Battleship Texas

An old dock line hangs near the Battleship Texas in La Porte. Work is beginning to dry-berth the 573-foot-long, 34,000-ton vessel. The most complex project ever for the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife isn’t likely to be completed until late this decade. The Texas is the only remaining U.S. battleship to survive World Wars I and II.


If the Battleship Texas ever comes to Galveston, it won’t be found in the middle of the city’s port.

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Jesse Zaro

What about Seawolf park?

Carlos Ponce

"But the [Battleship Texas] foundation has ardently opposed putting the Battleship Texas at Seawolf Park, citing worries over low park attendance and the park’s location on Pelican Island.

'We’ve told them from the beginning, Seawolf Park is not an option,' said Bruce Bramlett, executive director of the foundation.

The park attracts about 80,000 people annually, according to park board records.

The ship will need about 300,000 visitors a year to pay for needed repair costs, state officials have said." January 1, 2020

Susan Fennewald

We have enough tourist stuff. They were right to refuse pier 21 and should only consider Seawolf park if THEY pay US a lot to take it. Battleship Texas is a money loser.

Charles Wiley

The Battleship Texas Foundation through its Executive Director has tried to bully its way into Galveston from the beginning with comments such as “that ship will go to Seawolf Park over my dead body”. That guy hasn’t endeared himself to anyone. The Battleship belongs in Galveston and it belongs at Seawolf Park where, with proper marketing, can draw a sufficient number of visitors to pay its way. Anyone who believes that it will only draw the 80,000 people that the park currently draws is not being realistic. Improvements to Seawolf Park, the Pelican Island Bridge (now under consideration), and even a water ferry across the channel from near Pier 21 will make Seawolf Park a destination unto itself and not simply an afterthought by tourist.

Imagine Seawolf Park as a destination for Veterans groups, reunions, special events and more. Look at what’s been done in New York, Charleston, Corpus Christi, Los Angeles and other places. Consider a hotel, restaraunt, RV park, etc. we really should think outside the box on this one. Galveston is the place for this historic ship and Seawolf Park is the best site.

Alexander Nelson

Mr. Wiley, I enjoy your enthusiasm for the battleship Texas and I share similar interests in the historical value as well as the ships at Seawolf Park. I would love to give some recommendations on some possible solutions on how this could benefit Galveston, Seawolf Park, The Galveston Naval Museum, The Battleship Texas and Texas A&M at Galveston. Some forward thinking and collaboration between these entities can bring this piece of history here and fulfill needs of everyone involved. If someone would like to hear some more in depth ideas I am more than willing to speak to anyone who is willing to listen. (832-656-7921) This ship honestly belongs in Galveston next to two other historically important ships which fought in WW2.

Bill Sterchi

Nailed it!!

Don Schlessinger

Time to move Texas to a spot offshore where she can have the rest she deserves. Scuttle her in a place where divers can enjoy visiting her. Galveston doesn't need another high dollar risk to drain taxpayers of their hard earned money.

Charles Wiley

Don, that ship represents our history in so many ways not to mention the contributions of veterans from across the country and at every age. You must not be sensitive to either. Scuttle it offshore? Is something wrong with you?

Donald Glywasky

Perhaps it can be refitted as a gambling ship- if you hit the jackpot on a slot all the guns will fire.

Charles Wiley

Mr. Glywasky, thank you for your recommendations..........Mr. City Attorney,

Donald Glywasky

My recommendation is that you look at the site for the USS Alabama in Mobile. While they attract some 300,000 visitors a year, they have an associated aircraft museum with numerous aircraft from WWII through Vietnam, tanks, various littoral vessel and weapon display systems. Would those additions accompany the Texas?

Charles Wiley

I would hope that your recommendations now offered might be considered. I can tell you that those things and others have been discussed for near 2 years now. But the very first thing to happen is to get that ship situated at a site that would provide for those amenities. Pier 21 is not that place. Seawolf Apark most certainly is.

Charlotte O'rourke

Two issues with getting the battleship Texas to an appropriate location:

1) the port keeps accepting the offer of another dance (even in this story it puts out another line) when it has displaced paying customers due to a lack of space and a need for deep water.

2). Maintenance. The state of Texas can’t afford to maintain the battleship but a poor city like Galveston can? Over 10 years the state spent $54 million on maintenance then dedicated another $34 million with a message to seek a location elsewhere.

Any selected location/venue needs to pay for itself and that maintenance bill much less operational costs is not cheap.

Bill Sterchi

Nailed it Charlie!

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