It was an ordinary night until Richard Powers saw the tentacle-like lights floating over his home. Without an easy explanation for what he witnessed, Powers had seen what is by definition an unidentified flying object — a UFO.

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Wayne Holt

Interesting comment. What do you base it on, other than some unfounded and illogical bias? Why does this possibility threaten your reality so deeply?

You probably are totally unaware the government has publically made available multiple videos of Navy pilot encounters with objects these experienced military officers could not identify as anything terrestrial. They moved at speeds and engaged in maneuvers that current known technology cannot duplicate.

I would say, a real kook is someone who denies even the possibility of unknown phenomenon, especially when there are thousands of similar reports confirmed by those who would be qualified to know...unlike Ms. Sawyer.

Karen Sawyer

Oh, Wayne. Calm down, honey. Have you ever heard of empirical evidence?

It tickles me that you got so feisty. Mind you, this fella "Powers, who affirmed he was sober". Surely this is "threatening to my reality".

Karen Sawyer

“If you blinked you would’ve missed them,” Powers said. “They were so fast it was phenomenal.”

But I caught photos on my cellphone. And! I was "sober"

Karen Sawyer

"Powers, who has had two heart attacks in the past two months, thought it was important to reach out to the media about his encounter out of fear he would die soon, he said."

This is the ringer. It's okay if y'all believe in click bait or storm our capitol. But some of us are still settled into reality. Let's meet at the Float for drinks, Wayne (Dwayne). You're buying 🥰

Karen Sawyer

"What do you base it on, other than some unfounded and illogical bias?"

No, Dwayne, just on what I read in the article. You're a big, strong man, though. No doubt I'd never doubt your mental prowess, Sir.

Rusty Schroeder

Thanks for sharing the story in your comments ,,,,, Karen.

Wayne Holt

You seem to be unable to style my name correctly. Has anyone shown you how to copy/paste text on the computer if you are unsure you are up to the rigors of correctly spelling a five-character name?

You're settled into reality, believe folks who report unexplained aerial phenomenon must be Trump supporters, and want me to pay for your drink.

You're not a kook. You're delusional.

Gary Scoggin


I have no opinion on the political leanings of those who have seen UAP, but I do want you to buy me a drink.

Wayne Holt

"Have you ever heard of empirical evidence?"

By the way, Ms. Sawyer, nothing that you offered in objection could remotely be considered empirical on your part either, including the claim he was a kook. It was inferential, and weak inference at that.

You should consider writing less. It would serve you well.

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