A 42-year-old male died after a minor accident in a ditch on Saturday morning, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said.

Early Saturday morning, deputies with the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office responded to an accident at 6th Street and Avenue K in San Leon at 6:21 a.m.

A man drove his car into a ditch and was yelling in his vehicle when deputies arrived at the scene, Trochesset said.

Officers were able to get the man out of his car, but he collapsed and died quickly after exiting the vehicle, Trochesset said.

When EMS arrived at the scene, the man was already experiencing rigor mortis, Trochesset said.

Reasons behind the death are unknown at this time.

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Gary Scoggin

The accident certainly wasn’t “minor” to the man involved.

Pam Fulcher

“the man was already experiencing rigor mortis”.....If he was dead, he was not experiencing anything.....He was exhibiting signs of rigor mortis at the least...

Bobby Pope

Had me at San Leon

Brian Bazaman

My goodness. How long did it take EMS to arrive? Does not it take rigor mortis at least a few hours to begin setting in?

Jim Forsythe

Rigor mortis can start very quickly, depending on different factors. All that matters is a man died and may his soul rest in peace------------------------------------- Factors: Till approximately 10 minutes after a death, the body’s muscles are relaxed. This state of death is called primary flaccidity, and there is not any stiffening present. However, shortly after this time period, rigor mortis will start to set in gradually------------------------------------- Exercise Before A Death: If the deceased person was involved in any type of strenuous activity right before death, rigor mortis can start to set in right away. ---------- Surrounding Ambient Air Temperatures: If the death occurred under warm temperature conditions, the conditions for decay and the multiplication of bacteria are now going to be hospitable, thus it will increase the pace of which rigor mortis will set it.---------- Age and Disease: People that have a low muscle mass, like children, the elderly, or people that suffer from any type of diseases will go through the rigor mortis process much faster than people with a higher amount of muscle mass


Witnesses stated that the man was in the car screaming for help while the cops just sat there and watched. Then once they removed him from the car they didnt immediately call for EMS. He died before they did and then it took them a long time to arrive

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