A Santa Fe veterinarian has agreed to go to Louisiana and face charges of rape and sexual battery, his attorney said Friday.

Todd Michael Glover, 36, of Hitchcock, waived his right to oppose extradition from Texas, where Texas Department of Public Safety officers arrested him Wednesday.

Glover, who practices veterinary medicine in Santa Fe, was held Friday in the Galveston County Jail as a fugitive from justice, court records show.

Prosecutors in the 33rd Judicial District Court in Allen Parish, Louisiana, have filed one count of rape and three counts of sexual battery against Glover, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said.

But details about what, exactly, Glover is accused of doing have been slow to emerge. Calls to Louisiana-based law enforcement, local prosecutors, the court and the district clerk all went unreturned by deadline Friday.

Houston-based attorney Paul Darrow, who is now representing Glover, Friday said he has received few details about the case himself.

Regardless, defense attorneys will soon argue Glover’s case in Louisiana, Darrow said.

“There are two sides to every story, and we look forward to the truth coming out,” Darrow said. “We intend on aggressively defending the case. Todd is 100 percent innocent.”

By waiving extradition in a hearing Friday, Glover ensures he can get to Louisiana and receive a bond, Darrow said.

Officers arrested Glover about 8:45 p.m. Wednesday at a Hitchcock address, Trochesset said.

The Galveston County District Attorney’s Office received documents from Louisiana asking for peace officers to arrest Glover because of pending charges, records show.

Glover owns and operates The Animal Hospital of Santa Fe.

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Rusty Schroeder

"But details about what, exactly, Glover is accused of doing have been slow to emerge". I agree with this assessment from Law Enforcement, sadly, if you were to read the FB groups of Santa Fe speculation and accusations are all over the place. There sure doesn't seem to be any "innocent until proven guilty" sentiment over on those boards. This is why I read this newspaper, to gather facts and information that others lack or have heard through a grapevine littered with speculation. It is also why I can guarantee more local news is passed by social media than this paper, be it wrong or right. In this case, let the facts come out, and hopefully the truth. But the gossip going on is what people talk about and garner opinions, no matter how outrageous. It is why I wish this paper were a little more down the center than "what's good for business/me" approach they sometimes take. I keep my subscription based on my desire to keep up with county politics and business, that's it. But it is reality that many don't know this paper exists, and get their news through social media where it is free. No matter how the story is told, a lot like this paper on occasion.

George Croix

"There sure doesn't seem to be any "innocent until proven guilty" sentiment over on those boards."

It's passe' to do that.
About 98% of the national media is leading the charge toward mob rule.....

Dan Freeman

The phrase "innocent until proven guilty" should be "innocent until found guilty by a jury or judge."

George Croix

That IS much more accurate, as 'innocent' or not is only known for 100% sure by the actor involved.
And, in this county, all gets are off for any verdict, no matter what the evidence....

George Croix

Not close enough..... need more cold Diet Coke...fast....

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