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Cindy Milina

How about we develop our herd immunity? It's stupid for healthy people to be masked up and forced to stay home. Research this virus because what the media reports isn't true. Go to the CDC website for facts and figures. This lockdown is the biggest Communistic push that I've ever witnessed. Pay people to stay home and depend on the government. If you have underlying health issues, stay home. The rest of us should be allowed to celebrate America's Independence.

David Schuler

Indeed! How about someone make and sell T-shirts that say, "I"m Sick of the Virus""

Bailey Jones

Because you can't celebrate America's Independence unless the government puts on a show for you?

Carlos Ponce

That's why my neighbors put their own show on. "and the bottle rockets red g;are...."

David Schuler

One additional thought. Unless Galveston advertises the fact that there will be no parade (assumed) and no fireworks then people will be coming from Houston expecting both. Perhaps it would be useful for Parks Board to run ads suggesting people go to Kemah Boardwalk for the 4th. Where i'm sure there will be fireworks.

Kelly Naschke


Connie Patterson

Really concerned for our many businesses that are struggling... without a strong summer season they may not make it back

Walter Dannenmaier

Well, given their concern, I guess it would be unfair to expose the police, the lifeguards, and other enforcement agencies to the crowded beach and Seawall on July 4th. So perhaps they should all stay home that day while citizens observe the holiday of Independence Day with actual liberty and independence from government.

Ron Shelby

Sounds like a hard decision. I'd hate to have been in that spot. Respect that they are doing what they believe is in the best interest of the community as a whole, balancing businesses, residents and visitors, and move on. The very last thing you'd want is Media storm around a large outbreak tied directly back to a Galveston event where a clear decision was made in favor of $$'s over public health. The board needed to protect the trust that the public has in it to do what's in the best interest for the community as a whole. This is not an uncommon decision across the country as communities cancel "in the park" concerts, firework events, 5Ks (and up), etc... Its not permanent, but its necessary right now.

Tom Brown

Crowds will be here anyway for the 4th of July. Visitors and crowds have been here for the last two weeks.

David Shea

Crowds will be here fireworks or not. Save the money for something else.

Walter Dannenmaier

Let's re-purpose the 4th of July as "Freedom from Government Day"! Let all the authorities have a day off and let the citizenry handle itself.

Wayne D Holt

Just a reminder: We have 350,000+ bikers coming in from points unknown the first week of November. They will be standing shoulder to shoulder downtown as they party in their usual frame of mind (meaning disorderly). It will be cooler weather, and as we were told repeatedly, cooler weather is conducive to the spread of coronavirii.

Along with them will come a baggage train of vendors who will set up their wares directly in front of the businesses who haven't been able to sell as much as a Willie Nelson headband for weeks.

Beaches that required the governor's intervention to open will be long forgotten as the City That Never Breathes opens our arms wide to meth gangs, the drunk and disorderly and the nearly naked. On the bright side, most of what they touch over the weekend will be found safely tucked away in our gutters for us to pick up when the caravan moves on.

Is this what we sacrificed the local economy and resident peace of mind for? Where is the mayor and city council's firm resolve when you really need it? Public safety is a top priority when it comes to shutting down every local Mom and Pop operation they could find, but 350,000 strangers descending on downtown residents for a motorized Bacchanalian raises nary a peep.

Elections are on the way. Make your voice heard loud and clear.

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