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Bailey Jones

The county seems to be following the national trend of doubling the number of cases every 2-3 days. This would mean 50 cases by the end of the week, perhaps 100 by the end of the month. It's hard to tell how much of this exponential rise is new cases, and how much is just the availability of testing. Stay home, stay safe.

Walter Dannenmaier

The meaningful data would seem to be the rate of change of positives for infection among those tested. So Mike Pence said 254,000 Americans have been tested and about 32,000 were positive. That give you the rate among politicians, basketball players, movie stars, and other wealthy folks. Give it a week to see what's going on with the rest of us.

Wayne D Holt

In addition, the proportion of fatalities are falling as more are tested but the lethality remains approximately the same. My understanding is current ratios are slightly above a bad flu season, at about 2%. Just for perspective, in Galveston County the current rate of known infections is 0.000056667 of the population. That number will grow but will it grow enough to warrant living through a second Great Depression to weather it? I seriously doubt it.

Paula Flinn

12 people have confirmed cases, and you don’t tell us if they are on the mainland, or on the island? Wouldn’t that be helpful, for the greater good? Please tell us.

Carlos Ponce

Does it matter? I remember the onslaught of AIDS/HIV. As teachers we were told to treat every child as if they had AIDS or were HIV positive. which meant no contact with body fluids, special training for custodial staff on cleanup with Clorox and if an injury with blood occurred in a sports venue that child was pulled out of action unless or until the wound was treated and bandaged. Until further notice, no physical contact and wash your hands. Best thing to do is stay home.

Bailey Jones

It might be helpful if we still had a drawbridge that could be raised. But the island is in no way isolated from the rest of the county, anymore than Dickinson is isolated from League City. Carlos is right - just assume that everyone has it, because the truth is, we really have no idea how many of us are carriers - we're only testing the people who have obvious symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has it. Stay home. Stay safe.

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