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Irwin Fletcher

Can’t wait to see the big blue Counties get split with the new lines. But whatever keeps the parties in power, eh? They can “deliver” whatever message they would like, but the actions of supporting business which kill people and make survivors pay is abhorrent. Action speaks louder than words.

Gary Miller

The conservative evolution of America continues with blue (liberal) states losing population. Seven states lost one congressman. Each equals 740,000+ people.

Ted Gillis

Gary, California actually gained 2 million in population over the last 10 years. Granted this shows a decrease in the amount of growth but it’s still a net gain of 2 million people. So it’s hard to understand how Montana can gain a congressional seat when they gained less than 100,000 in population over the same period of time. Go figure.

Also, just because people are moving to Red states like Texas doesn’t mean that these are all conservative voters. Most of the gains in Texas came in the metropolitan population centers, such as Harris, Bexar and Travis counties, all democratic strongholds.

So let’s just see how these two new house seats are created. Even obvious gerrymandering by republicans can’t hide that fact.

Charlotte O'rourke

Open questions:

1). Does anyone know if the population of Galveston increased or decreased with the latest census?

2). In an article about 6 months ago I read Galveston was rated as one of the worst cities to live in Texas citing one of the reasons as 1/3 of housing is vacant. Does anyone know if the vacant housing stat is really correct?

Who wouldn’t want to live in Texas? It’s a big, beautiful state. Just a little crazy sometimes with its succession noise.

Who doesn’t want to live in the USA? Definitely Not Me!

Ron Shelby

Don't want to live in the USA Teddy? ....I'll leave it at that.

Charlotte O'rourke


“Don't want to live in the USA Teddy?” Was the negative in my statement confusing?

I’m still looking for city census data, but am not sure if it’s out yet? Do you or anyone else know?


Gary Miller

Living in the U.S. is good. Living in Texas makes it better.

Charlotte O'rourke


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