A woman was injured Wednesday evening when she was struck by a car on FM 517 in Texas City.

Officers were called to the 7000 block of FM 517 about 9:30 p.m. to a report of a crash involving a pedestrian.

Officers determined the woman had been struck while walking along a dark stretch of the road. She had been walking because she had driven her own car off the road and into a ditch, police said.

The woman was flown to the University of Texas Medical Branch and was in critical condition Thursday, according to the police department.

No charges had been filed Thursday.

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Michele Wade

Such a tragedy , prayers for the victim who was hit & her loved ones.

Michele Wade

I've been a resident for 20yrs in the same remote area.I have been to town meetings over and over wasting my breath about how dark FM 517 is so dark all the way thru SanLeon Tx ,continuing on down Bayshore and coming back around to Bacliff Tx.. People that live around there strongly agree.For those who don't, please take a ride on that route at night and form tour own opinion. Please feel free to Google the accidents involving pedestrians, including children that lived on that busy rd and wondered out of their crib and outside in middle of night..Absolutely ridiculous how dark it is. Seems to me ,someone has their priorities all messed up..We got our Firestation new vehicles and such ..Can we get light poles next and glow in dark reflectors??? Somebody do something ..God Bless us all and my heart is saddened for the pedestrian and family,and God willing may the driver be able to learn to live with this horrific nightmare for the rest of his life..Could you? If the woman dies? I say that you really can't place blame on a driver when it's that dark.. Prayers for both victims and families. This could've been prevented.Dont let it happen again Texas City, League City, whoever has say so over the roads ??? Forget about 146 hwy to be smoorher..Get lights so no one else dies and before someone else,s life changes forever for hitting a pedestrian, ending in death..Hope to get response..
Thank you Ginger G

Jean Glass

So true that 517 is terribly dark in those areas. Despite there being good restaurants down 517 to San Leon, I absolutely won't drive it at night. That being said, the real area for injury and loss of life continues to be on 517 near Lobit School and beyond. The traffic in that area has multiplied and only one light? And that didn't get done till after the school opened and an officer was save rely injured. I certainly hope Dickinson is looking at those statistics.

Ed Matthews

What side of the road do you walk on? Facing the traffic? What color clothes do you wear at NIGHT while walking the roads? A lot of pedestrian accidents CAN be prevented. If you do not know the answers to these questions, maybe you should not be walking the roads at night or in unlit areas.

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