A 1-year-old child died Saturday after being left in a parked car for about five hours, police said.

A parent had arrived for work about 11 a.m. at a restaurant in the 6300 block of Stewart Road with the child in a black SUV, police department spokesman Sgt. Xavier Hancock said.

The parent, who was not named Saturday, returned to the vehicle about 4 p.m., and found the child unresponsive inside, Hancock said.

First responders were called, began treating the child at the scene and transported the child to the emergency room at the University of Texas Medical Branch’s John Sealy Hospital.

The child was pronounced dead later in the afternoon, Hancock said.

The Investigative Services Bureau and the Crime Scene Unit of the Galveston Police Department are continuing the investigation at the scene Saturday evening, Hancock said.

Police on Saturday didn’t release names, ages or the genders of the parent or child, but said updates would come as details emerged.

The temperature in Galveston reached to a high of 92 degrees Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

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Gary Miller

I can't believe a parent would kill their child this way. A motion detector on the car seat that would set off a loud alarm two or three minutes after the engine was shut off might save some lives.

Doug Sivyer

A very sad and tragic event. The mother will be punished for as long as she lives knowing she was responsible for this. How could anyone live with that. :-(

Bill Cochrane

Gary, your first sentence tells everyone about what a classy person you are

Timothy Thompson

It is just amazing to me that with all the engineering talent we have in this country, that come up with all sorts of useful gadgets, websites, etc., that nobody has solved this problem yet, this keeps happening all over the country every summer, you'd think this would be a major priority of the car manufacturers, I mean, they put a huge emphasis on safety ever since Ralph Nader's report in the 60's, there are major recalls when things like the exploding air bag happen, why can't they come up with a failproof system, that dumbass parents don't even have to fool with, I dunno, maybe a camera or some sort of sensor, coupled with a thermometer, that can call 911 or the owner of the car when this happens, I dunno, pass laws that if a person buys a car, if they have children then they have to register their phone with a system like this. 'course it wouldn't do anything for all the tons of used cars out there but it's a start. Just so senseless for children (and pets) to die needlessly like this.

Jim Forsythe

Tim, there are many products on the market. These are just a few. ----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- -----------The Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe ---------------- The GMC has built-in Rear Seat Reminder technology. Other companies may have something like this.

Timothy Thompson

Hi Jim, yeah, I knew there were products on the market but I don't think it should be left up to the consumer, little children dying needlessly is just unacceptable, I know it's not a high amount, but still, IMHO these systems should be required by law, as essential, default items, just like seatbelts are. I wonder why this hasn't become a big enough issue that Congress hasn't passed any laws yet. My guess is that the perfect system hasn't been invented yet & maybe the car manufacturers are waiting for somebody to invent it.

Mary Gillespie

Your first post nailed the problem: you called them "dumba** parents". Why should the rest of us pay higher prices for cars with "foolproof" systems to prevent irresponsible behavior by others?

Jim Forsythe

If that's your thinking, contact Austin and DC and let them know . Maybe the GDN would help in this? Seatbelts did not happen because of no one taking action.

Louis Wortham

It appears from the photos that the vehicle was parked near a side door of the restaurant. That restaurant does a steady business, surely another employee and a patron or two would have seen the child and could have called for help, either with the restaurant staff or the police. There is no excuse for leaving a child in a car even for a few minutes in the heat. There are and have been for many years PSAs warning of the danger of using cars as babysitters. Carol Wortham

Timothy Thompson

There we go, the classic argument, "why should the rest of us pay higher prices for to prevent irresponsible behavior by others?" It's a safety issue, children are dying, how can you not see that this is an important issue? We have to pay extra for all the other safety features put into cars, like airbags, anti-lock brakes, good, strong seatbelts, etc., we pay extra, in our taxes & other ways, for a whole myriad of things that improve our safety, for agencies like the FDA to protect us from bad food & drugs, for research to come up with new drugs that can fight disease better, the list goes on & on. This, to me at least, is one of the fundamental purposes of government in a civil society, to act for the greater good, & of course nothing in life is free, we citizens have to pay for some of these added benefits.

Raylene Morgan

[ninja] there is no need for gadgets or anything if you are a responsible parent! This is just completely unacceptable! I'm a parent, married almost all of my adulthood, started having children at the age of 24, it's unthinkable that ANYONE would forget that their child is in the car! This is total BS! Lock her up for being the ultimate stupid!

Joel Martin

Well Raylene, I see you have cast the first stone.

Ron Shelby

The story does not say how or why the child even ended up in the car. Was it supposed to be dropped off somewhere? Daycare? Grand parent? Was the car switched between drivers and the child was mistakenly left in there asleep by a previous driver?

Terry Moore

Exactly Ron Shelby obviously there are facts we don't know about yet. Unless anyone is privy to that info all assumptions are just that. I will wait for all facts before I assume. Such a tragedy :(.

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