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Ron Woody

Here is the question I have had since home tests became a common practice.

This virus has killed over 1 million Americans, why would we consider it a good idea for the common non-medical American to conduct a medical test?

I know too many people who refuse to test, because they can not miss work or do not want the hassle.

Folks at this point your immune system needs to be strengthened and secured. Very little else matters.

Lose weight, take your C, D and Zinc. By all means if you are elderly, obese or have co-morbidities get the vaccine. It will not keep you from getting it, but it keeps you from dying. Unless the side effects get you first! 🙂

Bailey Jones

Ron, the answer to your question is the same as the answer to why anyone would want to use those weird little home poop tests I keep seeing on TV - it's convenient. Like a home pregnancy test, people are more likely to test themselves in the privacy of their own homes - because, as you say, there are ramifications to getting a public test. And most people aren't going to run out to get a test because they woke up with the sniffles or because someone they work with tested positive, but if you've got a few tests in the pantry, you might. At my job, we have people testing positive every week - I assume these people are testing themselves and self-reporting. And I'm sure that a lot of my coworkers are testing themselves after contact, just in case.

Ron Woody

I don't disagree, but I am not doung the analysis on the poop test and a positive pregnancy test is followed up with doctor appointments.

My brother tested positive on home test, called doctor and they said increase C, D and Zinc. He is not vaccinated, it was gone in three days.

Where is the government telling people to increase supplements. All they do is push the vaccine.

I pray daily for anyone under the age of 35 to avoid the heart side effects.

Bailey Jones

Ron, it's because "There is insufficient evidence for the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel to recommend either for or against the use of vitamin C for the treatment of COVID-19. There is insufficient evidence for the Panel to recommend either for or against the use of vitamin D for the treatment of COVID-19. There is insufficient evidence for the Panel to recommend either for or against the use of zinc for the treatment of COVID-19. The Panel recommends against using zinc supplementation above the recommended dietary allowance for the prevention of COVID-19, except as part of a clinical trial.

"Some clinicians advocate for the use of vitamin and mineral supplements to treat respiratory viral infections. Ongoing studies are evaluating the use of vitamin and mineral supplements for both the treatment and prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection."



In short, the government doesn't push therapies that don't have clinical evidence behind them. That would not be responsible. When that clinical evidence becomes available, they will.

Susan Duif

Omg let it go.

Ted Gillis

I work for one of the larger health care institutions, with an

about 20,000 employees. Management has reinstated a mask mandate at work and discouraged all in person meetings. Test kits are available for those that ask for them. Those that test positive are asked to remain isolated and not report to work until you test negative.

I hope it’s all for nothing because we are all pretty bummed out about having to re-mask.

So sorry Susan, but for those of us that want to continue working at our current jobs, it’s the price we have to pay. I’ll “let it go” when everyone quits infecting each other.

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