Tate Burchfield

Tate Burchfield, a senior at Ball High School, graduated from Galveston College with an associate degree on May 12.


Ball High School student Tate Burchfield, 17, will walk the stage Thursday to receive his diploma with an associate degree already in hand.

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Charlotte O'rourke

Awesome. Congratulations!

Bailey Jones

Sounds like a terrific program. Kudos to the Moody Foundation for sponsoring it, and congrats to Tate and the other graduates.

Anne Reiswerg

Well done, Tate.

George Laiacona

Very good Tate ! Now I we could just get you back to the chess club.

Charles Douglas

Very Inspirational, and out of sight!. An amazing example of what focus, hard work, and high standards can do in this country! It is NOT all about division, poverty, and oppression! That lie was raised up from the pit of HELL!

Thank.you Galveston College, and you too Tate for shining the light on that lie, so that others can see it for what it is, " A LIE STRAIGHT FROM HELL!"

Dru Walters

What a great story! Isn't it amazing what our public schools are doing and what they are able to accomplish?!

Paula Flinn

It is amazing, and things like this dual credit program plus scholarships “happen,” are “earned,” and “accomplished” by students in our public schools every year! It’s not surprising to me. Kudos to Teachers and All Staff who are doing excellent work!


Congratulations to Tate Burchfield for is dedication and hard work in completing this program in record time. Thanks to Galveston College, Moody Foundation and Ball High School for making the dual-credit program available to students.

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