Pandemic election

Government leaders on all levels have had to make tough calls concerning how to handle the coronavirus pandemic. Will those calls influence how you will vote?

• No, not at all

• Yes, on all levels

• Yes, but only on the federal and/or state level

• Yes, but only on the local level

• I'm not voting

Vote now, and look for the responses in the print edition of The Daily News on Oct. 20.

Want to do more than click a box? Or choose more than one response?

Respond in a letter to the editor. Send your thoughts — 100 words or fewer, please — to with "Question of the Week" in the subject line. Feel free to attach a headshot, as well, and be sure to include your phone number for verification; we won't publish the number.

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(2) comments

Bailey Jones

Nope. The response to the pandemic is just one more leak in the ship of state. It's not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem. The problem, and everyone who has enabled him, needs to be voted out. #worstpresidentever

Charlotte O'rourke

Yes at all levels of government. I expect governmental officials to make logical tough choices on restrictions and lockdowns, and make adjustments based on data on the Time continuum as we learn more and the data and risks change.

But handling the pandemic is not the only thing I evaluate locally. Locally, I look for someone that supports police to reduce crime and fire for public safety and tries to lower property taxes. That is a tough job to balance but overall I think our city government and city manager have done an excellent job.

Like most, I would like to see lower water bills, much less litter and trash, and reduced crime. The infrastructure improvements are progressing and more than I’ve seen over my lifetime.

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