Vaccines outreach at island’s convention center

Lindsey Ragsdale, right, closes her eyes as Nini Ramirez, a nurse with the Galveston County Health District, gives her the first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine during a vaccination clinic at the Galveston Island Convention Center, 5600 Seawall Blvd., on Thursday, April 15, 2021.

On Jan. 31, 56.3 percent of those who responded to our decidedly unscientific poll said they had signed up to get a coronavirus vaccination; 26.6 percent said they hadn't but planned to; and 17.2 percent said they had no intention to get a vaccination. Let's follow up.

The Question of the Week is: Have you received the coronavirus vaccination?

• Yes, I am fully vaccinated

• Yes, but I've only had my first shot

• No, but I intend to get the vaccination

• No, I won't be getting the vaccination


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(27) comments

Wayne D Holt

Just about everything people think they know about this vaccine is either mistaken or misunderstood to some extent.

It will NOT protect you from contracting Covid, whatever that means (there is still nothing unique about the constellation of symptoms presented by what has been called Covid-19, a SARS 2 corona virus like others).

It will do you no good once you have contracted whatever Covid is as far as a return to health. It's purpose is to lessen the symptoms of mild to moderate infection, IF you even show symptoms at all. Most are unaware they have been exposed and of those the vast majority are hardly affected.

It does nothing to lessen the risk of comorbidities like obesity. This is not the Cloak of Invisibility that permits you to ignore health conditions that contribute to most of America's crisis in wellness and has for many years.

This vaccine has NOT been approved by the FDA. It has been authorized under emergency use that allows for almost no traditional testing regimes and in many cases uses the absolute fewest number of test subjects, in the hundreds. Meanwhile, flying blind as we are, it is being administered to tens of millions of people in the US alone. No one--not the CDC, not the FDA, not the manufacturers and not your BFF--has Clue One how this is going to affect your autoimmune system, blood clot risk or a host of other risks that already have shown up as worrisome. You will find out what this vaccine does to your body down the road somewhere, and due to manufacturer immunity you will never be allowed to sue if the effects are horrendous. If you enjoy a fun round of Russian Roulette from time to time, you will love this vaccine.

The overall fatality rate in those without comorbidities is vanishingly small. If you are healthy, have a normal immune system and avoid people coughing in your face there is about zero chance this is going to be a problem for you to develop natural immunity to. In fact, many of us already have. Contrary to another misconception, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson didn't invent immunity. They merely are trying to imitate what your body does naturally. But they're so unsure it's safe they had to have a government guaranteed immunity from liability no matter how negligent or fraudulent their research turns out to be. Now THAT is an immunity they wanted to make sure was guaranteed.

If you have taken the shots, it is unfortunate but true that all you can do at this point is wait and hope that what we are seeing in increasing numbers as to side effects does not visit you, and that your autoimmune system does not go haywire thanks to the tinkering of mad scientists with financial ties to selling this stuff to the masses.

If you have taken the first but not the second, you have a chance to lower your risk. Think about what you are putting on line, in terms of your future health, for something you are most likely never to suffer from. It is a roll of the dice, despite the endless empty assurances to the contrary. Don't forget, headlines and ad fluff do not overcome the terms of the testing protocols submitted to the FDA. Read what those documents say can happen if this goes south. It is far different than the happy pronouncements blasted out ad nauseum in every conceivable medium these days.

Finally, if you haven't taken the shots, congratulations. For whatever reason, you have been spared the anguish and anxiety of not knowing if you are now more susceptible to blood clots, cardiac arrest, visual abnormalities and a host of associated ills described in the protocols, attendant research and clinical reports coming in fast now. Continue to care for yourself with quality food, fresh air and sunshine, moderate exercise and avoiding those who appear to be in respiratory distress of one kind or another. And whatever you do, avoid the huckster's pitch and increasingly shrill, contradictory and idiotic pronouncements of the CDC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Pharma.

Gary Scoggin


Wayne D Holt

Gary, if there are errors in the information above, please correct them here.

Gary Scoggin

We’ve had this discussion a jillion times it seems like. I just see no point in having this debate again.

Wayne D Holt

I see.

Bailey Jones

We just finished enjoying our first fully vaccinated weekend. We had family in from Dallas and went out to three restaurants - wearing masks (because the restaurants still require it) and sitting well distanced from other (hopefully) vaccinated patrons. A Saturday evening visit to a park found it busy for the first time in a year with some sort of family party going on.

This has all been accomplished by those of us who took the pandemic seriously, who followed the science, who wore our masks and kept our distance, and who got vaccinated. The slackers, the anti-vaxxers, the purveyors of fake science, false conspiracies, African witch doctors, faith healers, and Q-anonsense, can all go bump a stump, as my Daddy used to say. We did it without you. You failed to come to the aid of your country when it was in crisis and you will bear that shame for the rest of your lives.

But the job isn't over. It won't be over until the virus is eradicated. And that's not going to happen - due to the faithless few who still refuse to get vaccinated. Thousands more Americans will die - needlessly - because of the ignorance, cowardice, and intransigence of the anti-vaxxers. I have nothing left for these people except contempt.

Christopher Smith

Well said Bailey! A lot of people have put in a lot work to get us to this place where we can start to gather safely.

Wayne D Holt

That last quote re the Marines was from the April 21, 2021 CNN News feed, a "trusted source" of unbiased reporting.

Wayne D Holt

Amidst Bailey's embarrassing congratulatory message to himself, you will note a plethora of smears, distortions, vapid imaginings and the familiar hubris of Woke Kens and Karens of Planet Covid Hysteria.

What you won't see is one point that is refuted in what I wrote above. There is a brief introductory sentence followed by eight paragraphs of assertions in my entry. Bailey, please take this opportunity to go through paragraphs two through six and offer the evidence that what I wrote is in error. Please give your detailed rebuttal and cite the source of your evidence.

This should be a piece of cake since you "just know" anything that threatens your patriotic parade has been cobbled together by quacks and witch doctors. I will be more than happy to avail myself of your superior information; that would be information that trumps (sorry) the actual protocols and world-class research that has suggested what I wrote above.

Speaking of following the science and your worship of the celestial eminence of Anthony Fauci, he admitted to being "confused" by the decrease in Covid cases in Texas as mask mandates were dropped by the state, this as lockdown locus Michigan saw a spike in the infection rate. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was on television just one day before the updated unmasking recommendations defending guidance that had fully vaccinated people wear masks both indoors and in some situations outdoors. You can get whiplash "following the science" of this cavalcade of clowns.

Go ahead, Bailey. Let's see what you bring to the table as far as better information than the actual words of the protocols themselves. You may have contempt for us but that is not uncommon when low information opinion substitutes for verifiable fact.

Bailey Jones

Remember those commercials - "four out of five dentists recommend..."?

Wayne - "I really like what that fifth guy is saying."

Carlos Ponce

"four out of five dentists recommend..." A misleading commercial.

Wayne D Holt

Will someone please wake me when Bailey accidentally stumbles into a relevant comment? I don't want to miss a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Bailey Jones

Sorry, Wayne, I'm afraid the days of attempting to be relevant with you or the Trumpoodle are long past. As Gary said - been there, done that.

Wayne D Holt

'"You failed to come to the aid of your country when it was in crisis and you will bear that shame for the rest of your lives...But the job isn't over. It won't be over until the virus is eradicated. And that's not going to happen - due to the faithless few who still refuse to get vaccinated. Thousands more Americans will die - needlessly - because of the ignorance, cowardice, and intransigence of the anti-vaxxers. I have nothing left for these people except contempt."

"Nearly 40% of US Marines are declining Covid-19 vaccinations, according to data provided to CNN on Friday by the service, the first branch to disclose service-wide numbers on acceptance and declination...The declination rate at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, one of the prominent Marine Corps bases, was far higher, at 57%, according to another set of data."

Bailey thinks 40% of US Marines are shamed, faithless, ignorant, cowardly, contemptible and unpatriotic. I'll bet 100% of Marines would think Bailey has flipped his wig.

Carlos Ponce

Don't be judgemental if someone does not take the vaccine. It could be upon their doctor's orders. I spoke with a young lady in church yesterday who said upon her doctor's recommendations she was not taking the vaccine due to a pre-existing conditions.

Bailey Jones

Well of course Carlols. I work with a woman who is breastfeeding and won't get the vaccine until later - because the science on vaccine use, in that case, isn't clear yet. I'm perfectly content with people following their doctor's advice - unless their "doctor" is one of your youtube faith healers, or Rand Paul.

People with a legitimate medical reason to not get vaccinated are just one more reason for the rest of us to get vaccinated - to protect those who can't. I assume that since you're no longer breastfeeding you've gotten the shots.

Carlos Ponce

Bailey Jones, there are reasons other than breast feeding for a doctor to say this vaccine is not good for you.

Wayne D Holt

Carlos, not to quibble but...

There are world-class researchers who have spent their life studying infectious diseases, immune response, epidemiological trends, viral transmission...who say folks who take these mRNA injections are flying blind as to future health effects.

I don't need to consult my primary care physician when people from Oxford, Stanford, and similarly prestigious training grounds assert how ill-advised it is to risk these potential health impacts for a disease that is no more directly lethal than any other serious flu strain, to the same age cohort and with the same commodities. I doubt if my GP is going to be more on top of the information I need to decide this is a very bad bargain, one that I will simply decline to inflict on myself.

Bailey Jones

I was happy to discover today that my employer has waived mask requirements for any employee who has been fully vaccinated (shots + 2 weeks). They're still asking those who can to work from home, but for those of us who have to be on site - it feels great to not have to wear the KN-95 anymore. One more reason to get vaccinated.

Carlos Ponce

No mask requirement where I work for over a year.

Bailey Jones

I would imagine that the amount of disinfectant it takes to keep the Cult's Golden Toilet clean and shiny makes wearing a mask redundant.

Carlos Ponce

So the DNC - Democrat National Cult has a Golden Toilet.........

Wayne D Holt

Doing scatological humor now? My my, how the self-righteous have fallen.

Wayne D Holt

Why is the Medical Mafia all aboard in pushing the Covid Terror message? This may help explain it...

Covid-19 testing is a financial windfall for hospitals and other providers

May 10, 2021, CNN News

Hospitals are charging up to $650 for a simple, molecular covid test that costs $50 or less to run, according to Medicare claims analyzed for KHN by Hospital Pricing Specialists (HPS). Charges by large health systems range from $20 to $1,419 per test, a new national survey by KFF shows. And some free-standing emergency rooms are charging more than $1,000 per test.

The insurance company passes on its higher costs to consumers in higher premiums. Gargantuan volume — 400 million tests and counting, for one type — combined with loose rules on prices have made the service a bonanza for hospitals and clinics. Lab companies have been booking record profits by charging $100 per test. Even in-network prices negotiated and paid by insurance companies often run much more than that. In some cases, hospitals and clinics have supplemented revenue from covid tests with extra charges that go far beyond those for a simple swab.

Warren Goldstein was surprised when Austin Emergency Center, in Texas, charged him and his wife $494 upfront for two covid tests. He was shocked when the center billed insurance $1,978 for his test, which he expected would cost $100. His insurer paid $325 for "emergency services" for him, even though there was no emergency. "It seemed like highway robbery," said Goldstein.

A World Health Organization cost assessment of running 5,000 covid tests on Roche and Abbott analyzers ... came to $17 and $21 per test, respectively.

Ted Gillis

Got the Pfizer vaccine in December. My second shot on Jan 6th! (Tourist Day at the Capital). I’ll have no trouble remembering that day.

I just wear my mask now as a political statement.

Wayne D Holt

Wearing a mask outdoors in fresh air, by oneself in an automobile with windows up, fishing off a jetty (I saw it with my own eyes), during exercise and just about any place other than amidst a crowd of Doc Holiday wannabes does make a very clear statement. Yes indeed, it surely does that.

I don't wear a mask in anything other than a crowd. Wearing statements strung across my face for hours at at time for no good reason says, "Mental Acuity Deficient" in the most succinct way possible.

Dan Freeman

If you have not been Foxified, read the latest in Nature and get vaccinated.

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