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Ron Shelby

I would ask: These are behavior modification responses within a draw population. Since UTMB takes patients from other parts of the state (as well as indigent from across the state) isn't our utilization rate skewed by taking in patients from other counties? Are we able to separate out utilization by only county residents and measure against that? Is it still high? If so, then I can see behavior modification steps being taken like shutting down bars. If not, then the measurement used and the resulting action could have little connection.

Chuck DiFalco

Judge Henry is spineless. Like a standard issue politician, he's trying to not offend anybody. "I didn't do it!" on the one hand, and on the other he intends not to enforce this latest lockdown. I'm not a fan of Mayes Middleton, but he's sending more of a message to Austin than Henry is. Rather than say he won't tell any business to ignore the Governor's order, which happens to contradict the order given last month, Henry should say "I'm not going to order any more business lockdowns or restrictions, period, even if the Texas Rangers haul me off."

Carlos Ponce

Closures are based on the number of hospitalized. As County Judge Mark Henry pointed out, many of those in Galveston hospitals are out of county and some are out of state. Illogical to shut down businesses because of hospitalized non -Galveston Residents.

Jack Reeves


Gary Miller

Carlos. We agree.

Dan Freeman

Allowing bars and restaurants to remain open will shorten thousands of lives. Today, over 25,000 Texans have died. The Nordic countries, with nearly the same population, have only 10,000 deaths in spite of an older population. Most of the deaths occurred in Sweden, which like Texas remained open. Lives will be shortened and next Christmas will be sadder than this one.

Carlos Ponce

Dan Freeman - Mr. DOOM AND GLOOM.

Gary Scoggin

Carlos.... Thank you for that insightful comment. It really contributes to the discussion.

Carlos Ponce

You are welcome, Gary Scoggin. Dan Freeman knows comparing data from two countries with disparate systems of measuring pandemic deaths is not very scientific so he must be misleading readers on purpose.

Gary Miller

The highest daily infections are from the most restrictive places. Chickin or egg question? Are infections first or are restrictions first? It seems after closures infections increase. Poverty and misery are easiest to identify after closures. Dying is bad but dying poor is worse for family and friends. $600 or $2,000 doesn't cover the harm caused by closures.

Harvey Mueller

Shutting down businesses to halt the spread forces people to gather in the few remaining *allowed* businesses. The inept rules only concentrate people and doesn't spread them apart - the exact opposite of it's intended purpose.

Gary Miller

Perfect example of Bureaucrat thinking. Satisfy the fearful ignorant. Do something even if it's wrong. The only result from Abbots decree will be more Texans living in poverty. Infection rates will not decrease in Galveston county or the counties sending their infected to Galveston.

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