Immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border had created a local disaster, Galveston County Judge Mark Henry declared Tuesday, while pledging millions of local dollars to countering the crisis.

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Craig Mason

WOW! I am shocked and pissed that money earmarked for Galveston county could possibly be sent to pay for a border wall. It looks like someone is gearing up for a run at higher office and of course our village idiot and his idiot buddy Constable Fullen never miss a photo op. I challenge Mark Henry to show the link between the border and crimes in Galveston county. This is stupidity at an extreme. I encourage folks to call the county judge and your county commissioners to object to this political stunt. I will be calling and or stopping by their offices tomorrow.

Carlos Ponce

Soooo..... Craig is all for

Human trafficking

Drug trafficking

Sex trafficking

Child trafficking

Robert Quintero, calling this preventative action " a war on Latino people" is asinine.

Bill Sterchi

Nailed it Carlos!! Readily apparent far too many people subscribe to the "my ox is not being gored - YET" syndrome. Oh, but it is.......

Comment deleted.
Carlos Ponce

Such language! The ARPA money being used comes from the Feds. And Creepy Joe doesn't care about the human trafficking, the drug trafficking, etc.

Gary Miller

The legal Latin population in South Texas supports immigration control laws. They are voting GOP in support of Trump policies.

Susan Fennewald

I can't believe that they're really considering spending county tax dollars on the border wall. This has nothing to do with Galveston. I don't care if off-duty officers volunteer to spend their time at the border - but we shouldn't pay for their personal activities.

Carlos Ponce

"This has nothing to do with Galveston." Are you kidding?

So Susan thinks there are no illegals coming to Galveston.

Susan thinks the increase in illegal drugs is not increasing in Galveston.

etc, etc, etc

Susan must live in La La Land. A storm is approaching and she says don't worry.[rolleyes]

domenico nuckols

Carlos again no proof. If you can equate increase in crime to illegals in Galveston County, I like to see it.

Carlos Ponce

Already presented in the KTRH interview with Mark Henry.

domenico nuckols

Really Judge Henry? Next, you will tell us boat loads of illegals hitting the beaches and caravans coming down I-45. We should be taking care of Galveston County not kissing up to Trump and the governor. Use the money to help pay rent, utilities, and food. I hope this is your last term in office.

Gary Miller

Brain dead Susan hasn't figured out that Galveston county is being harmed by illegal immigration. Jobs and wages are suppressed by uneducated immigrants.

Carol Hollaway

If Henry is itching to build a wall, he should fund a surge protection wall around the bayside of Galveston.

Craig Mason

[thumbup] Carol

Carlos Ponce

Carol and Craig, I thought Joe was taking care of that. [unsure]

Bill Sterchi

Once again, our illustrious GDN "Rag" takes up the gauntlet against whatever comes forth from a "Republican". The crisis on the Border is very real - thanks entirely to Left/Dem policies. Want to blame anybody for this fiasco, start with the source, not the one who wants to stand in their way. The bias in this news is astounding.

Gary Scoggin

Then why do you subscribe?

Carlos Ponce

Gary Scoggin, I subscribe for the school news, the obituaries and to set the Liberals straight on the nonsense they spew.

Jarvis Buckley

I agree with you completely Bill. This is more of a personal attack than an unbiased news article. Be interesting to see how it plays out.

Usual group of liberals hit the comment button on this article this morning. Not at all surprising.

Craig Mason

The source goes all the way back to the Nixon Administration

Don Schlessinger

Must have been the first time you have read the GDN.

Carlos Ponce


"As a result of the crisis of the border we have seen a number of things in Galveston County now. We have seen an increase in violence, violent and organized crime. We had a Federal task force down here a few weeks ago serving warrants. We have seen an increased flow of drugs. We have had drugs wash up on the beach in Galveston County. I was just told that did not happen at all in 2020. That's a relatively new kind of event. And finally we have been told about the stash houses for human trafficking that have been raided just a few miles across the border. So I know that the people who run these operations don't care where the county line is. We consider this to be a regional public health crisis for at least these three reasons in addition to the fact that the immigrants coming across illegally who are not caught and screened, we have no idea what their health condition is. So, of course, Covid-19 is on everybody's mind but some of the countries of origin, I understand that tuberculosis, measles, other formerly eradicated diseases are also an issue.....

So as a result of what we have already seen in Galveston County I issued the disaster declaration this afternoon. In addition to the disaster declaration I have issued an executive order. The Executive order will do three things:

First it will approve ARPA funding to send our law enforcement down to assist with the border crisis. This is a call that has been made not only by border counties but by the governor himself and I'm here with representatives of Galveston County's Sheriffs Department and Galveston County Constable Precinct one, two and four.

Secondly once there is a coherent plan for a border wall I am dedicating up to 10% of Galveston County's ARPA funds which would be a total of $6.6 million dollars to border wall construction.....

Finally, with the gentlemen behind me we are creating a task force. The task force started today, actually it started last week coordinating with DPS but it will start today in earnest coordinating with DPS on how exactly they can be helpful to the situation at the border......

Hear more at:


Richard Moore

To have such a coordinated “buggy man” scheme going statewide, indicates to me that the Tx Repubs are becoming afraid about their strangle hold on statewide politics.

Carlos Ponce

Another member of the Magoo Myopic Society.

Joanne Griffin

Waste of money!

1. A wall isn’t stopping someone that’s traveled hundreds of miles to get here, always a way around.

2. We are in a labor shortage and immigrants are here looking for safety and work, they are just as likely to be criminals as anyone else in the lower-middle class.

Carlos Ponce

1. Border walls work.The "root cause" of the huge increase in illegals, drugs, etc is Biden's policies.

2. There is no labor shortage. As long as the government check keeps coming in we have a group asking, "Why work?"

Rick Altemose

Looks like the county has more law enforcement officers and money than they know what to do with. We need to keep that in mind when the next budget session comes up.

Carlos Ponce

The money is not from locally funding but ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021) funding.

Jarvis Buckley

Carlos , your just wasting your time with these folks. They aren’t interested in anything that Trump did to help Texas.

domenico nuckols

I hope that someone files for an R.O. to stop this clown show. People (who the Republicans don’t know exist) in this county need help. Vote anyone who rides this clown car out of office.

Carlos Ponce


Gary Miller

The crisis at the border affects the nation. Is Galveston county no longer part of the US. All Americans should support every effort to stop the criminal conduct of Biden's managers on our southern border.

Charles Douglas

The Racist clown show is happening in Washington DC and has been going on under The Big Top since Moscow, Beijing, Joe China and "Cackling" Kamala Harris has been deposited there! They are systematically destroying this nation with open borders to the world, race-baiting, race division, along with Defunding/Demolishing the police in this nation! Crime has escalated to astronomical heights in all parts of this nation since these two incompetent Radicals...." Heckle & Jeckle" arrived in DC!

I say Bravo to Judge Henry! You are the man! It is about time somebody stood up for America! Many people have no investment in America, so they have no love for it! Now we have some crying out about attacks on minorities, then tell those minorities and those from other parts of the world to OBEY OUR LAWS!!! Lololo. Way to go Judge build that wall!

domenico nuckols

The county is not addressing the increase of people sleeping on the streets of Galveston. A wall will stop that. The increase of people getting food boxes has increased dramatically. A was will stop that. An increase in people going to 4c’s for health care. A wall will stop that. Take care of your neighbors first.

Craig Mason

horde not hoard

Charles Douglas

Build Dat Wall!!!! ...Build Dat Wall!!!! We have enough people in here now we need to take care of besides letting the world send their's in here adding to our problems! The LEFT don't care about the poor, they care about the poor's vote. Lolol

If the LEFT would have forced Moscow, Beijing, Joe China to build Dat Wall ...then Texas, Arizona, and others who will contribute ..would not have to do it! I am a proud American Minority today, to have lived to see State Governors stand up to a brain dead RACIST, occupying the Oval Office...ruled by a Radical Socialist "JUNTA" using the highest office in the land to manipulate African-Americans and Hispanics of BLACK & BROWN decent for political power, and a Socialist agenda![beam][beam]

Craig Mason

I think the judge, Jimmy Fullen and Carlos and Gary should jump in the clown car and head down to Weslaco and defend us from the murderous hoard!! I will buy the first tank of gas.

Carlos Ponce

And Craig Mason will also supply his clown car and drive!

domenico nuckols

You can also get all the Republicans in Congress in there with room to spare!

Carlos Ponce

domenico, so you've been in Craig Mason's clown car.

Craig Mason

well it is a big car.....1972 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. 5500 pounds of Detroit steel...LOL

Karen Sawyer

Huge waste of money, time and resources. I expect nothing less of the Republicans in charge tho. Remember the scary migrant caravan that was headed our way? Funny how everyone quit talking and worrying about that. Now it's more of the same scare tactics as an excuse to waste our tax dollars. I'd rather live in a neighborhood of undocumented immigrants than Trump supporters.

Carlos Ponce

So the increase in fentanyl deaths doesn't bother Karen Sawyer.

And the increase in deaths and rapes among those trying to enter the country doesn't bother Karen Sawyer.

And the increase in people trafficking doesn't bother Karen Sawyer.

And the increase in sex trafficking doesn't bother Karen Sawyer.

And the low wages resulting from the increase in workers willing to work at sub-standard level doesn't bother Karen Sawyer.

You are one coldblooded Karen!

T.W. Day

Illegal immigration must stop. It is not fair to legal citizens of this country who are paying the taxes only to see those taxes go to paying for services to illegal immigrants and not to the infrastructure of the county or city that they live in.

I have no issue with legal immigration and doing so by following the laws already in place. Illegal immigrants have no rights under our Constitution because they are not LEGAL CITIZENS.

Charles Douglas

Well spoken Mr. Day, but the LEFT has need of African-American, and Hispanic votes! That is why they are holding us in subservient positions, tempting, teasing us to rely on free stuff, and government subsidies! That is why they champion and support bad schools and ghetto neighborhoods!

The poorer we are the better they like it! See, Trump scared the daylights out of them with the amount of votes, he carried in the last election from BLACKS, HISPANICS, & WOMEN. So they did not waste anytime after they succeeded in engineering China Joe in the Oval Office! They opened up the border to everybody, in order to turn Red States Blue, and their Radical base is saying nothing about it!

They defunded the police and now crime is skyrocketing in the whole nation. What were their response? They.. in one contrived lie, are blaming Republicans for Defunding the police when Republicans have a long, well established record of defending, and supporting Law Enforcement! They lie for self gratification, and when they have nothing to lose or to gain. They care nothing about minorities, but they care everything about minority votes!

domenico nuckols

Trump took money away from school upgrades in Germany 🇩🇪 to build the wall. Abbot is a taking money from school children illegally in Texas. I will file for a temporary restraining order if the clown 🤡 🚗 gets rolling

Carlos Ponce

The money President Trump used to build the wall was authorized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As for the "Texas Wall": "Abbott said he expected people to both donate their own money and volunteer their land for the barrier.

​'My belief based upon conversations that I've already had is that the combination of state land as well as volunteer land will yield hundreds of miles to build a border wall in Texas,' he said.

The funds for Texas' $250 million 'down payment' will come from the state budget. Lawmakers will allocate money from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice into a disaster account, which will then be moved to the Texas Facilities Commission for the border wall construction."

"State leadership has assured the agency that this is a temporary measure, and the money will be reappropriated without a negative impact on TDCJ," said Jeremy Desel, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.


I see the Texas Tribune has a better grip on TRUTH than domenico nuckols.

Ted Gillis

T.W., I’m all for stopping illegal immigration too, so why can’t we fine the miserable SOB’s that hire these people. Most Immigrants (legal or non legal) come here to work. So stop hiring them guys. Why is it that when ICE raids a meat packing plant or some other shop, that only the illegal employees are rounded up? Round up the owners too.

Carlos Ponce

Many illegals work under the table. Others have "papers" that on appearance pass even close scrutiny even with e-verify.

Craig Mason

Yes Ted

Wayne D Holt


David Hardee

Nuckol’s says, "take care of your neighborhood first." If this border policy persists you will eventually get your share. And deserve it.

Who do you think is making up a large portion of those you itemize as street sleepers, needing handouts? Do you think the over 300,000 in three months that illegally crossed the border are self-sufficient? Don't you understand that the policy that Biden has set is causing not only a flood of illegals but a gift to the coyotes financially. Is it beyond your ability to realize these poor souls are being brutalized by those coyotes and relegated to a tortuous form of financial slavery to pay off their enablers - persuaded to carry drugs - crammed into container truck - house in mass in deplorable conditions - have their families threatened - until the debt is paid by either money, or sex working. And finally why is a border secured by a wall even considered. Your lack of rational thinking and jaded progressive liberal confusion that you're benevolent while actually being an enabler of the travesty is a serious infection of the psyche.

Gillis makes a good point saying, “I’m all for stopping illegal immigration too, so why can’t we fine the miserable SOB’s that hire these people. Most Immigrants (legal or non legal) come here to work. So stop hiring them guys. Why is it that when ICE raids a meat packing plant or some other shop, that only the illegal employees are rounded up? Round up the owners too.”

But Texas has no ability to direct the ICE acts or to oversee all the Employers across the nation. So the wall is the only alternative for our State to protect our neighborhoods, collectively - including Nuckol’s.

Dwight Burns

Galveston County funds should be spent on its citizens and not throwned up against a wall.

Carlos Ponce

One does not wait for the wolf to be inside your house to bar the door. These are Federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds. If spent on preventative measures, it's a good investment. They are not "not throwned up against a wall."

Carlos Ponce

Watch the video:


Officials in the know have determined the current uptick in crime is due to border security. And you think you know more than them?????

Carlos Ponce

Listen to Michael Berry's interview of Galveston County Judge Mark Henry this morning:


You will hear of two district judges who reported the number illegal aliens tried and sentencedin Galveston County has "gone through the roof".

Jose' Boix

In the midst of this debate, what is odd to me the statement: The money would be committed to the wall “once there’s a coherent, logical and executable plan,” Henry said.

When and how will we know that "there’s a coherent, logical and executable plan.” So, the money will sit unused, in abeyance. An odd approach. Just my thoughts.

Jack Cross

We have a problem, we can't afford to educate the poor of the world. 66 percent of public school students are classified as economically poor. Add Medicaid housing and other welfare programs. its in the Trillions of dollars. Biden is ignoring the border, cities on the border are crying for help. property poor school districts are growing along with the student population. Democrat or Republican, black or white, this is a self made crisis, nonquestions about it. When Biden was welcoming all migrants to the U.S. and every democrat candidate .said they would give free health care to illegals,

I did not see the Galveston News or people posting on this forum protesting against wasting taxpayers money. When billions of Covic relief wen to illegals. where was the outcry.

Now after states, sheriffs, cities ang others are sending money and personnel Texas in a show of support that this invasion must stop, It is reasonable for Cities and Counties to join our out of state friends.

This is $6 million out of 66 million. Not one contributed to a penny of that money, the Biden Administration printed it to be added to the existing $30 trillion dollar debt. If you are now worried about this 6 million. you are a little late to the party. Hats off to Mark Henry on this one. I hope the Galveston News attack hasn't killed it.

Gary Miller

6.6 million $. Estimates are that each mile of border wall costs about $1million. 6.6 would build 6.6 miles. If all Texas counties contributed the wall could be completed.

Jim Forsythe

Abbott hasn't released detailed plans but any wall construction that isn't on state of Texas -owned land will require seizing private land through eminent domain.

domenico nuckols

Carlos ever sleep on the street you sit in your toco twer

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