Porretto Beach

Aaron Castillo bikes past Porretto Beach on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017.


The planned retirement this year of the judge overseeing the Porretto Beach bankruptcy could lead to more delays in the potential sale of a rare private beach that has dragged on for years, those involved with the case say.

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David Collins

Just to set the record straight, Porretto Beach is in District 3, not District 2.

Robert Waggoner

After 10 years of litigations and nothing yet. Looks like the lawyers will eventually own the property or at least the money received from the sale.

Alex Nelson

Dear Galveston Island Residents, My name is Alexander Nelson and some of y’all know me and know my family and some of y’all don’t know me or my family. My grandfather was Henry Peter Porretto Jr. and my mother is Sonya Porretto. I read this article today as a 25 year old college graduate and as a concerned citizen. It seems that all these attorneys, trustees, “buyersâ€, city council, and city officials can say whatever they please when it comes to someone’s life, property, and good name and drag it through the muck, mud, and sand of Galveston with absolutely no repercussions or validity but we are the few refusing to walk away despite the losses suffered will allow these individuals who customarily practice cheating the system and others without be held accountable. So, I would like to shed some light on our side of the beach that is not reported on. If you have kept up with any of this in the news over the past 26 years it’s always reported as “complicated†or “complex†but really it’s very simple. The attorneys at Greer Hertz and Adams like Stephen Schulz have used subversive means like fraud to facilitate this sale and bankruptcy process, but we will get to them in a minute. The last time this property was reported on was regarding the sale of the rights of way on Porretto Beach. I spoke at this public hearing and was outraged to know the city actually passed this in council when as clear as day the “buyers†and trustee’s application for abandonment had my grandfather’s name on it as an applicant, Henry Peter Porretto Jr. What is important to note is my grandfather has been dead since 2007, yet your city council in 2017 passed it and knowingly helped facilitate property fraud. I thank God that this is printed in the paper although we may never get justice it is finally documented in print. The trustee, Randy Williams and attorney Stephen Schulz have represented, on record, to Judge Bohm over the bankruptcy case that Steve Schulz “DOES NOT REPRESENT†the trustee in any way shape or form, yet as clear as day we see it in the paper right in front of us today he represents him. He also represents the potential buyer Ted Miller and Corey Miner and once he represented us in our case which went to the Texas Supreme Court. It’s fairly clear that this attorney group of Greer Hertz and Adams have used the courts to steal a property from one client (Porretto) to benefit another client (Miller/Miner/4M investment/TSB/WRCB). This is a blatant conflict of interest and extremely unethical and illegal but the paper still reports it as just another day in the life. We have retained council to report the fraud transpired but the trustee has told each of them to walk away from the case which is makes him derelict in his duty as a trustee!!!!!! They have reassured us even if things get sold they will make sure we receive nothing in return. This is how the city and its “players†treat people when they want something you have, something that goes back 4 generations in a family, the American dream of private property is no longer safe in America especially in Galveston. Frank Maceo a City Council member at the time helped broker a back door deal with the trustee Randy Williams that would give the city property that isn’t even supposed to be in the bankruptcy case in exchange for abandonments of the rights of way! THE CITY COUNCIL CONDUCTS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, OUTSIDE OF THE LAW, DETERMINING PEOPLES LIVES AND SOME OF YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS For those of us that know the truth Keri’s article appears intended to cover up and prevent the public from having the egregious truth about this case and sale. The judges retirement isn’t the delay in the sale it’s the fact fraud was committed against the Porretto’s in this case and false representations made to Judge Bohm by the trustee and attorneys would be discovered by another judge that replaces Judge Bohm that would delay a sale. Attorneys forged documents and electronically filed declarations without Sonya Porretto’s knowledge or ink signature. These attorneys controlled the entire case and made deals, signed settlements and made agreements without Sonya or the judges knowledge. Schulz neglected to disclose he also represented TSB, a Ted Miller/Cory Miner property project adjacent Porretto Beach and an intent to wear down Sonya Porretto and the estate value and take the property with an “assumed†decline. Schulz neglected to explain to the paper he should have never worked on Sonya Porretto’s case when she hired Greer Herz & Adams for trial court or the side deals they made with the defendants (the park board) in the case. Schulz neglected to disclose he was part of the issues why my late grandfather filed the case but instead Schulz tried conceal this information that we recently discovered. Greer Herz & Adams had direct conflicts of interest with one of the defendants, the park board, and city. Whoever the judge is replaced with, someone will have to address the violation of rights, egregiousness and unlawful activity that transpired and those who partook rather than reporting it to proper authorities. What’s the most disturbing is that this post will probably go unheard, will be left out of the conversation, or brushed under the table. The truth is these people involved have taken everything from us. The attorneys and city have bled us dry and drug this case on for years and years and hope we shut up and go away. My grandmother has no retirement because of these people. The city council are supposed to protect and better the island but they only see dollar signs and don’t care about how much you have contributed to the community or the island you’re just in the way of their bottom line which they would gladly eviscerate you in front of everyone with no remorse. I ask that you please share this post and help out some fellow Americans who have worked for everything and are being destroyed by a city of corruption, thievery, and greed. The sad thing is that this only scratches the surface of the egregious acts committed by attorneys and the city against our family but we are here to stand up for what is right against greed and corruption when no one else will.

Bob Mitchell

Well, it looks like this case will drag on another ten years. I hope Mr. Nelson's family comes out victorious in the end. I think the best point he made is that the city will make any kind of deal imaginable with the big money people. We all saw how the park board squeezed out all the bait camp owners on Boddeker Dr. - a favorite place of locals and visitors alike in favor of developers that were proposing to build a fantastic residential and commercial complex on the east end flats many years ago. My, isn't that a fabulous attraction down there! smh

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