Scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch have discovered people with Alzheimer’s disease who don’t also have dementia are protected by autophagy, a natural physiological process that removes toxic proteins from living cells.


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Joanna Wilson

Great findings. While the UTMB folks discuss certain pharmaceuticals that can stimulate autophagy, I highly encourage each of you to search the web for “fasting and autophagy”

Doesn’t cost anything. Fasting, even one day a week, stimulates autophagy. Do your own research.

There are a lot of other health benefits to 18-24 hour fasts.

Research suggests that some of the most important autophagy benefits include:

Providing cells with molecular building blocks and energy

Recycling damaged proteins, organelles and aggregates

Regulating functions of cells’ mitochondria, which help produce energy but can be damaged by oxidative stress

Clearing damaged endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes

Protecting the nervous system and encouraging growth of brain and nerve cells. Autophagy seems to improve cognitive function, brain structure and neuroplasticity.

Supporting growth of heart cells and protecting against heart disease

Enhancing the immune system by eliminating intracellular pathogens

Defending against misfolded, toxic proteins that contribute to a number of amyloid diseases

Protecting stability of DNA

Preventing damage to healthy tissues and organs (known as necrosis)

Potentially fighting cancer, neurodegenerative disease and other illnesses

Bailey Jones


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