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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] I'm glad Biden backtracked on this. Providing refuge for people in distress is an essential element of the American character and a moral obligation for the world's richest and strongest nation.

Carlos Ponce

"people in distress"???? So you know each of their cases, right? Anyone can demand asylum. Qualifying under the law on the other hand....

David Hardee

The details always reveal the truth to a clown that is taking at face value a media report. this 62500 is only part of the story. these 62500 will not be as you called "people in distress" nor is it the "called "essential workers" category. These are the wealthy that are immigrating to reap the largest of low-hanging money by setting up businesses that are cash-driven. My professional dealings with this category of cash business immigrants are that convenience stores, pool halls, restaurants, pawnshops, and etc. cash businesses are established to migrate money (more wealth) back into the usually wealthy, and using high levels of cash avoid taxes by scurrilous activities. These people understand the IRS first 5-year loss expectation and tolerance and will have no profits or taxes for that period. Often they will declare bankruptcy or close and abscond into oblivion.

Your "people in distress" are some of those illegal caravans that are pouring across the border with the convicts and drugs. The distress of poverty in the place of origin is not that distress intended as a justification for legal immigration. The criteria(s) for immigration between wht was lawful and what is now allowed is an atrocity to both the place of origin and the society that these illegals move into. Having to repetitively recite what makes it an atrocity to the simple-minded progressive liberal is another atrocity. Bidens policy changes and the enticing of the caravans of illegals is not a benevolent act but another of the intentional efforts to re-imagine our society as a sub-servant population that grovels at the Federal trough of entitlements pandered for votes. That is an atrocity and treasonous.

Those that promote borders have no meaning and the immigrant has no qualification and a child is used as a pawn there is a putrid effect on our society.

Disgusting is the Biden administration policies on our plight with what is happening. What is going on does not deserve even the respect of being defined as a policy. It is simply a squishy nothing but chaos.


Charles Douglas

So this is why the LEFT ..lied, stole, deceived and cheated in order put this guy in the Oval Office for huh? He can't even tie his shoes unless somebody helps him, or tell him how. He is in bad trouble if he forgets which pocket he put his black mask in, & on top of it all he is Nancy Pelosi's and AOC'S boy!

I heard him look to the wings of a stage during a meeting he was speaking at some time back, when he bellowed out, " What do you want me.to do now NAN,...I will do whatever you want?" How pathetic! This is the so called leader of the free world, who can't take a restroom break without calling his "ALLIES" ...to ask if it would be orderly, a man who is waiting for others to TELL HIM WHATS RIGHT, AND WHAT'S NEXT! What a guy! What a leader, ...a man who was one of the biggest KKK supporters and surrogates of all times, who hates Minorities so bad he cracked jokes publicly about them, and crafted and pass laws in the U.S. Senate to send them to prison unporportionately!

Joe Biden is a man who has made multi millions from selling out Americans, and America ....and was taken off the JUNK-HEAP, by Barack Obama for political purposes ... is now sitting in the big chair with Pelosi in one ear, and AOC in the other, taking their orders!

He destroyed America's fuel independence the first day he was led to the Oval Office by the stroke of a pen, because he knew it would help XI JINPING! Now gasoline is approacing $5.00 a gallon in some states! His policies of free stuff is causing small busimess to go under for lack of workers who would rather collect free stuff at home than to work! He Opened up the border, and encouraged his Liberal sidekicks to open up the prisons and loose hardened criminals on America while he is busy trying to take our guns we need in order to protect our families! He continues to ride the backs of minorities, while managing them with poor housing, low wages, high crimed neighborhoods, atrocious schools and menial job opportunities! He has even deceived many by his constant outcry of systemic racism in America, even to the indoctrinating of WHITE students to believe they are inherently racist because of skin color, and Minority students to believe they are inherently inferior, and deprived because they are African-American or Hispanic! Yeah! This guy is some kind of wonderful!!!!!!

Jim Forsythe

A shortage of gas may happen, increasing prices, not because a shortage of oil, but because of a shortage of truck drivers. Today, in this area, gas price is about $2.50. The price of gas may go up because of the shortage of truckdrivers.

According to the National Tank Truck Carriers, the industry's trade group, somewhere between 20% to 25% of tank trucks in the fleet are parked heading into this summer due to a lack of qualified drivers. At this point in 2019, only 10% of trucks were sitting idle for that reason.

Lizzie Tish

[thumbup], David and Charles!!

Bailey Jones

David, I think you are profoundly mistaken. Who a "refugee" is, and how they are accepted is codified by US law. You may read up on it here:


Carlos Ponce

Most of the illegals come to the United States to make money. They do not qualify.

"About 80 percent of asylum cases in immigration court are denied or otherwise closed. That figure does not include thousands of people granted asylum outside of court." Verdict: True


They don't apply for legal entry because they know they'll be turned down.

Carlos Ponce

Those claiming "refugee status" are now being coached as to how to present their claims. That's why the Trump administration preferred they make the claim at home in a US Consulate or Embassy - easier to check out their "story".

David Hardee

Sir, to implicate codified "LAW" into anything associated to or with the chaos border security and or those persons entering the USA will gag the thought patterns of a lucid mind. In concession of my respect for you, I will place this one word in your mind to give you an opportunity to criticize yourself - VETTING.

What has been codified is now the words the progressive liberal bureaucrats will process into their perception of meaning while they swoon to make a gender/racist/sexual orientation WOK interpretation of its meaning.

Please, when you read and understand the traditional meaning of codified US law compare that understanding to the actual operations under these Biden directives. If that comparison does not expose the fallacies between intended purpose and execution the cavern between us is unbridgeable.

Now that your ilk has achieved so many victories and is in control expound and celebrate by pointing out the fabulous results we are enjoying, The actual result please, and not the hypotheticals destine in the future as imagined from Biden's handlers. I'll start you off with - We are thrilled with Biden's handling of the vaccinations by folloeing the script Trump gave him. Please add other RESULTS.

Charles Douglas

Ahhh I am very perplexed, shocked, appalled, and dismayed to hear that Red China manufactures, and sell to us as much as 80 percent of America's pharmaceutical drugs used by Americans in this nation! I wish I could understand why the powers that be in this nation insists on helping the Chineses to get to a dominant position of.power, where the JACK-BOOT foot of Communism rests on the neck of America! I really don't understand the LIBERAL mindset concerning this, why they scurry to protect China at all costs, even baseball, basketball, and Hollywood covers for them! China is the number one threat & enemy of America who was so jealous of Trump's outrageously successful economy that they resulted to biological warfare by releasing the COVID virus on the world shutting it down. Then of All things ....they were allowed to be in position to sell medical supplies, and drugs to the world THEY hurt, who needed the supplies to combat the sickness that came from China! Something is not lining up here!

Charles Douglas

Another thing! Hear me nowwwww! D.J. Trump will return, and who will it be who will be caught of guard, supporting socialism? Who will be in that number Trump catches stepping on the Constitution? Something to think about! So thrn MAGA, ..&...KAG! [beam][innocent][tongue_smile]

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