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L' Ouest

Thanks for protecting the public health of our citizens.

Rick Altemose

Thank God!

Susan Smith

Nope. Thank China!

Wayne D Holt

“I have no qualms or second thoughts,” Yarbrough said. “It’s the right thing to do for public health.”

Wait, what? A few short weeks ago the official City position was that beach closings never had anything to do with public health. Now it's the right thing to do for public health.

Which is it? Are we talking about the same virus?

Bailey Jones

Same virus - new appreciation of it.

PD Hyatt

How sad that our elected officials are such babies that they can not allow US to make our own decisions.... I bet the business people really love you Mayor....



We had a very interesting conversation yesterday. I had a item for sale and a couple came from out of town to purchase it. The man is self employed and the lady works at a lab in a town less then 60 miles from us. Of course covid came up. She said they have been processing tests nonstop. Over 60,000 so far. She also told us that once a person tests positive. They must be tested weekly until they have two negative results. This can take up to 12 weeks.

She also told us every time that 1 person tests positive, that is added to the statistics reported. So one person can be counted as many as 12 times. She said the number of positive cases they’re reporting on TV are hyper inflated.

Of the 60,000 tests they have processed. There have been less then 500 positive tests.

This was on a friends page - he lives in Edna.


I’ve heard other examples just like this too!


“So my Mom was not feeling well and in AZ she has to meet with a doctor virtually before they would schedule an in person appointment. With no physical examination or test he declared she had COVID. That was yesterday. So she went online to check her medical file & it said in big letters COVID patient. Again, no test. Then, she called the testing location to set up an appointment to get tested. They told her that if she came back positive for antibodies, regardless of whether or not she was ill, they would count her as a positive case. Then she’d have to come back in 14 days to be tested again. So, she asked what would happen if she still tested positive for antibodies (because those don’t go away, duh), and she was told she would be counted as another positive case! She clarified: “so you are basically counting twice for the same person?” They said yes, because we count tests, not individuals. So she then asked what then? She was told, well nothing, you just go to the hospital if you feel worse.

Stunned she then asked: “so what is the point of getting tested at all?” They has no answer, and acted like they never thought of that before.

So basically, in addition to increased testing, Arizona is double counting the same patients. How many other states are doing the same thing? Folks, we are being played. This “spike” is a lie.”

David Shea

You might want to educate yourself outside of one person’s comments

Connie Patterson


Doug Sivyer

And of course there are the conspiracy clowns that think the numbers are false.

Walter Dannenmaier

Let's do away with the 4th and celebrate Government Dependence Day instead!

Walter Dannenmaier

And while I am at it: Beaches closed, Seawall closed, Causeway open. What could possibly go wrong?

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