Cities, churches and shelters across Galveston County were scrambling Monday to create safe places for homeless people and residents without power after state regulators throttled back electricity in effort to manage a demand spike driven by an unprecedented winter storm.

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Gary Miller

Do solar panels provide enough heat when burned? When your green energy fails buy from the grid unless it's shut down. You can expect ERCot will be asking for a big budget increase

Lena Gilley

This is a nightmare! It is so cold! With no power!

Lena Gilley

This is not a problem with lines down! I know problems with some! This is due to greedy power companys! Stuffing their pockets! Screw the general public! The problem is we need updated stuff! Companys don’t want to spend their profits! I am in League City, had power a couple times yesterday. On for 20 min! Off for 5-6 hours! Went off yesterday at 5:40, off all night till 3:00am! Then! Was only on for 20 min! Come on! Aleast let me warm house up! Geez! Nighttime is coldest! It 20 degrees in my house, i have small infant grand children! Here! I have heard some people have never lost power! What About our vunerable people out there! Elderly! Small children! They need to put those people first! Shut their power off for 8 hours, and let other people warm their houses! I have a elderly relative in League City, his power been off since 2am yesterday! I have a brother in San Leon, his power been off since 2am yesterday! He has small children. My son has no power in Dickinson since 2am yesterday! Small children! Spread that electricty around! This is absurb! The power companys, the governor . The local mayors! Need to be hung up by their buster browns! The City’s for not being prepared. Turn the power back on! We are freezing! Turn off people that have not lost power!

Lena Gilley

Derugulation was a bad ideal! Bet a whole bunch of politicicans in Austin got their pockets stuffed over that deal! Greedy power companys! Not doing their part!

Gary Miller

Why would you expect anything good from ERCOT. ERCOT is a bureaucracy. Asking for more money is a permanent policy of all bureaucracies. If they do something good they want more money for doing it. If they fail to do what they were hired to do they'll claim they didn't have enough money. China once on a time had a policy that improved bureaucrat performance. They exicuted the top ten percent when it became too powerful.

Lena Gilley

We pay a lot of money every month for electricity! TNMP closed down their office overnight! Guess they don’t care! When u call during day! They won’t even talk to you! They don’t mind taking our money every month! They just say, not our faults! Where is the acountability! Governor abbott! We gonna get to bottom of this! Yea right! Bet he has heat in his home this morning! Why are elderly are freezing to death!

Bailey Jones

The lowdown -

"The electricity grid was designed to be in high demand during the summer, when Texans crank their air conditioning at home. But some of the energy sources that power the grid during the summer are offline during the winter. So when Texans stayed home during the storm on Sunday and demanded record amounts of electricity, the state’s energy system could not keep up.

Some of the energy sources powering the grid were knocked out by the inclement weather, most of which were facilities run by gas, coal or nuclear energy.

“Most of the plants that went offline during evening and morning today were fueled by one of those sources,” said Dan Woodfin, senior director of system operations at ERCOT.

Wind turbines, which provide a much smaller source of energy for the state’s power grid, were iced over and also out of commission."

Lena Gilley

Yea yea! How about a update when our power is gonna be back on Dan at ERCOT! Don’t need your excuses Dan!!

Gary Miller

Bailey> ERCOT at noon today admitted they had lost nearly all solar and wind generating including home owned solar. Both are a smaler part of Texas power system but the loss is reason outages are worse than expected.

Ted Gillis

The wind turbines in south Texas did not go off line Gary. Also, wind turbines in other parts of the country have heaters on them to prevent icing. The cheap skate operators here in Texas chose to build their wind turbines without heaters.

Like Lena said, we pay our bills monthly, we deserve better.

Lena Gilley

My husband works at a chemical plant in Bayport! They cut their power and all other plants in the area! Without notice! That is one dangerous situation! No notice what so ever! Could have killed alot of people! Would not be suprised if plants did not sue them! There was black smoke all over area from flares going off!

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