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Thomas Bacon

Inexcusable that these folks don't have a proper facility to work out of.

Bill Cochrane

I have always admired Peter Davis. He is dedicated and deserves everyone's respect.

The Park Board wants a new building on the sand at Stewart Beach. That plan didn't fly simply because the Park Board does not need to be on the beach. It needs to be on dry land.

So, they get Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis to pitch the same plan. It still does not make sense. Will having the Park Board or the Beach Patrol headquarters on Stewart Beach save more lives. Probably not since more drownings/rescues happen at the rock groins west of Stewart Beach all the way to San Luis Pass.

Fire stations and EMS do have main headquarters centrally located but also have sub-stations throughout the city. Instead of having the Beach Patrol headquarters located on the far east end where few life guards are needed, built the headquarters on dry land centrally located more westward. Have sub-stations for training, etc. Build and use more mobile life guard stands to save lives.

The beach is growing westward but the Beach Patrol wants to build facilities on East Beach? That just does not make common sense.

Ron Binkley

Naw, just let it continue to crumble then somebody will get hurt and sue the city then everybody's property taxes will go up and we will still need $8M to a new facility.

Mary Brechtel

I agree with Peter Davis. We need a new building for one of the busiest beaches in the South. I like his idea of making it a multi-use facility so it can generate income to pay its own way. It’s disappointing that it’s taking so long for the city to address this issue. We are a tourist town with great beaches and should respond to the needs of one of our most important assets… Our Beach Patrol. They put their lives on the line every day in their job and they deserve more from Galveston!

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