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Robert Braeking

Good reason to avoid electing globalist embedded deep state politicians like Bush.

Jack Reeves


Diane Turski

Elections have consequences! Privatizing public services such as utilities is not a good idea because it puts profit above the people they are supposed to service.

Gary Miller

Diane> Giving a bureaucracy control of anything important always has a bad outcome. ERCOT , a bureaucracy, isn't interested in anything that could reduce their power.

Gary Miller

People who don't understand history will defend ERCOT a bureaucracy. Bureaucracies destroyed the Soviet Union and are as dangerious in the US. When bureaucracies have more power than voters the end is near. Texas voters can't control ERCOT until they control the politicians who support ERCOT. After politicians create a bureaucracy they expect the bureaucracy to protect them by being the fall guy if trouble happens and voters want to know why.

Jarvis Buckley

I agree with both Robert & Dianne . We have friend retired living on the WestEnd. No water or electricity going on 3 days .

Bailey Jones

RE: Mayes Middling-at-best - I agree with Mr. Hirs' assessment. Can we not even have a crisis without our mediocre paid servant pandering for political points? This is simple - find the problem and fix it. And since Mr. Middleman doesn't seem keen on finding the solution, he's part of the problem.

Bill S.

So, it appears shutting down the P.H. Robinson Generating Station (2300MW) was not a good idea. This happened in 2009 while Obozo was Prez. Oh, and Mayes was just 27 years old and not yet into serving the People of Texas. ERCOT is not the end-all, do-all it was touted to be. It's also readily apparent their focus is on money (66 Mil in wages/salaries) than the welfare of the People of Texas. Have no fear or worry, Mayes will get to the bottom of this pile and excoriate the real problems.

Gary Scoggin

It was the opposite of a Soviet style approach that got us here. The only similarity was an under-investment in resiliency. The mechanisms that got us here are quite different.

Gary Miller

G. Scoggin> ERCOT is a bureaucracy. All bureaucracies thrive on Soviet style policies.

The Soviets collapsed when there wasn't enough money to fund all their Bureaucracies. The other peoples money they ran out of was the earnings of working people.

Carol Dean

So, Bailey...be sure and leave the water donated by Mayes Middleton to other more appreciative people then you seem to be.

I’d love to read your answer to the current situation as it is and has been.

Bailey Jones

Thanks for your concern, Carol, but we're fine with what we have. Good to see our congressman doing something, even if it's too little too late - I'm sure those without appreciate it - at least he didn't fly off to Cancun with Cruz.

Gary Miller

Bailey> Why is Cruz trip to Can Cub a problem. Our troubles are state problems. Cruz is federal, not State. He has no state responcibilites that can't be handelled by phone. If he were in DC, Idaho, Can Cun or California all his Texas business would be by phone.

Bailey Jones

That's ridiculous Gary. What possible purpose does Cruz serve on this planet if not to help Texans in their greatest hour of need in a generation? None.

Bailey Jones

Gary, maybe ol' Ted could have done what Beto did - set up a phone bank to reach 800,000 Texas seniors to help connect them with water, food, transportation, and shelter. Or maybe like AOC - who raised $2million and is flying into Houston to join with Texas Rep. Sylvia Garcia to distribute supplies. You know - state-level stuff.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey, were only Liberals informed of this "help"? I don't know any senior who was "helped" by the likes of AOC, NO'Rourke or Garcia? Were you helped?

Liberals are making a big deal of Ted's flight to and from Mexico. He apologized.Harping on it smacks of HATRED. But then again, HATERS GONNA HATE!

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