A man was rescued from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway on Friday afternoon after he fell from the Galveston causeway, officials said.

The man told authorities he had fallen from the bridge while trying to take a selfie from the side of the highway. Investigators on Friday afternoon still were working to determine whether his story was true, Assistant Fire Chief Charles Olson said.

The fall occurred about 3:14 p.m. The man, in his 30s, fell between 35 feet and 50 feet, officials said. The causeway’s maximum elevation is 73 feet.

The man fell on the outbound side of the causeway, near the Tiki Island exit, officials said.

A passing fishing boat picked him up and took him to a nearby marina, Olson said. The man suffered some broken ribs, but was expected to survive, Olson said. He was taken to a University of Texas Medical Branch hospital for observation, police said.

There is a waist-high barrier on the side of the highway.

Police did not say whether they were considering any charges against the man. In 2009, a man jumped off the bridge in an apparent thrill-seeking attempt.

Police later obtained a warrant to charge that man with obstruction of passage, a misdemeanor.

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Rusty Schroeder

What an idiot. Please post his name and a picture, the public needs to know. If for nothing else just to make the joke more believable.

Richard Romano

Waste high barriers are not moron proof!

David Schuler

Hey, this is clear evidence that jumping off the Causeway isn't necessarily fatal, So the next time someone threatens to jump, instead of closing both bridges for hours and inconveniencing thousands of people, station a boat below and encourage 'em to take the leap.

Jim Forsythe

The man fell between 35 feet and 50 feet not at the causeway’s maximum elevation is 73 feet. David , sorry that a Human life in trouble, is a inconvenience to you.
"Jumping off the Causeway isn't necessarily fatal", in some cases is true, such as when they are not at the top, or they land right
"You may or may not be killed when you hit the water from 70 feet up If you fall flat and get the wind knocked out of you and become unconscious, you might drown. It is also possible that you could land feet first and sustain only minor injuries, or that you could land "wrong" and break your neck, killing you more or less instantly."

George Croix

"David , sorry that a Human life in trouble, is a inconvenience to you."
Cheap shot, Jim, old friend.
You are better than that......

Jim Forsythe

Responding to
"station a boat below and encourage 'em to take the leap. " The chance of someone dying is a real possibility. He seames not to care.

George Croix


Roxann Bentsen Faulkner

Why is he being charged. Sounds silly to me.

George Croix

Maybe if they charge the idiot with something, some other idiot won't try the same thing.

Bill Cochrane

Sounds like this guy was on track for the Darwin awards, but failed.
But have no fear, a little more practice and he will get the award.

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