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Robert Braeking

There are two things that come out of the back of a chicken. One is eggs. The other is this proposal.

The unintended consequence will be that the cabs will drop off and pick up passengers on Port Industrial and create a bottle neck for traffic.

Craig Funni

Just another TAX. There is no justification to charge drivers $4.00 per entry other than to create a money grab. Way to go...

Ron Binkley

Money grab is correct!

Jack Reeves

This is the old "Octopus of The Gulf" raising it's head once again. The Port isn't targeting 1 person or entity; it targets everyone. That's what prompted the digging of the "ditch" to Houston's docks. Several years ago, they blocked a fellow from accessing his own property because several feet of his driveway were on their right of way. If they would focus on developing or refurbishing the resources they have, they wouldn't have to come up with these oppressive policies. They don't understand that without all of the peripheral businesses who support their "love boats", they dry up in nothing flat.

Joshua Moore

That's a dumb tariff that is only going to burden people in the strand. If they really want to raise more revenue, they should develop more space for layberths, which would generate far more money than some token taxi tariff.

Wayne D Holt

This is a case of doing what you can get away with rather than what is right. Just consider that with all the hoohah made about our cruise ship Nirvana here, the Port thinks pilfering nickels and dimes from those who bring the passengers to the destination is a sterling idea. It's not like those drivers enjoy some wide profit margin...like a port director would enjoy, for example.

I hope Uber and Lyft drivers have a sign prominently posted in their vehicles reading: You may thank the Port of Galveston for your ride costing $4.00 more than I wanted to charge you."

Charlotte O'rourke

“The port operates nearly 4,000 parking spaces on its property. Those spaces generated about $8.1 million in revenue in 2019. Parking revenues at the port have increased substantially over the past five years. In 2015, parking generated about $6.31 million.”

The problem with this analysis statement is the board needs to determine if it has increased parking market share and actual profits. Since the port raised the parking ticket price (e.g. $70 to $90), one would expect the operating revenue to increase, but with the additional new parking department, director position, and parking employees the question is: has the NET profit increased in this area? The board should also ask for the reports showing parking cars and cruise passenger ratios from 2015 through 2019 to determine progress on addressing the parking market share as the port has experienced a record number of passengers.

Miceal O'Laochdha

If the new "Director of Mobility" cannot answer the question of whether the $7.50 charge to taxis is an annual (one-time) fee or a per-pick-up (hundreds of times?) fee, suggest the POG return his salary to the budget; no need for this position to be filled.

Once they figure out how much they actually charge taxis, Lyft and Uber should pay the same fees.

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