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James Lippert

Property taxes have two principal components, taxable value and tax rates. Glad to see representative Middleton interested in keeping a lid on taxable values. Now if Middleton will help us put a lid on the outrageous Tax Rates, imposed in part thru nefarious and iniquitous activities by certain local entities including certain Galveston County MUD’s….

John Merritt

Why are you referring to Cheryl Johnson as a Republican tax assessor? Her only opponent in recent years was also a Republican. If you want to win in Galveston county, you will run as a Republican, even our judges are Republicans.

That aside, the CAD operates independently, but represents all of the taxing entities that are gathering money for their budgets. Texas needs to set some minimums for appraisal increases. Real estate prices rise and fall, they have just peaked, and I think it might be a few years before the values reach their last year appraisals.

I am very tired of having to argue my taxes every year. This is the third time since IKE I have had to deal with over 30% increases. Unfair is an understatement, this is ridiculous. Sorry, but the taxing entities need to tighten their belts for a few years.

Kenneth Diestler

There is a legal limit to the amount your taxes can go up in one year if it is your homestead and you are over 65. My appraisal and property taxes were increased over 20%--requiring that I appeal just to get them to conform to the legal amount of increase.

Ray Taft

Governor Abbott needs to freeze property values until this coronavirus mess is over. Period. No excuses. Get it done!

jorge flores

For the past 7 years I have to deal with this . I’m so tired of going to the office Every year to talk to them about this matter.

Jose' Boix

A great approach suggested by our Representative Middleton: "...property values should simply be rolled back to their 2019 levels, leaving the appraisal district to reassess values next year, in what many believe will be a starkly different housing market because of the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus." This would defuse any additional debates and confrontations in an unprecedented year. Just my thoughts!

Michelle Aycoth


Stuart Crouch

There needs to legislation that would create a statutory mandate that requires the actual sale prices of homes to be made public. Actual sales prices would set a much more accurate FMV, allowing much of the guesswork used by appraisal districts to go the way of the dinosaur.

Our elected representatives in Austin need to stand up to realtors and their industry (read: lobbyists) and simply say 'enough is enough'. Someone needs to draft a bill and get it through committee. Get it up for a vote and see just who is bought and paid for and by whom.

Carlos Ponce

"requires the actual sale prices of homes to be made public" Okay then if I bought my brother's home for $1 they would tax that property at $1.

David Smith

Year 18 here ...and I will continue the battle

[thumbdown] look around your neighborhood ... certain people get certain favors

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