The fate of a popular stuffed brown bear likely will be decided today when the commission overseeing a new ordinance meant to clean up The Strand meets for the first time this year.

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Ruth Korhonen

It certainly seems that there are bigger items to address than Truffles. At the very least, there should be a grandfather provision to allow him to continue to greet island visitors..

Paul Harrington

LOL this is ridiculous. I'm so happy the city decided to take of this this and enforce this so I can see the gum stuck on the seat of the bench and the amazing brick architecture directly behind the bench. Real great stuff. What a joke.They went after the people selling I <3 Galveston t-shirts and are ram rodding everyone else in the process.

mark jones

Loud motorcycles and large banners are everywhere in the Historic District for the motorcycle event. A stuffed bear named Truffles is not.

Wayne Holt

Thank you. It's not banning Truffles that is outrageous. It's turning a blind eye to the sonic assault, drunken brawling, motoring mayhem and tsunami of trash left behind in comparison.

How can the City, with a straight face, waste so much time and effort on a stuffed bear while not bothering to offer a public airing of the legal niceties that allow LSR to take over downtown?

It is an absurdity. This is one of the reasons that people are revolting everywhere, it seems. Two laws: one for me and one for thee.

Maybe Truffles just needs some obscene body art and a topless girlfriend on his arm/leg to pass muster with the City.

Steven Walker

Truffles must not be BOI

Bailey Jones

I hear he's from Colorado.

Kelly Naschke

Seems like there would be bigger fish to fry....

Charlotte O'rourke

Truffles has made channel 13 news.

Bailey Jones

That's some good publicity. I never heard of this store until Truffles got banned.

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