Rick Beverlin

Kemah City Administrator Rick Beverlin

Rick Beverlin, the city administrator for four years, is leaving. Beverlin, who was hired as city administrator in October 2011, is leaving to become the economic development director for League City.

Beverlin emailed a 30-day notice to Mayor Carl Joiner and members of city council after Wednesday’s city council meeting, the mayor said.

In his letter Beverlin said he was leaving for “a new and exciting opportunity,” and that he was open to discussing leaving the city earlier than the 30 days.

That opportunity will be with the city of League City as economic development director, City Manager Mark Rohr announced Thursday afternoon.

While the city administrator for Kemah, Beverlin is a League City resident.

Beverlin will, “work to further the downtown redevelopment, development of the west side of the city, business retention and expansion, attract new businesses and enhance the city’s tourism efforts,” Rohr said. “We are fortunate to secure someone with the breadth and depth of experience that Rick offers,”

Beverlin said the League City opportunity was something “that just happened.”

“It is a very recent development,” he said. “We’ve talked about it for a week or two.

“There’s a great big pallet to work with from the development on the west side and the downtown district. I’m vey humbled to be able to work in my own backyard.”

Beverlin’s hiring means for Owen Rock, the city’s economic development director since 2012, is out.

Rock and the city “have parted ways as part of this reorganization,” League City Communications Director Angel Lopez said. 

Rock declined to comment on his exit. 

Joiner, while noting tension between he and Beverlin, said he was surprised by the resignation.

“I was shocked,” Joiner said. “I thought everything was getting better. I knew he was looking, but I didn’t expect this.”

Joiner, who was elected as mayor in May, said there was some animosity between the two that he “never really did quite understand.” 

Still, tensions played out during Wednesday’s council meeting when Beverlin, the mayor and members of council discussed code enforcement issues in Kemah.

The mayor said in recent weeks he had issues with Beverlin who he accused of “going behind my back,” to other members of city council.

As city administrator, Beverlin is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city, but shares most of the powers with the mayor with council established as the policy-making body of government. 

Since he took office, Joiner has complained that he felt he was outnumbered on city council “4-to-1” on issues that he thinks are important to the city.

Joiner defeated former Mayor Carl Joiner in a contentious election.

Beverlin didn’t want to comment on Joiner’s accusations.

“I take issue with that I was working behind his back,” Beverlin said. “For myself and my staff, my commitment and council that we be able to do our job and fellow federal, state laws and local ordinances as they have been adopted.

“I loved my time in Kemah, and will miss people I have worked with in my time there.”

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Scratching of Backs. [beam]

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Not to mention them Golden Parachutes that, um, never get mentioned...

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Our MBA councilman calls it "Golden Handcuffs" - sounds better, but still s.o.s.

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Rusty Schroeder

We need Friends List's ---like we are using fake names or something??? Let the GOOD folks gather.

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