A San Leon woman Wednesday was sentenced to 40 years in prison for possessing about 4 kilograms of cocaine, prosecutors said.

A Galveston County jury found Roshanda Antionette Humphrey, 47, guilty of one count of possession with intent to deliver at the end of the trial and later assessing her sentence, Chief Assistant District Attorney Adam Poole said.

A Galveston police officer stopped a car on several traffic violations in April 2018 at the intersection of 40th Street and Broadway, officials said. An investigator during a search of the vehicle found a secret compartment inside the center console that had about 4 kilograms of cocaine, two loaded handguns and other items.

The seized cocaine had a street value of about $100,000, prosecutors argued.

“People don’t ordinarily need to take out a mortgage to afford a personal use amount of cocaine,” Poole said of why they argued she intended to distribute it.

Humphrey faced 15 to 99 years or life in prison, prosecutors said. She will be eligible for parole after serving half of her sentence.

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Doug Sivyer

40 years? She is a bad girl but I've seen lighter sentences for man slaughter! Perhaps she is a habitual?

Wayne Holt

Cocaine is a bad addiction to have and society has chosen to punish those who promote its use. I will be enthusiastic about drug law enforcement when people like Bolton and Pompeo face similar sentences for promoting senseless wars that get a lot more people killed than cocaine ever will. Where is the justice in America?

Doug Sivyer

Yes indeed Mr. Holt! I couldn't agree more. And don't forget the king pin el tRumpo!

Selena Garcia

People get less time for murder. Seriously, cocaine is a horrible addiction but,I agree “where’s the justice?”

Randy Chapman

Besides, everyone knows 10 pounds of cocaine is an amount usually signifying personal use! We need to make possession of up to 100 pounds a class C misdemeanor that only requires a citation and promises to appear. Yeah, that should work.

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