The inside of Space Center Houston looked like the Cantina Sunday afternoon as droids, Jedis, storm troopers and bounty hunters celebrated Star Wars Day. Albeit a day early.

The center has hosted May the Fourth celebrations, also known as Star Wars Day, for the past several years. But with the new movie coming out this December, spokeswoman Meridyth Moore said there’s more excitement.

“For many of the children here it’s actually their first May the Fourth,” Moore said. But “visitors of all ages enjoy ‘Star Wars.’ A lot of the times well see families come out together. Mom, dad and the children are all dressed and all huge fans.”

Parents like Patricia Moore, who was sporting a Darth Vader temporary tattoo on her shoulder, said her family always dresses up as Star Wars characters for holidays and birthdays.

“When I was growing up we watched ‘Star Wars’ with my dad,” she said. Now that her children are young, “we want to pass on such an amazing franchise.”

Moore’s 6-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, was dressed as Darth Vader girl and waved around a red toy light saber at the padawan boot camp, a mock training activity where children learned the power of the force.

“They have a whole tub full of dress-up clothes,” Patricia Moore said. 

“We’ve got princess clothes and ‘Star Wars’ clothes.”

Besides boot camp, young fans were able to build their own robots, shoot water bottle rockets and ride on hovercrafts.

David Tollar, his wife Carrie and their 6-year-old son Brayden, all wearing “Star Wars” shirts, have been to Space Center Houston before but this was their first visit on Star Wars Day.  

“I’ve been a ‘Star Wars’ fan since 10,” David said.

“It’s just funny to see my son know all the characters.”

David and Brayden, who last year dressed up as Darth Maul and Jengo Fett for Halloween, have more to look forward to this year.

Carrie’s birthday is the same day that “The Force Awakens” premieres. 

“My 41st birthday celebration will be at the movie theater,” she said.

Parents and children, young and old, represented both the dark and the light sides of the force Sunday.

But fun, they did have.

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