Virus Outbreak Parasite Drug

This Jan. 29 file photo shows the packaging and a container of veterinary ivermectin in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ivermectin is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat infections of roundworms and other tiny parasites in humans and some large animals. Health experts and medical groups are pushing to stamp out the growing use of the decades-old parasite drug to treat COVID-19, despite warnings that it can cause harmful side effects and there’s little evidence it helps.

Experts are warning county residents not to use ivermectin to treat COVID as sales of the anti-parasitic medicine rise in the county.

The drug, which is commonly used as a dewormer in animals such as horses and cows, has been touted as an at-home cure for COVID and is being purchased at higher rates from livestock feed stores.

But little research supports the claim ivermectin is effective in treating COVID, said Mark Winter, managing director at the Southeast Texas Poison Center. And although ivermectin also exists for humans, the type sold at feed stores for large animals is different and the dosing much greater, leading to a risk of poisoning or overdose, he said.

The poison hotline has seen a 116 percent increase in calls relating to ivermectin in 2021 and received more than 50 calls from Aug. 25 to Sept. 3, he said. Many of the recent calls have come from hospitals, with patients ending up there after ingesting too much of the drug, he said.

“They’ve gone to the feed store, and they’ve found ivermectin paste for the treatment of horses up to 1,250 pounds,” he said. “And in that little tube, that’s got the equivalent of 30 doses for somebody that might weigh 200 pounds.”

The increase in poison calls about ivermectin has been seen across the country. In July, there were 133 calls nationwide related to the drug, according to the National Poison Data System, which collects data from the country’s 55 poison control centers. That number rose to 459 in August, an increase of 245 percent.

The increased use prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to issue an additional warning against using the drug.

“You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it,” the organization tweeted Aug. 21.


Ivermectin is used in animals as a deworming medicine, retired veterinarian Jackie Cole said. And although it’s effective at ridding animals of parasites, that application requires careful dosing, she said.

But the drug can also be used in humans as an anti-parasitic, Winter said. It’s approved in low doses for use in humans to kill the worms that cause river blindness, reducing some of the damage, and to treat roundworm. Some topical forms can also be used to treat head lice and rosacea, according to the FDA.

The ivermectin used in animals and humans is not the same, however.

In addition to the different dosage for humans and animals, the drugs also have different active ingredients, according to the FDA. The type of ivermectin used in animals also contains inactive ingredients that haven’t been studied in people.

“People should never take animal drugs, as the FDA has only evaluated their safety and effectiveness in the particular species for which they are labeled,” Steven Solomon, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, said in an April 10, 2020, letter to stakeholders.

“Using these products in humans could cause serious harm.”


The poison control center began receiving calls about ivermectin a year ago, but the call numbers have increased recently, Winter said.

He attributed part of the increase to Austin-based podcaster Joe Rogan, host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” who posted an Instagram video Sept. 1 announcing he had tested positive for COVID and was using ivermectin, among other drugs, as part of his treatment.

The use of ivermectin to treat COVID can be traced back to a study released online April 2020 and published June 2020 in the science journal Antiviral Research. The study reported that ivermectin inhibited the spread of COVID in vitro, meaning in a test tube or culture dish.

“The leap of logic is, well, if it will kill it in a test tube, it might be able to kill it in the body,” Winter said.

But that’s not necessarily the case.

Laboratory experiments are used in the early studies of drug development, but they do not necessarily mean that those results will be translated into the human body. So additional testing is needed before determining whether ivermectin will be effective in treating COVID, according to the FDA website. Those trials are underway.


Consuming too much ivermectin can lead to a range of symptoms from abdominal pain to cramps, nausea and vomiting, which may be early signs of poisoning, Winter said.

More serious effects include symptoms in the nervous system such as confusion, an inability to walk, vertigo or dizziness, slurred speech and, in some cases, seizures, Winter said.

“We’ve had some significant adverse effects,” he said.

Although there have been no reported deaths in Texas, Winter said that remains a possibility if too much of the medicine is consumed.

In addition to the incorrect dosage, the drug also may interact with common medications, Winter said. So far, 54 drugs have been reported to interact with ivermectin, but that list is not complete, he said.

“We tend to forget about routine medications when we add another drug,” he said.

Some of the effects depend on how the drug is consumed, Winter said. Some people inject it, leading to irritation at the injection site. Other people consume it orally, he said.

“If you take it by mouth, you have a three- to six-hour delay before you start to develop some of the symptoms I’ve talked about,” he said. “On average, they can last one to two days.”

The drug can also be applied as a lotion, which leads to poor absorption of the medicine, Winter said.


Despite the warnings from experts, not everyone is listening. Feed stores around the county reported higher sales of ivermectin, with many selling out.

Texas City Feed & Supply normally sells one to two bottles a week, Manager Gary Schaper said.

“We’ve been selling 10, 12 bottles a day, so it’s not real hard to guess what they’re using it for,” he said.

Ivermectin is sold there in several forms, but the most popular by far is the liquid form, Schaper said.

The desire for ivermectin is so great that League City Feed & Pet Supply had sold out as of Friday, said owner Cary Funderburg, who does not recommend people use the drug off-label. It’s unknown when stores will be able to refill the supply since the manufacturer also has a back order, he said.


The increase of COVID cases has led people to seek treatment options online, which often contain misinformation, Winter said.

“Those internet sites, the dose that they’re recommending can be four times higher than the therapeutic dose of ivermectin for parasitic infections,” he said.

Winter also has seen recommendations to use ivermectin to treat post-COVID syndrome, with suggestions to take high doses of the drug for as long as a month. But the long-term effects of such a high dosage are unknown, he said.

Those who test positive for COVID should only use treatment regimens approved by a physician, according to the FDA. Vaccination remains the most effective way to limit spreading the disease, according to the organization.

Those who experience adverse effects after ingesting ivermectin should call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222, Winter said.

“If patients have questions, call us,” he said.

Emma Collins: 409-683-5230;


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(65) comments

Carlos Ponce

Self medication is not a good idea. But when your doctor prescribes human use ivermectin off label as treatment there is no problem.

This article will scare people into not following their doctor's recommendations.

As stated, "Those who test positive for COVID should only use treatment regimens approved by a physician, according to the FDA." And when that treatment involves the use of ivermectin.....

Donna Spencer

Isn't it interesting how people will use an ineffective and potentially dangerous drug such as this but will not take a proven and safe vaccine. Why are people so stupid ?

Carlos Ponce

"a proven and safe vaccine" Where? Where?

Does the J&J, Phizer or Moderna prevent the Chinese Virus? No.

Does it prevent you from dying if you do get it? No.

Are there NO side effects for everyone? No.

Dan Freeman

Please identify any physician who will prescribe ivermectin. Not your vet.

Carlos Ponce

Looking for a doctor, Dan Freeman?

"Directory of Doctors Prescribing Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy" As of July 4, 2021

July 21, 2021:

Bailey Jones

Ignorance abounds.

Emilio Nicolas

I am amazed at people that would take a drug like ivermectin for Covid19 with little testing and then on a different Sars virus (66 people in Mexico, see while not getting the vaccine ... yes, there are such people.

Jack Cross

This story is correct in what is stated, but it’s not what’s in the story but what was left out. The reporter selective injected opinions and numbers to arrive at a desired outcome. Readers need a fair balance of both sides of a story to arrive at the truth of an issue.

Left out of this story is that Ivermectin inventor won the Noble Peace Prize. Ivermectin was touted as a miracle drug.

Perhaps more than any other drug, ivermectin is a drug for the world’s poor. For most of this century, some 250 million people have been taking it annually to combat two of the world’s most devastating, disfiguring, debilitating and stigma-inducing diseases. Moreover, all the treatments have been made available free of charge thanks to the unprecedented drug donation program.

Ivermectin has been in use for years and is safe. It is effective in stopping COVID, especially if used early on.

The NIH banned doctors and hospitals from prescribing this safe drug, it is government who drove people to buying ivermectin at feed stores. The drug is safe, the problem is that it is for a 1,200 pound horse. People have to take an amount ebullient to their weight.

Of course people are going to take too much, of course no medical person is going to advise people to buy it at a feed store. The problem is government, why did they ban this harmless drug. This is why people don’t trust Government and the press. Readers see this, I know they tell me every day.

When government bans, censors and scares the hell out of people, all you have left is to depend on government and that is the objective.

Jim Forsythe

Ivermectin is an unproven repurposed drug promoted to treat COVID-19. Now the advocates are pointing to the history of the drug’s developers being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine, as though that has anything to do with its effectiveness against COVID-19.

Carlos Ponce

So Jim is now smarter than the doctors prescribing Ivermectin.

Pete Nanos

The reports on the blog cited in this piece have already been flagged as a hoax and lawsuits are being considered. Welcome to GDN , Miss Collins. Maybe next time a little more research would be appropriate.

Ron Shelby

With all the information out there about how dangerous and useless this drug is against Covid 19, its amazing how stupid these people continue to be.

Jim Forsythe

Ivermectin Products for Animals Are Different from Ivermectin Products for People!

If you want too use ivermectin for COVID-19, go to a Dr. and have them prescribed the proper amount for humans. What you get at the feed store is the right concentration for large livestock and not for humans.

"You can also overdose on ivermectin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), seizures, coma and even death. Ivermectin Products for Animals Are Different from Ivermectin Products for People."

Bailey Jones

I give my dog Ivermectin to prevent heartworms. Let's see - he's 23 pounds and I'm... let's say an order of magnitude heavier... so I think 10 HeartGard tablets should be about right. [tongue] And some cheese to make it go down easy.

Emilio Nicolas

Perhaps they should try horse suppositories ...

George Croix

Those don't work, Ed.

For all the good they do, the patient might as well shove them up their......

George Croix


Emilio......not close enough.....

George Croix

Look at the millions of people daily swallowing pure D bull-stuff and suffering no physical consequences, other than some rear end puckering.....

But, seriously, folks, go get vaccinated.

If nothing else, it will save you from losing sleep after being called bad names by shamers....

Shawn Kadlecek

Consuming too much ivermectin can lead to a range of symptoms from abdominal pain to cramps, nausea and vomiting, which may be early signs of poisoning, Winter said.

“More serious effects include symptoms in the nervous system such as confusion, an inability to walk, vertigo or dizziness, slurred speech and, in some cases, seizures,

Shawn Kadlecek

Sorry, it looks like my reply will have to be in two different posts. First, the side effects they give looks like your typical warnings on EVERY pharmaceutical add run on television. Take this drug to alleviate (not cure) this one symptom, but you might suffer from these fifteen other side effects. So 457 calls to poison control nation wide out of a population of 350 million and all of a sudden there’s a crisis. No deaths I might add, yet several thousand have died shortly after receiving vaccines according to VAERS which only receives around 1 percent of actual reports. I know a veterinarian who said he gave Ivermectin to his own kids throughout the years anytime they had a viral infection.

Jarvis Buckley

So when folks don’t bight step & march in cadence with the federal government. Liberals

call them ignorant & stupid . I would not take this meds. bought at the feed store. But why so mean hearted. Is it just a natural feeling you get to demean others that don’t think as you think?

Just asking.....

Emilio Nicolas

But when people do "bight step & march in cadence with the federal government", so called conservatives call them "ignorant and stupid" ... you can't have it both ways. As to why so many folks get upset when they hear of the latest cockamamie treatment or preventive drug to Covid is that they've had it with idiocy. We are in a pandemic and it is killing our businesses. Unvaccinated petri dishes for new covid variants are extending the dread. Why can't we just come together as we have in previous pandemics and endemics from polio to measles and just do what we know helps? It really isn't a matter of someone's personal freedoms or selfishness anymore, it's a matter of life and death, business and sanity.

George Croix

Jarvis, self-absorption mixed with a bit of hubris will do that to some folks here and there....I watched it in living color lead to 15 dead and 142 maimed and injured...and several hours I'd like to have spent elsewhere....

Bailey Jones

Jarvis, I don't really understand why you and others conflate "follow good science" with "march in cadence with the federal government". Science under Biden says exactly what science under that other guy said - wear a mask, get vaccinated, social distance, and treat your COVID with drugs that have been proven to be effective in double blind clinical trials. Only in the bizarro world of the Illuminati can this advice be seen as anything other than prudent and practical.

As to the rest - if you tell us that you've bought a salt lick because Alex Jones told you that's how he gets his minerals - yeah, we're all going to laugh at you, and I'll call you ignorant and stupid, right to your face.

Carlos Ponce

"Science under Biden says exactly what science under that other guy said....."

So sad bailey calls propaganda "science".

George Croix

You'd do that to anybody, huh, Bailey?

Watch out for tit after tat....


Carlos Ponce

Why do some turn to veterinarian ivermectin? Because many pharmacies quit dispensing the type prescribed by doctors.

"The American Medical Association (AMA), American Pharmacists Association (APhA), and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) strongly oppose the ordering, prescribing, or dispensing of ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19 outside of a clinical trial."

the FDA also discourages its use.


If your doctor prescribes it, pharmacies should dispense it.

In the meantime, Big Pharma is laughing all the way to the bank.

Ted Gillis

Why not just blame ANTIFA.

Robert Braeking

Perhaps my comments I posted this morning contained too much truth and the publisher decided not to include with these other comments.

Dan Freeman

Ivermectin was discovered in 1975 and came into medical use in 1981.[12][13] In 2015, William Campbell and Satoshi Ōmura won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for its discovery and applications.[14] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines.[15] Ivermectin is FDA-approved as an antiparasitic agent.[16] In 2018, it was the 420th most commonly prescribed medication in the United States, with more than one hundred thousand prescriptions.[17] " If you have a parasite, doc may prescribe it, but not as an anti-viral.

George Croix

I, personally, encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

I, personally, have never heard a worse speech intended to get people to comply with something or other than the one my President gave a few minutes ago.

After the obligatory political posturing and personal back patting, my President's next step was to further set one against the other...again...the guy is clueless about how to engender cooperation...everything comes with shots across the bow of his political opposites....

If, as he says, and most of us believe it's true, that COVID is our greatest enemy, then why not ACT like it is, rather than his fellow American's not just like him

If I'd done that at work, called people dumb and ugly while trying to get cooperation, I'd have had a near or actual mutiny on hand all the time.

Somebody needs to tell my President that a carrot is a different color and shape from a stick...

He's President, not king............

Somebody also might remind him that, to date, the rate of non-vaccination is higher among what are typically his supporters....

First step to solve any problem is find out WHY something seemingly obvious and reasonable is rebelled against, and then don't cherry pick members of the rebellion while gathering that info.....

Gary Miller

Geore> After listing to Biden's speech I think he was reading something written by an idiot. Someone thinking calling people names will encourage them to do as you say.

George Croix

Gary, right after my President’s speech today I pulled up some old Mr. Magoo strips….

Remarkable resemblance….

Robert Braeking

Sadly I will be fired because my employer has more than 100 employees and does business with the government. Thank you, Mr. Former Vice President. You are a nincompoop.

Bailey Jones

It's your choice whether you get fired or not, Robert. I'm sure whichever choice you make your co-workers will appreciate it.

Carlos Ponce

And its the employer's right and duty to ignore tyranny if it is a private business.

This Pende Joe action is clearly un-Constitutional but they'll drag it before a few Obama era appointees to stretch out their fascism.

George Croix

They're trying to skate it past SCOTUS as an OSHA workplace emergency measure...

Our President has a talent for taking a bad situation then 'fixing' it with a 'cure' that causes it to get worse....or, whomever is handling the poor doddering old guy....

I keep getting mental flashes of a voice saying "Let me be clear..."

Neither of them had a clue how to deal with real people, not sycophants....

Gary Scoggin

Actually, George, I’m pretty sure the rate of non-vaccination is higher under supporters of the former guy.

George Croix

Actually, Gary, I'm pretty sure my current President got a significant percentage of the non-minority vote.....

"The CDC reports demographic characteristics, including race/ethnicity, of people receiving COVID-19 vaccinations at the national level. As of September 8, 2021, CDC reported that race/ethnicity was known for 59% of people who had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Among this group, nearly two thirds were White (60%), 10% were Black, 17% were Hispanic, 6% were Asian, 1% were American Indian or Alaska Native, and <1% were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, while 5% reported multiple or other race."

Maybe it's changed drastically since Wednesday.....and, of course, 59% is not 100%, but we'd have to believe that what is normally a statistically high enough number to support conclusions is suddenly no good unless 100%...

My point is we're always bombarded with 'disproportionate this' and 'disproportionate that', so no fair now only looking at total numbers per demographic. The RATE of vaccination among minorities is significantly lower than whites, unless the CDC is wrong. badly...which is possible...

Of course, we could always start a debate on who minorities are more likely to vote for.....

People need to get vaccinated. It doesn't help one bit when our 'leaders' pick and choose what 'facts' they report or who they bludgeon with them.....or when they come across as setting Joe against Jack in remarks from the throne....

Gary Scoggin

George -- I was going more based on polls like this one.

A couple of snippets on self-claimed vaccination rates (not CDC data which admittedly could be more accurate)...

Whites: 66 percent

Blacks: 76 percent

Latinos: 71 percent

Urban residents: 79 percent

Suburban residents: 67 percent

Rural residents: 52 percent

But here's is the data that prompted my comment...

Biden voters in 2020 general election: 91 percent

Trump voters in 2020 general election: 50 percent

There's lots of parsing that can be done, and like many polls, I'm sure you can lead yourself to whatever conclusions you were previously inclined to make but I found this data pretty interesting.

George Croix

That is interesting....possibly true, and maybe even factual...

It's a big difference for minorities to go up by over 300% while whites go up about 12% from what the CDC claimed just 2 days ago....

Based on that, I might wonder why an anti conservative MSM news organization, or any pollster, would even ask what political affiliation someone had when the issue is vaccination...doing so makes one wonder how random those polled were...well, one 'one' wonders, at least.....

Personally, I doubt that people make medical choices solely based on politics.

I know I consider ice cream therapeutic, and have no intention of giving it up just because the guy I voted against won.

You'd think the CDC would be asking for that political affiliation data, if it had anything to do with their polls....

But, our President, unwilling to practice his preached 'unity' appreciates all the help he can get...

It would be somewhat like me asking you what Party you align with while discussing fishing lures, sunsets, or rioting/looting.....grin.....

Gary Scoggin

I think the difference is that CDC is reporting the percent of the total population and the NBC poll is the percentage of each group. So,if a group is 20% of the overall population and half are vaccinated then the CDC would say 10% and the poll would say 50%. Both are correct it’s just that the bases are different.

George Croix

Yes. It's what I meant about how there can be truth even with differing fact...truth is more what the individual believes is fact....

Gary, that's why when I want a poll figure to prove my own point about, say, AR15's, I only ask my fellow shooters, and maybe toss in a panhandler in a Walmart parking lot who's up for giving an opinion in return for 5 bucks....10 if it's the opinion I want......this for 'balance'...


Seriously, these days, or so it seems, in what has become One Guy's America vs Another Guy's America, we could witness any of our personal sacred cows poop all over a copy of the Constitution laid on top of the US flag, and One Guy compliment the cow's aim while Another Guy would fire up the grill and make some steaks.

Our biggest enemy is us....

Emilio Nicolas

"truth is more what the individual believes is fact" ... FALSE! However, you did give a great example of delusion.

George Croix

Try this, Emilio.

Joe says Something that is factually incorrect, but he does not know that when he says it. He believes that what he said is true, even though it’s actually not fact.

An adult version of the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny both very true to a child until they find out it’s not fact.

Anyone is free to disagree with this, because there’s no penalty for being wrong….


william boney

Here we are today it wasn’t too long ago when many were saying there’s no way we’d have vaccines by now. There are also those who questioned trusting a vaccine developed during the previous administration. Interesting that today, many of the same are saying everyone needs to be vaccinated. Remember Hydroxychloroquine and patients were prescribed in Texas City? This is what happens when a virus gets politicized and credit goes to the many who promoted the politicization - especially the media. I got vaccinated, made my choice from the three that were made available, and also take zinc, D3. I hope to not get it - just like I hope not to get t-boned or rear-ended by the multitude of pissed off drivers on the road today. Meanwhile , I listen to my doctor. Never thought I’d see the day a drug like Ivermectin creates such hubbub. Kudo’s the “fake story” - the Rolling Stone article that helped kick it off. Real simple, if you trust your doc, they prescribe a drug, maybe good to take their advice. If you don’t trust them, then at least get your info from folks educated in medicine (not friends, reporters, newscasters, bloggers and elected officials and especially the internet). Yes, I know of folks who have been prescribed both drugs mentioned above. I also know many who haven’t. Meanwhile don’t read or hear much about the State of Tx program offering free therapeutic infusions - COVID-19 antibody infusions that can prevent a patient's condition from worsening and requiring hospital care. Might’ve been a good time to mention in article above…Gov Abbott announced it Sept 1st.

Gary Miller

How did anyone get the idea that a drug for parisites would work for a virus? If you can't afford a DR. visit you don't save money taking something that will put you in hospital. IVN may not put you in hospital but it'll kill your worms before they catch covid 19..

Carlos Ponce

"How did anyone get the idea that a drug for parisites would work for a virus?" It was prescribed by doctors.

Robert Braeking

The truth is that ivermectin is an approved medication for humans. It was approved in 1996.

The truth is that studies in Africa and India suggest that ivermectin is an effective treatment for SarsCoV2. It is also an effective prophylaxis.

The truth is that the FDA, CDC and WHO are suppressing effective therapeutics in order to support vaccinations. The only way that the FDA issues EUA's is for there to be no therapeutics available.

The truth is that the so-called vaccine is not a vaccine in the traditional sense. Vaccines are traditionally formulated using attenuated live virus.

The truth is that dissent is not tolerated by the party of tolerance, the Democrat Party.

Karen Lauer

Merck, the company that manufactures ivermectin, has stated that ivermectin has not been shown to be effective for use in humans as a treatment for COVID-19 and that the majority of studies have shown a *concerning* lack of safety data for its use for that purpose. Ivermectin is an approved drug for treating parasitic infections, such as river blindness, and given Merck's willingness over the last 3 decades to give out millions of free doses of the drug for its currently approved purpose, it would seem likely that they would quickly update their position on its use for COVID if the safety and efficacy of the drug for use in COVID patients were proven in clinical settings, but the truth is that the drug's own manufacturer has said it's not safe to use it for COVID and should only be used as currently authorized by the FDA.

Carlos Ponce

That's why ivermectin is considered "off label" use for the Chinese Virus. By putting out that statement, Merck is absolving themselves from any possible lawsuits.

Robert Braeking

Many medications are used 'off label'. That does not mean that they are not effective. Aspirin used as a small dose heart medication is 'off label'.

Emilio Nicolas

"Aspirin used as a small dose heart medication is 'off label'." Really? So what are those "low dose" bottles with a red heart on the table for????

Carlos Ponce

Robert Braeking

Read the insert that comes with aspirin. That is the label.

Ted Gillis

william, are you a normal reader of Rolling Stone, or did you just hear about their fake article on right wing radio? I and most others consider Rolling Stone as on a par with the likes High Times or Mad Magazine, so I wouldn’t hold that story up as some type of journalistic coup. I’m sure they appreciate your highlighting it though.

Carlos Ponce

The problem, Ted Gillis, is false reports from Rolling Stone were repeated by Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) and Joy Reid (MSNBC). Rachel tweeted with no retraction, Joy announced it on her "The Reid Out" program - again no retraction.

Bailey Jones

Aww - I miss High Times. I wonder if I still have that 40-year-old NORML t-shirt?

Gary Scoggin

I would occassionally pick up a copy of High Times and other countercultural magazines at that magazine shop at Main and University in Lubbock - across from College Inn and next to Main Street Pub.

Bailey Jones

Gary, what was the name of that head shop on University? I want to say the Gas Pipe, but I think I'm confusing life events. I do remember a big "smoke-in" protest - I guess it was at Memorial Circle, would have been 77 or 78. I had one of those Lubbock liberals for my American History class - I remember he was a speaker at the rally.

I think I had a pitcher at the Main Street Pub about once. I was an Uncle Nasty's boy. I did the lights and sound for a local band. Good times.

I took a Google street tour of the area - it sure has changed. Everything is bright and shiny now.

Gary Scoggin

I lived in College Inn right across from Main Street. I saw many a drunk arrested late at night out my dorm window. I spend a good amount of time at Uncle Nasty's as well. It was right down the block. I tended to frequent Coldwater or the Cow Palace as well as the mother of all Lubbock bars, Fat Dawgs.

Ted Gillis

It’s not their story. Why should they retract?

Quit holding others responsible for something that they didn’t do, other than making a comment about it.

Carlos Ponce

"Why should they retract?" Duh, Ted! THEY REPORTED IT AS FACT!

Ted Gillis

Quit shouting at me Carlos. Use your inside voice.

Carlos Ponce


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