Clear Creek Independent School District will begin allowing challenges to library and instructional books through a committee charged with deciding whether the material stays on shelves and in the curriculum, or goes.

The new policies are meant to strengthen an existing procedure for considering removal of instructional and library materials, officials said.

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The leftist bias of this “reporting” is palpable. The changrs come as libraries across the country have seen an increase in challenges to books, primarily ones telling the stories of people of color or gay or transgender people….Deborah Caldwell Stone previously told the GALVESTON NOT SO DAILY NEWS. This direct quote tells us two things about the “journalist” that wrote this. First, he,she,him,her they, them interject their own social idealogy in to the article, and two…he,she,him,her,they ,them were obviously not paying attention in class when it was taught that direct quotes are denoted by Quotation marks. Also…the CCISD board is doing exactly what the citizens, including myself, elected them to do. We want our children taught reading, writing, math, and science. Not the alphabet soup ideological social constructs of the left. Well done CCISD.

Diane Turski

More Q-Anonsense attempts to ban books. Consider the source.

Carlos Ponce

Q-Anon is not the source, Turski. At first CCISD's use of the Harris County Public Library online was lauded:

"New online program at Clear Creek ISD will give access to thousands of books" Jan 21, 2021

But then problems arose:

"Book on sex prompts Clear Creek ISD to evaluate library app policies" Nov 22, 2021

Expanding that scrutiny to all material in CCISD was logical. Material can be challenged. That does not mean automatic removal. A committee which includes a librarian will determine "whether the material stays on shelves and in the curriculum, or goes".

Diane Turski

"Consider the source" also applies to your comment, Carlos, claiming that "...then problems arose". The Q-Anonsense gang raised the "problems" from within the CCISD School Board as well as regarding the Helen Hall Library in League City. If you watch the archived City Council meeting when the book censuring was first discussed you will recognize a particular CCISD School Board member siding with the minority against the library.

Carlos Ponce

Your Q-Anonsense reference is nonsense.


You know they’ve been 100% brainwashed when they throw out Q anon! Q anon is nothing more than a conspiracy theory that doesn’t have a single shred of legitimacy thats promulgated by anti Trumperz that have their heads so deeply buried in their own nether regions, that it takes major surgery to remove them. Diane want a cracker?

Diane Turski

Well, Leroy, you are right about one thing you said - "Q Anon is nothing more than a conspiracy theory that doesn't have a single thread of legitimacy."

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