditch in Wisconsin" September 24, 2020

"The Police in Greenville, Wisconsin, reported finding three trays of mail — including absentee ballots — in a ditch.

Local post office officials later reported that some of the mail included Wisconsin absentee ballots....the mail was found dumped in a ditch near Appleton International Airport, WLUK reported."

Jim Forsythe

A USPS spokesperson confirmed in a statement that the found mail did include(Nine military mail-in ballots)

absentee ballots, but offered few other details. “The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete,” spokesman Bob Sheehan wrote

Until the investigation is finished, speculation is premature.

Ted Gillis

This doesn’t appear like election fraud to me. This appears to be a frustrated post worker or a case of stolen mail. What about the credit card bills, pension checks, or other mail that was in the baskets? If they were trying to steal the ballots they wouldn’t have been left at the scene.

And Carlos, postal inspectors are allowed to open mail, even mail in ballots, while conducting an investigation.

Carlos Ponce

"This doesn’t appear like election fraud to me." typical response from a Democrat when they're caught.

Pleading the Schultz? "I see NOTHING, NOTHING!"

Or one of the three monkeys: "see no evil".

So much for "secret ballots".

Unless there is indication of a harmful substance, first class mail cannot be opened.

Jim Forsythe

"The United States Postal Inspection Service immediately began investigating, and we reserve further comment on this matter until that is complete," USPS spokesman Bob Sheehan told WLUK.

The Outagamie County Sheriff's Office said that the mail discovered was "mail going to the post office."

Until the investigation is over the facts are not know.

Was the mail in question in a USPS vehicle or was it being transport by a private company that had not mailed it yet?

Facts are unknow!

Carlos Ponce

Jim sees, NOTHING! Jim knows NOTHING!

Jim Forsythe

I do know that a U.S. district judge has blocked the state(Texas) from eliminating straight-ticket voting as an option for people who vote in person this November.

Carlos Ponce

"This appears to be a frustrated post worker or a case of stolen mail."

That may be true of those found in a ditch but the military ballots were DELIVERED to the Luzerne County Board of Elections, opened then thrown in a dumpster.

Jim Forsythe

Until the investigation is over the facts are not know.

Carlos Ponce

And when the facts are known will Jim's eyes open? Nah.

Jim Forsythe

Until the investigation is finished, the facts will not be know.

Were the ballots delivered to the Luzerne County Board of Elections?

If so, no mail fraud .

Did someone other than a official, place the ballots in the trash? A question they will answer.

Were the envelopes ever sealed by the sender?

The FBI could do DNA and fingerprint the envelopes.

Were they for the 2020 elections and not left overs that someone sent in.

These and other question are best left up to the investigators.

Carlos Ponce

Mail fraud? Maybe those found in the ditch but not the ones found in the dumpster.

A military person sends his ballot to the Luzerne County Board of Elections. The post office delivers it to the Luzerne County Board of Elections. The ballot is found outside the Luzerne County Board of Elections in the dumpster. Looks like someone inside the Luzerne County Board of Elections is culpable, not the post office.

"Thus far, Freed wrote, the FBI has recovered a number of documents showing military ballots that had been 'improperly opened' by elections staff and 'had the ballots removed and discarded, or removed and placed separately from the envelope containing confidential voter information and attestation'."

Jim Forsythe

Then what are trying to say? What is the crime you think happened? Without a investigation, what you think happened, is just what you think.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, there is more than one case involving mail-in balloting that has gone awry.

Jim Forsythe

No matter what method someone votes, problems happen. With many jurisdictions still use 20-year-old voting machines, problems will increase with voting at the polls.

In 2010, one precinct in the Bronx threw out an unusually high percentage of ballots due to voters marking more than one choice. State election officials investigated and found that the machines had added “phantom votes” in part because they were overheating. In 2014, 26 machines in Virginia Beach caused vote flipping because the glue in the screen had degraded. In 2006, complaints of vote flipping in North Little Rock, Ark., were diagnosed as an optical illusion experienced only by voters over six feet tall. A report by Los Angeles County, which unveiled a new voting system during its 2020 primary, concluded that 1,297 out of 23,104 voting machines, more than 5 percent, had faulty printers due to a “manufacturing defect.”

In 2019, researchers at the DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas compromised more than 100 voting machines, all of which were certified for use in at least one jurisdiction at the time.

Experts pointed to insufficient poll worker training, aging equipment, outdated federal standards, and a lack of competition in the industry as the main reasons voting machines go down.

Carlos Ponce

"With many jurisdictions still use 20-year-old voting machines..." What's that got to do with massive mail-ins?

Jim Forsythe

." What's that got to do with massive mail-ins?" Sorry I did not make it clear enough for you.

You keep trying to say that the mail in ballots will have voter fraud or illegal voting happen because of people trying to beat the system, or some form of the USPS letting people tamper with the mail and so on.

What I was saying is that some polling places are not as lucky as Galveston County, and have old equipment that breaks down or gathers the wrong information from the ballots cast. Any way we vote can have a break down in the way votes are gathered and recorded .Remember Hanging Chads, and the the problems they caused.

It is estimated that 50% of votes this year will be mail in ballots and they will be protected.

Your example in Luzerne County looks like human error and not some sort of Illegal voting activity that was planed.

"David Pedri, the county manager, said in a statement Friday that a seasonal contractor, hired on 14 September, was responsible for sorting the mail and had discarded the ballots into the office trash. Shelby Watchilla, the county’s election director, discovered the problem on 16 September and brought it to the attention of county officials, who subsequently contacted law enforcement. Federal agents searched the trash for all three days the contractor was employed and elections officials did not know for whom the ballots were cast until the DoJ’s Thursday announcement, Pedri said. The county is also offering additional training for employees and has a video camera to monitor activities in the office."

Carlos Ponce

So Jim is stating that having old voting machines creates problems with mail-in ballots.[unsure]

Jim Forsythe

Not at all as to what I said. All methods' of voting have problems.

You are fixated on problems only with mail on ballot, when all methods' have problems.

Carlos Ponce

ail in has more problems than in person. Limiting its use by statute is okay., something they can handle.

Jim Forsythe

You are fixated on problems only with mail on ballot, when all methods' have problems.

Carlos Ponce

Mail in has more problems than in person. Limiting its use by statute is okay., something they can handle.

Jim Forsythe

As with other forms of voting, documented cases of mail-ballot fraud are extremely rare.

The conservative Heritage Foundation, which has warned of the risks of mail voting, found 14 cases of attempted mail fraud out of roughly 15.5 million ballots cast in Oregon since that state started conducting elections by mail in 1998.

The most prominent cases of mail fraud have involved campaigns, not voters. North Carolina invalidated the results of a 2018 congressional election after state officials found that a Republican campaign operative had orchestrated a ballot fraud scheme.

Turnout rates tend to be higher in states that conduct elections by mail, which is a good thing.

This year USA is going to have a record number of voters and more than 50% will vote by mail.

Just in Texas there are now more than 16.6 million Texans registered to vote in the November election. That’s a new state record. You can expect longer lines than 2016 because of the increase of 1.5 million new voters.

Texas will be one of the last state that allows anyone that wants to vote by mail to do so.

This is true unless we get to vote on being able to vote by mail.

Carlos Ponce

"documented cases of mail-ballot fraud are extremely rare" That' why Democrats favor mail- in, very easy to commit fraud, and they've perfected it! Too many states require voter ID at in-person voting. Much harder to commit fraud.

Jim Forsythe

Now you are just speculating. No proof, but fraud must be happening because you say so.

The reason mail-ballot fraud is extremely rare is because it does not happen very often .

If a person uses mail in voting in Galveston County, what the chance that it will not be received by the election officials'? If one is concerned they can use the drop box. If you are concerned about ID, they do send the ballot to the person that is on the list, after the ballot is received by the election officials the signature is checked , what else do you want, barcodes, placing fingerprint on the ballot? Or is it just that you do not want anyone to use mail in ballots. Trumps vote must be suspect to you. because Trump and his family use mail in voting.

34 states and Washington, D.C, do not require an excuse from those who wish to vote absentee or by mail. Many of these states are Republican.

Why do people want mail in voting , because it is safer and it is better than standing in long lines to vote. Also some people do not have transportation to go to the polls.

Mail in voting is great for people that work 6 or 7 days a week, during voting times. yes they get time off, but I had to do this. I arrived at 6:30

and the wait was about 1 hour. That was here, but if I had to vote in some places in Texas, the wait would have been up to 4 hours. What does this accomplish? When that person could have voted by mail if they lived in one of the 34 states that allow all to vote by mail..

Carlos Ponce

The REAL reason mail-ballot fraud is extremely rare is because Democrats have perfected mail-in fraud.

Jim Forsythe

If it is happening as much as you say, prove it. You can not because mail-ballot fraud is extremely rare.

To claim that mail in voter fraud happens is mass amounts you suggest, because you know it does, is not proof.

Since you insists that it is happening, how are they doing it? How many people are involved?

Which states is this happening?

These are a few Republicans that decided that they would take the risk.. And why is it a few and not many more because few want to risk of being found to have done so, and have to look at going before the court.

A mail carrier in West Virginia pled guilty to changing the party registration on eight absentee ballot requests from Democratic to Republican. Thomas Cooper entered the plea in federal court in Elkins to attempted election fraud and injury to the mail, U.S. Attorney Bill Powell said in a statement. Cooper was charged in May after eight mail-in requests for absentee voter ballots had their party affiliations altered.

In January 2016, New Hampshire resident Derek Castonguay pleaded guilty to voter fraud. He was so excited about voting, he was registered to vote as a Republican in both Windham and Salem, N.H.

In February 2016, Wisconsin resident Robert Monroe was sentenced to jail on 13 counts of voter fraud. He had cast illegal votes in 2011 and 2012, including voting multiple times in the recall election, for Republican Gov. Scott Walker, from multiple locations and in the names of his son and his son's girlfriend.

In Illinois, a 2014 candidate for the General Assembly, Republican Nancy Myalls, was found to have cast votes in both Illinois and Wisconsin, where she owned a vacation home, in 2008 and 2012. She was another Republican

In January 2013, Roxanne Rubin, a Nevada Republican, accepted a plea deal for voting multiple times in the 2012 election.

In Arizona in 2012, a Republican candidate for county supervisor, John Enright, was forced to withdraw his candidacy when it came to light that he had been sending in absentee votes for his girlfriend—who had been dead for five years.

Carlos Ponce

"You can not because mail-ballot fraud is extremely rare." Not rare but common in Democrat strongholds. Officials refuse to investigate because it involves them.

Jim Forsythe

And these strongholds would be in what location?

Carlos Ponce

In Texas: Harris County, Travis County, Bexar County, etc

Jim Forsythe

Harris County

Michel Pappillion;s lawsuit was dismissed.

Ballot applications sent across Harris County is not illegal.

What cases are you talking about, or is it just you think that there must be a problem.

Remember: All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Carlos Ponce

And when that court of law is run by the instigators?

Jim Forsythe

What cases are you talking about, or is it just you think that there must be a problem.

Carlos Ponce

Every infraction is ignored because it's the same group.

Jim Forsythe

You can not come up many, because there is not a wide spread problem.

This year over 50% of the votes in the USA will be by mail. If the trend continues, by the time the elections happens in 2024, we may be up to 75%, voting by mail..

You can think what you want, but most people want to be able to choose how the vote and the way a majority chooses, is voting by mail .

Voting by mail will be the way that the biggest % will choose, until voting by computer, becomes the choice of most.

Carlos Ponce

There's a video out there about ballot harvesting involving Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and cash for ballots. The police are looking into it.[whistling]

Ted Gillis

After rereading the original article, I see that the opposing group also includes Steve Hotze. (Yes, republicans suing republicans.) Judge Henry should be more careful with the crowd he hangs out with. This guy (Hotze) has been on the fringes of the Republican Party for years. George Bush Sr. had to deal with Hotze’s parents and their John Birch Society buddies years ago when Bush first decided to run for office. He had to basically clear them out of the local Harris County Republican Party and bring in “normal acting” people just to give the party some credibility. Hotze is anti gay, super religious, ultra right wring and a frequent guest on Dan Patrick’s AM radio station.

So yeah, they are surrogates of Patrick being used to come after Abbott.

Carlos Ponce

"ultra right wring" and I thought washers no longer had wringers. Who knew?

Ted Gillis

Thanks for the spell check my faithful friend.

Carlos Ponce

Awww... and I thought they were bring wringers back.

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