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Harvey Mueller

Gov Abbott has a major dislike for bars. He is caving to the Austin liberals. What about a 60 000 man protest and the Floyd memorial service? {Crickets}

James Woodall

I know this really hurts local business everywhere. I really know! I have driven by the river and have seen hundreds of tubers standing side by side too much recently. Mostly younger people in their 20's to 30's. All of us need to have respect for others. Go fishing, go to the beach, get out, but just understand that this situation is real! Please have considration of others!

Bailey Jones

Can you hear it now? "Wear your mask!"

Gary Miller

IF you are not infected you can't infect anyone. with or without a mask. If you are infected stay home.

Bailey Jones

But you become contagious before you have symptoms, Gary. There's is NO WAY to know whether or not your infected during this pre-symptomatic time. We've been over this and it's not getting though to you. So let's try something new. Let's say you're right - no one is infectious except those people who have symptoms - a fever, a cough, etc. Yet the virus continues to spread. Which means - according to you - that SYMPTOMATIC PEOPLE are out walking around without masks spreading the virus. Since these people are too stupid or irresponsible to stay home, the only logical way to ensure that no one is spreading the virus is to require that everyone wear a mask. See - it doesn't matter what you believe the problem is, the answer is wear the damn mask.

David Shea

It's not the bars causing the major resurgence. For our area, I would lean toward the massive influx of visitors after the reopening on the island who did not act responsibly and then carried the newly contracted virus back to where they lived.


So WEIRD that you don’t hear a PEEP about all the THOUSANDS of people that gathered to protest and riot, BUT we can’t gather to celebrate our nation and our freedom! NO ONE stopped all the protests, NOW look at where we are at! You can BLAME every single person that protested and rioted!! THIS is TOTALLY on them!

This is total BS! 🤬

Open your eyes people!!! 🤬

It’s crystal clear!!

Bailey Jones

Go celebrate at a Trump rally. No masks required there.

Brian Tamney

this is complete BS, bars aren't the problem, as has been stated what about the riots and protests. if you are scared stay home, but tthe rest of us shouild be able to get together at the bar if we so choose.

Ray Taft

Abbott can close private bars, but he can’t stop the appraisal districts from raising our property values so governments can tax our butts off?

Bars could just stay open and claim that they are restaurants. Restaurants that are catering to government officials who want to attend street protests. That should be enough for Abbott, the fake news media and the Democrats, he’s trying to appease, to all loudly chant in unison ‘go for it; you now have no capacity limits!’

jimmy winston

Ray, this is going to shock you but Abbott is a Republican, who you probably voted for. LOL

Ray Taft

Not a shock to me that Abbott is a Republican trying to appease the leftist Austin crowd. (Spoiler alert: leftist can never be appeased.) And it’s not a shock to me either that leftist Democrats and their media minions are behind the whole con job.

jimmy winston

You know the city of Austin is a separate government entity right? Who would he be appeasing? BOTH state houses are majority republican. Why are you so scared of the democrats who do not have any real power in this state?

Carlos Ponce

Travis County is very Blue.

Bailey Jones

Jimmy - you know the awesome power that the left wields over the weak and spineless Republicans in Austin. Even though none of the Austin Democrats voted for him or will ever vote for him, Abbott still has to bend to their will, because they are just that awesome and powerful and he's a weak and spineless Republican (not a comment on his disability) who can't think for himself or be expected to do the right thing. And that has to be the case otherwise Ray's comment is just stupid.

Carlos Ponce

But Bailey, you prefer "weak and spineless Republicans". When a Republican stands up to Democrats, like Trump, that throws you off your stride. That's why you loathe, hate, despise the man. Right?

Bailey Jones

No Carlos, not at all. I loathe, hate and despise Trump because he's a semi-literate hate mongering, narcissistic, cowardly, deceitful, philistine. He's also woefully stupid and has the emotional IQ of a 5th grader, but that's more of a pity thing than a hate thing. Thanks for asking.

Carlos Ponce

In other words, Bailey, your impression of Trump is based on a false premise. You are drinking Liberal propaganda Kool-aid.

jimmy winston


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