SLAB Weekend

Tow truck driver Ray Flores prepares to tow a vehicle stopped by police on Seawall Boulevard in Galveston and found to have illegal elbow wheels on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Members of local and state groups Wednesday demanded the Galveston Police Department change enforcement tactics after an April 24 slab car event drew claims of targeted enforcement and racial profiling of the predominantly Black visitors.

The Question of the Week is: How do you feel about Galveston Police's handling of the slab car event last week?

• It was appropriate

• It was heavy handed

• It was targeted and clearly a case of racial profiling

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(7) comments

Bridget Moore

It was appropriate. Follow the rules and the law, and you won't have any trouble.

Bill Sterchi

Same here Bridget! There are procedures that, if followed, may have precluded some of the Police intervention here. Then again, some people presume uncivility and breaking the law - even with bridled permission - is their way of life. "You ain't gonna tell me what I can and can't do". Well, that is what keeps us all on the same level - laws and ordinances. I am now even more concerned over the point of the article - is it racist? Yep, pitting one against another for no valid reason. They were wrong, end of story.

Lizzie Tish

Bridget and Bill, [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Terry Moore

It's not profiling It's the police's job to control the crowds. Last year was crazy so they are learning how to deal best with the crowds that were locked in because of Covid and now gone wild! Remember from last year link.

Phill Sean

Large events are known to allow bad behavior in Galveston. Mardi Gras, Lonestar motorcycle event and Slab Party should not be tolerated due to their traffic, alcohol and lewdness without practical way to enforce rules. Galveston decision makers are at fault.

Bridget Moore

The City of Galveston attempted to work with the Slab group and told them what was required in order to get a permit for the event. The group decided not to do that and held an unsanctioned event on the Island.

Richard George

Why can't people see that when you inject race into everything, racism will be very much alive in everything. For instance the BLM movement woke up the white pride groups. BLM on FACE VALUE is seen as exclusive to one race and divisive , regardless of what is supposed to represent. Just like a confederate flag may be flown for Southern pride, but is interpreted as racist . If you allow such a movement, then theoretically it should be fair to allow a white pride movement. That would be seen as racist though. If you cannot see that a BLM flag can be interpreted as divisive and racist on FACE VALUE you are part of the problem and/or you profit from keeping this nation divided. The BLM movement has set us so far back as a united nation. Just my observation.

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