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Customers walk into the United States Post Office building on Broadway in Galveston on Thursday, June 10, 2021. Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher of Houston has called for an investigation of delays and thefts at the Houston regional distribution center.


A U.S. lawmaker has called for an investigation into several U.S. Postal Service facilities in the Houston area, including the North Houston Processing and Distribution Center through which mail to and from Galveston County moves.

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Terry Moore

Wonder what the plan is for more mail clerks? I feel sorry for the one clerk usually working with a line the length of the building. Customers get very frustrated with the wait. I plan on an 30 mins to an hour in line so I don't get as frustrated anymore. But really, this is ridiculous and it was before Covid that we had this issue as well. Once I mailed a letter inside the post office to be delivered to a P.O. Box a few feet away. It took 4 weeks to get from point A to Point B. I know it goes off to Houston and comes back. But took 1 whole month!!!

Bill Cochrane

Keri, if you do a follow-up on this you might want to check this out. I mailed a letter here in Galveston at Bob Lyons to someone in Galveston. It took five days to be delivered. I went to the Bob Lyons post office and asked why it took so long. The postal worker said that all mail dropped of at Bob Lyons goes to Houston for sorting, then returned to Galveston for delivery.

Mary Branum

That has been known for years and that mail is stamped in Houston not Galveston. For mailing deadline dates one must a) have post office hand cancel b) ask for receipt or c) mail day before. This applicable to tax deadlines such as April 15th and October 15th. Mail is not cancelled in Galveston the day mailed.

Sarah Clark Konopik

I now avoid using the Galveston location altogether and go to various offices on the mainland. I've experienced the failed delivery of a check as well as frequent receipt of others' mail. Funny the junk mail tends to find its way in a timely manner!

Shiela Hunt

Nothing new here. Had a move here in town. Did a mail forward. Had one piece of mail forwarded. Filed all forms to complain never a call back.

Roy Hughes

Maybe someone could find out why the local post office and employees cannot deliver to any 1/2 streets. Before computers and when the Bob Lyons location was in the neighborhood and the 'second' location was in the the building downtown on Rosenberg I do not recall issues of mail not being able to be delivered to 1/2 streets.

Back then they may have used mechanical sorters, but I doubt it. I am pretty sure people sorted by hand.

It is almost as if all the people who knew the alphabet, knew that Galveston has 1/2 streets for each letter, and those who could read the large street signs with the name of the street printed on them all ran out of the building. It is obvious that the civil service test is no longer given. My mail service has improved over the last few months. I know that is not true for everyone else, though.

Roy Hughes

The above comment rah was written by Lynne Springer and not rah.

Ted Gillis

I guess Randy Weber has just been too busy these days with all of his legislation to take time for this. Thanks Lizzie.

Carlos Ponce

Looks like Ted Gillis has not been keeping up:

"Band-aids and Bailouts Don't Work! Our postal service is falling apart, throwing more money at the problem is never the solution. Decades of mismanagement and raw deals have destroyed our once proud postal service. Working together, we can rebuild our postal service to ensure its vitality for generations to come." Randy Weber

Watch video:

Ted Gillis

Facebook. That really helps. Let’s all just make a bunch of feel good comments in Facebook. The world feels better now.

Carlos Ponce

I'm glad to read you now feel better, Ted.

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