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Bill Cochrane

The Park Board story tries to justify adding slides by spending only $28,500. I'm wondering how much more the liability premium will go up? I'm also wondering if these two attractions can really go into service without added staff? If that is really the case, it would seem that they are seriously overstaffed right now. And to answer Mr. Trevino's question "What makes us different?" The answer is - When someone goes to your beach, they must pay to get in through the gates. When someone parks on the seawall, they have an option to either pay or get a parking ticket. When seawall parking first started there were parking staff employees on segway scooters and cops checking parked cars and issuing tickets. Now the enforcement is almost non-existent. You don't see the segway patrol at all, and rarely see anyone checking cars much less writing tickets = free parking.

Don Schlessinger

Two water slides for 28K must be pretty low quality. How long will they last? Why would anyone pay good money for that type of slide when there a bunch of really good slides at the airport.

John long

At $15.00 a car for my wife and I to go to east or Stewart beach.. I doubt you will EVER see us there, and especially not paying $10.00 more to ride some inflatable slide. We went down over the weekend because it was free like the old days and I was saddened at how far the fishermen have to walk to get on the jetty to fish! That's ignorant to have any poles limiting access to the jetty or the east quadrant of the beach.

Ron Shelby

Does the park board really belong in the “water/amusement park” business? Sounds like their headed down the wrong path that may turn out to be very expensive.

mark jones

Government competing with private attractions. The park board has no expertise in operating slides.

Bill Cochrane

Mark - from the report - A private company had operated slides at Stewart Beach in past years. But when the vendor sold the business, the park board couldn’t find a reliable replacement, Trevino said." It looks like the board needs to make the venture financially attractive for outside vendors to bid on operating the slides.

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