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Charlotte O'rourke

I know this was a difficult decision, but I’m glad that officials considered public health the top priority.

I’m praying this virus is quickly contained.

Bailey Jones

It's a shame about the basketball game. I've enjoyed following those Dickinson boys in the paper.

Michelle Aycoth

The experts say warmer temperatures and humid salty air kill the Corona Virus.

This might explain why no cases reported in coastal counties.

Andy Aycoth

Bailey Jones

Later that same day ...

Ray Taft

Wow! Looks like the entire crew at The Daily News is on the coronavirus news team.

It sure seems like this panic started here when Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner canceled The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I guess that prompted everyone else around Houston to panic and shutdown their stuff too. Then there’s all the reported panic buying going on at grocery stores. It’s been reported that police are on the scene to maintain order during this panic.

How long will it be before Mayor Turner gets everything shut down due to the coronavirus panic?

George Caros

Maybe if drump did his job and stop golfing for a weekend we would not be in this position. Oh that's right it's a hoax that's all we heard from drump now it's an emergency. So incompetent

Jim Forsythe

Ivanka Trump is staying home after being exposed to an Australian minister infected with the coronavirus

Gary Miller

George> I guess you think Trump should have waited like Biden and Obama until 958 more Americans died before doing anything.

Jim Forsythe

On April 15, 2009, the first infection was identified in California, according to the CDC, and less than two weeks later, on April 26, 2009, the Obama administration declared a public health emergency.

The CDC sequenced the new virus, created testing kits, and the Food and Drug Administration approved multiple vaccines, among other actions.

"Rep. Michael Burgess, a Republican from Texas, praised the CDC at a House hearing in 2016 for quickly developing a vaccine for the swine flu in about six months — in time for the start of the school year in September 2009. “So that’s a 6-month time frame if I’m doing my math correctly that you were able to identify the genetic sequence of the virus, reverse engineer a vaccine, test it, assure its safety and efficacy, and get it to school teachers on the second week of school. That’s pretty impressive,” he said."

Bailey Jones

Yes, if everyone will just keep repeating "it's not Trump's fault", he'll get through this just fine.

Jeff Patterson

Jim Forsythe already posted about what really happened, but would encourage folks to check out the timeline of the response to the H1N1 outbreak in 2009. It shows that the CDC first activated its Emergency Operations Center on April 22; at that time, there were 2 confirmed cases in the US. On April 25, the WHO declared a public health emergency, and the following day, the US did the same, and a request for emergency funds was sent to Congress; almost $8 billion was approved. The WHO declared H1N1 a pandemic on June 11. As the virus spread, the emergency declaration was renewed twice, and on Oct 24 a national emergency was declared. The first test to detect the new virus was approved on April 28, and shipments of the new CDC test began May 1. A vaccine was developed in less then 6 months and was ready for the start of the school year in Sept. The response wasn't perfect - there were issues with getting the vaccine dispersed to the states - but the claims about how "nothing was done" are just pure propaganda and spin. Do a little homework folks before you just parrot things you read on a website.

PS I'm not an Obama fan, I'm a conservative, but facts and facts.


Carlos Ponce

"A vaccine was developed in less then 6 months and was ready for the start of the school year in Sept." Not in Galveston County until the end of October.

Oct 31, 2009 "TEXAS CITY — Hundreds lined up Friday [October 30] morning at Mall of the Mainland to be the first in the area to receive the H1N1 vaccine."


Nov 12, 2009 "County receives more doses of H1N1 vaccine"


Dec 5, 2009 "LA MARQUE — The Galveston County Health District announced it will begin administering the H1N1 vaccine to any residents who wish to receive it beginning Monday {December 7, 2009].


Jeff Patterson

Yes, there were issues with distribution of the vaccine, but the point was that one was developed, and developed fairly quickly. I would also note that there were 1 million people tested for H1N1 in the first month after the first diagnosed case; in the almost two months since the first US case of the coronavirus was diagnosed, less then 10,000 people have been tested.

Charlene Adams

Maybe he should have started doing something in early January instead of running out spouting hoax. Had we started then the two month window on getting needed supplies would have occurred right as the virus began to affect us in March. We would have been prepared instead of desperate.

Bailey Jones

Good for Dickinson ISD on the school meals!

Miceal O'Laochdha

Would this be a good time for the Wharves Board to review their policy of chasing away cargo and ship repair businesses so as to make room for more and more passenger ship business?

Emile Pope

Republicans always have a problem supporting anything that doesn’t only help big businesses or the wealthy...

Carlos Ponce

Ridiculous remark, Emile.

David Schuler

I'm so glad the actual virus isn't Red or Blue; it's about the only nonpartisan thing there is these days...

Dalton Logan


Walter Dannenmaier

Now that the Governor has banned gatherings of 10 or more people, perhaps we should consider limiting island access to people who live, work, or own businesses here.

Bailey Jones

Do you really think that erecting police barricades on I45 to check IDs is a good idea? Shall we be like Italy and require travel papers signed and approved by the police to travel from town to town? I don't think so.

Wayne D Holt

France now requires filling out a form and submitting it to government to show when you are out of your home if you want to avoid a fine. We are already seeing "soft martial law" being imposed in western democracies with nary a second glance. This will not end well.

Walter Dannenmaier

We have done it TWICE in this century already.

Randy Chapman

That's fine as long as it works both ways. We mainlanders don't want you islanders' disease. Better yet, confine yourself to your home and all will be good.

Wayne D Holt

One tourism official said it appeared that efforts to limit people from gathering on the island worked "almost too good" and that the island's beach parks were nearly deserted on Saturday afternoon.

We're just beginning to see how much "almost too good" we've brought to Galveston's economy with these one size fits all decisions that have been made. Outdoor dining? Fine for up to 10 with perfect strangers huddled at the park but four at an outdoor cafe table risks certain death. Right now, four customers is probably about a day's worth of business at most Galveston stores that don't sell toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

I hope statewide business leaders have the ear of the governor on down to the local dog catcher about this response. It has very little that suggests they understood the hit we are going to have to come back from.

Harvey Mueller

OK now we shelter in place as of Tues midnight. the wife is end stage renal. That means kidney failure and requires regular dialysis treatments every M-W -Fri. So how do I get her to dialysis? Do I need a permit tag? Is it enough to say we're heading to dialysis if stopped by Galv Co Sheriff? There are a lot of unanswered questions.

Wayne D Holt

Harvey, medical care is excepted so you should have no problem. Might want to have a document with you that details the medical care but I don't think you'll have an issue with this. I sincerely hope all goes well for you and your wife.

Bailey Jones

Yes, Harvey, Wayne is correct. You can leave your house for any of the following - for medical care, to buy food or medicine or household supplies, to help someone who can't do these things themselves, to exercise, to walk your dog, to go to your job if it is in any of 16 wide categories (supply chain, critical manufacture, energy, medical, utilities, IT, transportation, etc.)

Wayne has assured me that people will act rationally and in the best interests of everyone - so there's no need for the sheriff to be pulling people over and asking for their papers.

Wayne D Holt

You had me nodding in agreement right up until the second paragraph, Bailey. I can and will do nothing of the sort because we share the same notions about how people likely will behave. [crying]

Our difference may be only in what to do about it. I say let them choose and let them suffer the consequences. And I mean that. Like the youngsters say, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

You, being of a more benevolent and compassionate nature, would like to temper that harshness somewhat. I do know, despite our differences, I would vote to make you Maximum Leader today if I could. I think we'd fare a lot better than we're doing with the Left and the Right in this country.

Bailey Jones

"Visions of swastikas in my head

Plans for everyone..." [cool]

Jim Forsythe

Harvey, call the place where she gets dialysis. They will be able to help you with any questions you may have. These could include, no one being able to stay with her while she gets her treatment. Just ask so you know what to expect. If someone needs other medical help from a doctor or hospital call ahead for instruction, if possible. If you need help that can not wait, call 911.

Bailey Jones

Kudos to Abbott for requesting daily updates from hospitals. You can't make useful policy without accurate and timely data.

Charlotte O'rourke

Santa Fe shut down of business:

“The Galveston County Health District has not released specific details about where any of the 27 confirmed coronavirus cases in Galveston County have lived. City officials in Friendswood, Galveston, League City and Santa Fe have now confirmed that at least one case occurred has been diagnosed within their city limits.”

Why not give the patients city? New Rochelle was able to be quarantined because they had covid 19 cases which then led to the quarantine which stopped the rapid spread.

If you don’t tell the public, at least the city and county leaders should know the locations, which this statement made it sound like they do notify cities? How else can the officials make logical decisions?

johnferguson Staff
John Wayne Ferguson

Hi Charlotte,

As we understand it, the health district is notifying city's first responders about the address of positive diagnoses, so if they have to respond they're prepared.

In some cities, it appears that information has gone from the responders to the city's political or an administrative leaders. In some cases, like Friendswood and Santa Fe, the cities have chosen to make public statements about their cases. Other cities haven't done that.

You're correct that other counties and health districts around Texas have released information about new cases with varying degrees of detail.

Ray Taft

It seems to me that the public should know who is infected, where they live, and when they became symptomatic so the public knows if they should be self-isolating and/or tested.

If there are problem areas in Galveston County, then those areas need to locked down and not all of Galveston County. New York City has a problem because they wanted to be politically correct instead of stopping the spread. Let’s not go the way of NYC.

Bailey Jones

Here ya go, Ray. Feel better?

Carol Langston

Sorry. My phone gave out on me before I could finish my thought. I understand HIPAA PIA to include all geographical identifiers smaller than a state, except for the initial three digits of a zip code if, according to the current publicly available data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census: the geographic unit formed by combining all zip codes with the same three initial digits contains more than 20,000 people; and the initial three digits of a zip code for all such geographic units containing 20,000 or fewer people is changed to 000. Is that what you have seen? We should be seeing city numbers.

Gary Scoggin

Why does it matter what city the cases are in? Just assume that the affected person lives next door.

Charlotte O'rourke

Gary, my concern was that stricter measures could be applied in a city area if local officials knew city location like happened in New Rochelle, New York. They instituted a lock down and covid 19 cases started leveling out.

I agree one takes personal precautions regardless, but government might want stricter standards if its concentrated in an area. Just a thought?

Chuck DiFalco

...and fewer restrictions where there are few or no cases.

Charlotte O'rourke

I think it would help local and state leaders to know the location of patients (residence and employment) to determine if there are clusters of covid19, and if special circumstances or restrictions should apply. One hopes someone is keeping and accessing this type of data for decision making purposes.

Thanks to the city management for being open about the fire department, testing, and providing public information on the issue. Wishing the men and women that serve our community as first responders the very best.

Carol Langston

It is important to practice safety no matter where the cases are located. But wouldn’t tracking the cases by city better inform the public — not to mention our city leaders’ decisions?

Charlotte O'rourke


Ryan Malcolm

“Liberty of the Seas had two confirmed cases aboard. They never notified anyone that any one was sick aboard until they were dockside. Pilot who brought them in completely unaware and has to self quarantine for two weeks and he has a brand new baby home. Shame on you RCCL!” Why isn’t this in the Daily News?

Gary Scoggin

It is.


Wayne D Holt

Latest update: Confirmed cases in Galveston County now number 0.000431894 percent of the population.

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