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Bill Sterchi

I keep a watch on items I purchase online. More than ten times, the items statuses were updated as undeliverable at this address or that it was delivered and was not. I have gone down there to pick the items up in person, only to be told the are on the carrier's truck and will be delivered that day. Thus, what was it - laziness or were they completely overloaded that day and e the decision to wait until the next day? In that case, not putting any updated status would have easily led me to the conclusion the item would arrive the day following the expected delivery. It's dishonest to put false information into that system. I ordered some items from an online entity immediately before the "Big Freeze". Status for these items showed them as delivered but one was not. I returned them - except the one that did not arrive and now am in a fight with the company to be reimbursed. I suppose that's why the Post Office is going broke - operating in the red. I will use other carriers exclusively.

Dan Freeman

Your choice: USPS First Class letter $0.55, FedEx Express Saver $8.90. Explains part of the difference in profitability.

Phill Sean

This is unacceptable.

Todd Flores

Also can the post office on 59th and Broadway cut and trim the grass properly.

James Lippert

One of the common elements of all 3rd world states is barely existing, nonfunctional, untrustworthy postal system. One of the things which we are rapidly headed towards is a nonfunctional postal system.

Dlorah Berry

This post office has had problems for years. The phone has been “broken” for about 5 years forcing you to go there when you have an issue. The management there acts as if they are annoyed and doing you a favor to provide customer service. I called Washington DC to complain a few years ago. They contacted the supervisor who called me to challenge why I reported her. Nothing changed. This is a very frustrating situation. Fortunately we have email and paying bills online!!

Terry Moore

Some lettered mail takes a week to get from here to another Galveston County address. So I was quite shocked a letter I sent and included a check arrived at it's destination in 2 days to North Dallas. So there's hope!

Debra McCracken

You were lucky. I sent a birthday card to Dallas the first of June and it arrived in August!

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