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Bailey Jones

What a failure as a public servant. Galveston County deserves better.

Carlos Ponce

And Democrats don't have anyone better to offer.

Loretta Davis

Hopefully the "Judge's" daughter did not expose the teachers, staff, custodians, bus drivers, etc. But really Henry is the one who exposed and endangered his own constituents. Maybe if our County leader (LOL) had worn a mask, he wouldn't have caught COVID. I pray we survive the next disaster under this kind of leadership.

Craig Mason

I thought about that too. I wonder how many people the exposed daughter went on to expose?

Amy Mellen

Republican? democrat? Wow. He kept it a secret so his kid could infect other kids who then go hom and infect other people. Some of the people exposed by his selfish secret are probably dead people now. Until it happens to you or yours regardless of race religion or politics. I just don’t get people anymore!

Andrew Murton

If hiding his COVID diagnosis so he can send his exposed daughter in to the community without restriction is the caliber of Mark Henry’s decision making capability, then he doesn’t deserve to represent the people of Galveston County. A basic requirement of any elected official should be the wellbeing of their constituents. His behavior over the past year has been contemptible and Galveston County deserves better.

John Lengyel


Jeremy Hope


Diane Turski

Elections have consequences!

Carlos Ponce

Galveston County Democrats can't come up with a decent candidate who ventures from the national donkey herd group think promoting Marxism.

Craig Mason

Doesn’t have to be a democrat Carlos. Maybe a different Republican.

Carlos Ponce

If anyone can show he or she can do a better job that would be good.

But unless local Democrats can severe themselves from the corrupt national Democrats, it's likely not to be a Democrat.

Emilio Nicolas

Carlos Ponce: "Galveston County Democrats can't come up with a decent candidate who ventures from the national donkey herd group think promoting Marxism" Must you always use such extreme insults ... or should we just start referring to your party as a bunch of lying fascist horses asses? I suspect your fondness of insulting others is rooted in a deep insecurity about your stupidity.

Carlos Ponce

What insult? Local Democrats align, support, back, vote for the extremist Democrat Left-wing Marxists in Washington DC. Oh, since Democrats support abortion, I should have included BABY KILLERS in the post.

Gary Scoggin

Are there no Republicans that support abortion? Are there no Democrats that are against it?

Carlos Ponce

Republican Party Platform specifies "Numerous studies have shown that abortion endangers the health and well-being of women, and we stand firmly against it."

"American taxpayers should not be forced to fund abortion."

"We call for a permanent ban on federal funding and subsidies for abortion and healthcare plans that include abortion coverage. "

"We support cutting federal and state funding for entities that endanger women’s health by performing abortions in a manner inconsistent with federal or state law. "

"We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned Parenthood, so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts rather than provide healthcare. " etc.


Jim Forsythe

Republicans for Choice

Republicans for Choice was founded in 1989 by conservative fundraiser and activist Ann Stone, first wife of Roger Stone at the suggestion of Lee Atwater, a former chairman of the RNC, to counter the Republican Party's perceived increasing focus on anti-abortion candidates and political platform, and Stone brought this agenda to the 1992 Republican National Convention. As of 2020, three Republicans serving in Congress had been supported by Republicans for Choice, Senators Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Views on abortion by political party and ideology, 2019. Conservative Republicans and Republican leaners are far more likely to say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases than to say that it should be legal (77% vs. 22%). Among moderate and liberal Republicans, 57% say abortion should be legal, while 41% say it should be illegal.

Jim Forsythe

“I don’t think all conservatives are pro-life,” Julia Tekansik, a 21-year-old student from Aurora, CO, who identifies as both conservative and pro-choice . “A lot [of the conservatives] I know don’t believe a woman should be forced to have a child.” Tekansik said that her Christianity and conservatism have informed her personal stance on the matter. “God gives us free will to make decisions in this life,” she said. “I personally wouldn’t get an abortion, because I know I have resources to take care of a baby financially and socially, but I try to see that not everyone has those resources.” Tekansik voted for President Donald Trump in the 2016 election and holds many traditionally Republican views, but also breaks from the party with her support for LGBTQ+ rights.

Karen Colville, 55, registered as a Republican at 19 and has historically almost exclusively voted for Republican candidates in national elections (she did vote for former President Bill Clinton in 1992). The Buffalo, NY, resident said that while she was never explicitly anti-abortion, her pro-choice stance has solidified as she has gotten older and since she became a mother. “Having two daughters, I feel like it’s their body,” Colville told Refinery29, “and if they’re not in the right position to be a mother at the time, I think they should have the right to an abortion. I just feel like my daughters should have a choice, and I don’t want anyone taking that choice away from them.”

Paul Sivon

Learn to appreciate the irony in a jackass’s constant braying about donkeys, no matter the relevance to the article. It’s one way to get through the ubiquitous trolling. The other way is to skip over everything the troll posts. His comments don’t meet the definition of “matter”. Although they take up a significant amount of space, they have no weight.

Carlos Ponce

Amy, as a Christian I will speak for the innocent whose lives are taken. God hates hands that shed the blood of innocents.

God created Adam, then He created Eve. After that, God left that most important task of creating more people up to the woman with man's help.

Carlos Ponce

"I’m assuming that since your name is Carlos, you do not have a uterus nor the ability to birth children."

I taught a young lady named Carlos, Hitchcock Class of 1980. She bore a son named Andre in 1980.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos - If God hates hands that shed the blood of innocents, why did he command his people to do it so often in the Old Testament?

Carlos Ponce

"Carlos - If God hates hands that shed the blood of innocents, why did he command his people to do it so often in the Old Testament?"

Who do you claim was "innocent"?

Is there anybody more innocent than a baby in its mother's womb?

And remember that Jesus said it would be better if those who harm the little ones were cast into the ocean with a millstone.

Dru Walters

You nailed it. Scroll by him - he hasn’t had an intelligent or thoughtful response worth reading in years. 🙄

Amy Mellen

I’m assuming that since your name is Carlos, you do not have a uterus nor the ability to birth children. Do you work in women’s health? How educated are you on women’s health? You sound more like some machismo individual who can’t seem to mind your own business. Her uterus, her decision. Too bad democrats weren’t in control when you were in utero

Amy Mellen

They’ll probably call it a fraud.

Sean Orourke

So much for individual responsibility. Don’t wear a mask, hide in shame when you get the virus, and then expose others who the nerve to send their kids to school. Would be shocking from anyone else.

Ted Gillis

We did too, Carlos. Mark Henry defeated Jim Yarbrough back in the 2010. Yarbrough was a popular favorite son candidate, but was swept out in a republican sweep. Yarbrough was neither a Marxist nor a national donkey's herd. Quit tying to rewrite history. Most of us were here, and have good memories. I particularly remember the promise that Henry made during that campaign that he would purchase tanks and helicopters for the sheriff's department if he were elected. I haven't seen our deputies playing with any of those toys yet.

Henry needs to stand behind my donkey's rear end. We'll have a candidate ready for him.

Carlos Ponce

And Democrats will lose again.

Jim Forsythe

Henry said. “Kids are not really susceptible with it. What did he do when his own kids were exposed, sent them back to school, which was against the rules the school were going by. Galveston County Judge Mark Henry job is to enforce the rules, and he does not do so when it involves his children that are in school.

If a child had died from being exposed to his children, a lawsuit may have happened. If I had a child in the school his children go to, I would now be talking to a lawyer, since he now is admitting to doing this, even if my child did not come down with it. They also may have exposed the teachers and staff.

"In November, he called a press conference to announce his ire over poll workers telling people, including him, to wear masks inside voting places — and threatened to fine workers who repeated requests." and he tried and force people, not to be kind to one another.

"On a per capita basis, Galveston County had more confirmed COVID infections than Harris County or Bexar County and ranks only slightly behind Dallas County in terms of the overall rate of infection." and he wants to brag that the rules do not apply to him and his family.

In the next election remember this, and vote .

Stuart Crouch

Mark Henry is not a very bright person, which is no big secret. Worse than that, he has shown a callous disregard for the safety, health and welfare of the very people that he took an oath to serve. "Ethics" to this guy is nothing more than a class he skipped in school. Apparently, he traded in his 'moral compass' for a third hand, so he can pat himself on the back for doing something that might loosely resemble his job. Opening a vaccination station where one lives amongst a huge part of his voting base is not akin to feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and giving shelter to the the homeless. Not exactly a fisher of men, eh? If there were any doubt just who Mark Henry is and what he stands for, it seems he has certainly cleared that up for everyone.

Craig Mason

Maybe the school district should look into his daughter and determine if she deserves discipline for not following protocol?

Gary Scoggin

Let’s leave his daughter out of this on a personal level. Judge Henry can be judged by his own actions; there is no need to judge her by his.

Mr. Gerald W. Axt

I don't agree with only considering your own Family, etc. There is actually no way to know if the Community was affected by this person's inaction/action. After all we don't have a system for Testing & Tracing. This isn't about BLAMING ANYONE; however it's important that we all do our part to keep our Community Safe &

Healthy . I'm sure that 5 or 10 years from now when we have more Scientific & Anecdotal available; we'll see how each one of us could have done better.

Dru Walters

Vote him out!

Carlos Ponce

Indications are you did not vote for him last time nor the time before.

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