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Ted Gillis

Elections have consequences.

Chuck DiFalco

Mr. Gillis, I assume you're referring to state elections, because as Mr. Hallisey noted, it doesn't matter who on League City Council votes on urban drilling issues. The state has taken away authority from the cities.

Ted Gillis

That’s exactly what I mean. I was on City Council in Santa Fe several years ago. I

Ted Gillis

Oops I hit the post comment button by accident. As I attempted to state above, while I was on city council, I favored annexation so that we (us citizens) could have some say in regulating these types of operations surrounding our city. Now not only has the state legislature taken away local citizens right to regulate oil & gas drilling inside of their city limits, they have also eliminated a cities ability to annex surrounding areas without a favorable vote by the inhabitants of that area. The state has basically shut us (citizens) down.

That’s what I meant by stating “elections have consequences”.

Carlos Ponce

"they have also eliminated a cities ability to annex surrounding areas without a favorable vote by the inhabitants of that area" [thumbup]

Thank whoever thought of that!

Now tell me, Ted, what benefit you get by being annexed asides from paying city taxes? (By the way, paying more taxes is not a benefit!)

Ted Gillis

I already stated the benefit in my comment above Carlos, however the state legislature eliminated that benefit, making cities helpless to regulate oil & gas drilling activities.

Drill Baby Drill.

Oh and I think it was Miles.

Carlos Ponce

Now tell me now, Ted, what benefit you get by being annexed?

Ted Gillis

Obviously nothing now. Maybe the cities in Texas can dis-incorporate now and merge all services in with the county, similar to what Miami did with Dade, and Jacksonville did with Duval Countys in Florida. The elimination of overlapping services and other efficiencies would be beneficial to all county citizens. I like it already Carlos.

How does Mayor Mark Henry sound?

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